Spring Linen Fringe Vest

This is my last item in my monthly roundup of things from SugarPlum Consignments for spring! I love this linen blend fringe vest because it is the perfect layering piece for the months leading into warmer temperatures.  You could wear it now with something like I am wearing or take it into the hotter months and wear it with a white tank and shorts or a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans.  The best part is that SugarPlum has it available in a variety of sizes and you can call to order 901-763-7799 or check out their Instagram page and comment to order.  

My Favorite Podcasts

I just love Podcasts because 1) they are free and 2) there are so many good ones out there!  If you don't know about Podcasts or have never taken advantage of that little purple app on your phone, prepare for your world to be rocked.  Podcasts are available on every iPhone via the purple app that says "Podcasts".  All you have to do is click on that app, open it, and type in the search bar for any of these podcasts and they will just play from there when selected.  So let's dive in to my favorite ones and why: 

1) Up & Vanished - this podcast is fairly new to the podcast world as it just started this past October.  It is about the disappearance of a beauty queen/teacher in Georgia 10 years ago and how it has never been solved.  This one is so good, I highly recommend! 

2) In The Dark- this podcast is about the abduction of Jacob Wetterling in the late 80's and how there were so many abductions during that time.  If you can't handle crime stuff or get weird about child abduction cases, this isn't for you as it's pretty disturbing.  

3) Generation Why- I really like this podcast because it profiles a different topic each week such as unsolved murders, conspiracy theories, and controversies.  I like to listen to this one in my car because the episodes are easier to keep up with since they only talk about one thing for an hour and then move on to the next topic.  

4) Stuff You Should Know- I like this podcast because I am an innately curious person and love to know how things work.  This podcast talks about common things in the world and how they work, which I find very interesting! 

5) My Favorite Murder- this podcast is hilarious ... if you can believe it ... and talks about true crime and weird stuff that has happened in the true crime arena.  The hosts are so funny and sometimes it's a little hard to follow because they will jump from one thing to the next, but overall I like this podcast and find it very entertaining.  

6) The Laptop Lifestyle- this is a podcast for all you bloggers and online people as it features a different blogger, creative, or entrepreneur each podcast.  It is very informational on how other people run their blogs and websites and I've gotten a lot of really good tips from listening.  

7) This American Life- this is a very popular podcast that is highly ranked every week in the most popular podcast section.  It is a journalism style podcast where they have a different story each week with several interviews and perspectives from various people involved in the story.  

8) Sword & Scale- this podcast is not for those of you who get grossed out or weirded out by true crime because some of the episodes are pretty disturbing, but if you like intriguing and crazy crime stories, this one's for you! The first episode is so crazy I can't even begin to explain it ... just trust me that it's a good one! 

9) Criminal- this is your standard true crime podcast that profiles a different crime each episode and does a really good job at keeping a cohesive, easy to follow podcast.  

Do you all have any more podcast recommendations?  If so hit me up in the comments or leave a comment on my Instagram post :) 

Black Ruffle Blouse

Blouse: Cinq a Sept
Jeans: Madewell
Bag: J.Crew
Watch: Daniel Wellington c/o
Earrings: Nordstrom 

I have decided that I need more blouses and tops in my life since I primarily wear a lot of dresses and sweaters.  I don't know why I don't really buy blouses, but this spring I am going to try to get a basic collection of classic tops that I can wear dressed up or dressed down.  I already have a few on my list that I've seen on some websites lately and plan on doing a post later this week.  

Spring Tweed With SugarPlum Consignments

Jacket: GAP
Earrings: Vintage Chanel 
Watch: Daniel Wellington c/o (use code "PIPMEGAN17" for 15% off)

I love a good spring tweed and this one from SugarPlum is so pretty with the touches of blue and white.  I think tweed is so classic and it always reminds me of the classic tweed Chanel jackets that are so iconic and timeless.  Ideally I would have worn this with a classic navy blazer, but I grabbed this jean jacket to take pictures with my other SP outfit and it was unusually cold that Sunday, so I just threw it on and I actually think it looked cute and made the look more casual.  

Skincare & Makeup Updates + Tula Review

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