Fall Fashions & Pointy Toes!

I just got an email from Madewell about their fall line.  I never really care for the way they style their lookbooks, but I really like each piece individually and feel like I'd be able to wear a lot of the pieces below ... the jumpsuit is TDF!  None of these pieces are available on their website to buy yet, but they do have a phone number if you'd like to pre-order (which is stupid- why not just wait until it's all in the store).  

It's funny to see certain shoe trends go in and out of style.  I remember when I was in college pointy-toed shoes were very in style and I had several pair of pumps and flats with a pointed toe.  Then the round toe came back in style and everyone wanted the rounded TB revas and rounded toe pumps.  Personally, I've always loved pointed toe pumps and flats better because I think they look more stylish.  I've noticed  A LOT of pointed toe flats recently.  

It all started back in the early spring when I started noticing a lot of fashion bloggers wearing the Nicholas Kirkwood Beya Flats which I love: 

And recently I saw that J.Crew is making a pointy-toe flat called the Gemma Flat- LOVE!

Aren't they cute? 

And while we're talking about J.Crew shoes, I would just like to say that the Elsie pump is by far THE MOST COMFORTABLE work pump you can get.  I have worn my sand ones down to the nubs on the heels.  I have already ordered a second pair of the sand and recently got the dusty rose color.  

I think the navy color will be my next purchase- perfect for fall!

J.Crew always does great with pumps as evidenced by their promo shot below:

For some reason I can't really wear d'Orsay style shoes because they are horribly uncomfortable on me, but I wish I could!

Back to FLATS! 

I recently saw a blogger wearing these and thought they were so cute, but they are hella expensive! 

 So I did a little digging and found a very similar flat for a fraction of the price of the Jimmy Choo ones- 

And the best part is that these Vince Camuto ones come in several different colors.  

I think they are really cute and look nearly identical, what do you all think?

Random Post

Who else is excited for fall? I know that's so cliche, but it is my favorite time of the year and the clothes can't be beat! 

I am already dreaming about booties ... I definitely already have my eye on these:

I also want to find a fringe leather jacket like the one below (so Can't Buy me Love) that I tried on in Dallas.  I cannot, for the life of me, remember the brand of this jacket so if you think it looks familiar let me know!  

Next comes the outfit picture dump that I've been meaning to post for weeks.  

I recently got a lot of easy summer dresses at Madewell and I love how soft, light, and airy they are for the hot summer months. 

I also have found a lot of fun floral print pieces on sale lately.  

I wore the below dress to a baby shower last month ... I'd never heard of the brand, Black Halo, but it fit so well and I ordered a couple of other dresses by them and was very surprised with the quality and fit.  

I also got this Shoshanna matching set but decided to wear them separately ... 

J.Crew did it right with this geo brushstroke print ... this top is currently on sale with an extra 40% off. 

I did a little home makeover with some new rugs and re arranging a few paintings.  I am SO CHEAP when it comes to home stuff, so I found the dining room rug from a friend who was selling it on her Facebook page.  Max approves ... 

I got a new living room rug at Target - it's Nate Berkus and so far so good! I can't find the exact one online but they are currently at the end of the rug aisles in cream and blue color options.

And I took some paintings I had in the hallway and put them in the living room for the time being.  I am still on the hunt for a huge painting to hang here but I think these work for now.  Hi Mom and Rob!

In honor of #TBT I thought it would be funny to show you all how obsessed with WWF wrestling I was when I was younger ... yes that is a teddy bear, pom pom, and an autographed Bret the Hitman Hart plaque!

And finally, I did a little mini Sephora haul video to show you all some new things that I got yesterday.  I am excited to try them all - have you all used any?

New Beauty Products Haul Video

I would suggest enlarging this video with the button in the bottom righthand corner - I went rogue and made an iPad video again :P

Products Discussed: 

Or you can shop them here: 

Sweet Summertime

Every summer I start to yearn for fall very early in the season.  I really enjoy spring, but despise summer.  I hate the clothes, I hate how sweaty you get and how your feet swell when you wear nice pumps.  I am also paranoid about sun damage so I run from the sun.  Basically, I am being "that girl" that is complaining about the summer and it's not even July yet.  

With all of that said, we still have a good three months of heat and misery, so we might as well embrace it, right? 

Here are some summer items that have caught my eye recently:

Madewell Dresses

I actually purchased three of the four dresses above and they are great lightweight dresses for summer.  

J.Crew Geo Brushstroke Print

I love this recent print from J.Crew in the skirt, top, and dress

My favorite real housewives are back in Orange County this summer! 

What are your all's thoughts on the new season?  I can't get a good read on the new girl.  Also, I feel bad for Shannon ... I knew they were having troubles but I had no idea that David cheated on her.  

And just for added measure on my ready for fall feelings, here are some photos to get you ready for fall! 

Hello There

Hello old friends! I'm not even sure if people still read blogs anymore.  I have obviously not been into blogging lately.  I go back and forth about shutting 'er down, but just when I think I want to cut the cord I find some beauty item that I want to review and tell y'all about.  PS- I hope you are following me on Instagram and Snapchat "pipmegan" for daily updates!

First of all, I have found THE BEST eyeliner for my fellow cat-eye loving gals!  Sidenote: these are my real eyelashes.  I use Revitalash.  Also, I am wearing Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and my favorite mascara, YSL Shocking

 It is the perfect liner because it comes with two sides- a small pen side and a big pen side.  I like to use the small side to draw my cat eye.  It provides the perfect grip for easy drawing and the color goes on and stays on all day.  I've already bought another one and may start hoarding them because I don't ever want to live without it!

And if you're thinking about buying some sunscreen here are two that you should NOT buy.  I got both of these (one for body, one for face) because they specifically said non-greasy and lightweight, but I am here to tell you that they are lies!  These were both a huge disappointment. 

Also, I tried this mascara and HATED it ... I thought I would love it given the advertising and pretty packaging, but it really sucked. 

Also, this DiorSkin Nude Air foundation was so so so bad.  I can't remember if I've mentioned that before, but I just wanted to throw that out there again.  It literally melted and slide off my face after about an hour of wearing it. 

I am still loving this CHI Iron Guard for when I heat style my hair.  I went through a whole bottle and repurchased (which says a lot for me).  I spray it on before curling because it protects up to some insane degree of heat. 

I have a solution if you're like me and love Byredo perfumes and want every single one, but don't want to pay the price tag.  I have been buying the hair perfume version of the scents that I like which ends up working out great because they are more light than the perfume version and they are half the price.  I use them like a normal perfume (I can't imagine someone wanting strong scents in their hair). 

I got this Jergens Body BB Cream Lotion today at Target and love the way it smells and makes my skin feel.  This is like a BB cream for your body that hydrates, illuminates, evens, and firms.  

I'm going through a really weird phase with my skin right now.  I have completely stopped using any products except for Retin-A and sunscreen.  My skin is completely awful right now and is breaking out so bad, which is weird considering I haven't been using a ton of products.  I have been trying this "minimalist" approach for a couple of months now after reading several articles by dermatologists that say you only need a retinol and a sunscreen, but it's just not working for me.  I bit the bullet and ordered a crap ton of over-priced face stuff tonight.  Old habits die hard, but anything has to be better than having dull crappy skin. 

I am excited to try this Lancer Youth Serum which is one of the items that I ordered. 

It has great reviews and Dr. Lancer is the dermatologist to many stars!

I hope you all enjoyed this post- have a great day!


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