Recent Beauty Buys

I haven't done a beauty video in forever and there have been so many items that I've purchased in the past few months that I've wanted to share with you all.  There were seriously too many to even put in this video without it dragging on too long, so I'll do some more in the next coming weeks :) 

Here were the products discussed in this video: 

Do you all like beauty reviews in form of video or would you rather see typed out posts? Let me know in the comments! 

This & That

Have you all heard of The Laundress?  I got a couple of sprays on Amazon that are amazing - 1) No 10 Fabric Fresh: this is a fabric spray that you can use for clothes, couches, rugs, etc. and it smells so good.  2) Sport Spray- this is a spray for gym bags, sweaty clothes, and anything that you think may get sweaty.  The scents on both of these products are totally different than the other but I love them both and I even layer them on my workout clothes.  I also got the Amazing Grace body spray just to spritz on when I need a light scent and I think the scent is pretty safe.  

I know I've posted about this peel before, but I am just reminding you all again that you need to buy it! The first time I used it I didn't peel very much, but I figured out a few tricks that will make the peel more intense, which are: 

1) Wash your face with a strong face wash (glycolic acid wash, acne wash, benzoyl wash)
2) Take some rubbing alcohol on a cloth and prep your face so that it is clean and oil free for the peel 
3) Apply 3 layers of the peel and try to leave it on for as long as you can stand (usually this is about 2 minutes for me).  

Sephora is having their 15% off VIB event right now and I stopped in to get a couple of things.  I didn't need much, but I did get two lipsticks and I smelled this awesome perfume by Tom Ford. 

Also, I popped into J.Crew and tried on this adorable dress with ruffle sleeves that comes in navy with white stripes and black with white stripes.   They are currently offering 30% off full priced items and 30% extra off of sale.  

I am still loving all of the Amazon workout clothes.  I can't believe I have lived this long without these 90 degree pants! Here they are in the jade full length: 

And under the pink shirt I was wearing the grey open back top that I posted about last week.  I love these tops but they are a little short, so I've been wearing a plain tank under them.  

I wore the burnout tee in pink too: 

And I wanted to show you all the 90 degree by Reflex pants that are the cropped high waist version ... I almost love these more than the full length.  

And if you like soft hoodies, I also got this one on Amazon for $6.99 (fyi it runs small - this is a medium).  

Have a great week! 

Recent Amazon Finds

If you follow me on snapchat or instagram, you probably already know that I recently went nuts on Amazon after becoming addicted to Pure Barre :) 

I was looking for some sports bras one night and happened upon some Lululemon look-alike pants as well as some loose and open t-shirts for barre classes.  They all came in this weekend and I am more than pleased with all of my purchases! 

"Alternative Burnout T-Shirt" - this is an awesome t-shirt for barre workouts or just wearing with a sports bra and leggings for that "athleisure" look.  I was really surprised with the quality of this shirt- I ordered the grey, pink, and white.  

"Cowl Back Tank Top" - this was another late night find and I am so glad that I ordered it in grey and black.  It is the perfect soft material and has a cowl back that will show off your festive sports bra.  

"Cross Back Sports Bra" - I am obviously loving the trend of open back workout tops and with any of these you need a fun sports bra to wear that will show.  I love these criss cross sports bras and at $14.98, you can't go wrong. 

"90 Degree by Reflex Leggings" - these leggings are SO GOOD! If you order one thing from this post, make it these leggings.  They are very comparable to the lulu wunderunders and are only $19.99, plus they come in a ton of colors! 

And lastly, I finally caved and ordered some Birkenstocks.  They are ugly but so comfortable -- kind of like UGGS! I'm not sure why I waited so long to get a pair because they are pretty much the best shoes ever!

Hope you all order some fun and affordable workout stuff from Amazon! 

Beauty Updates

1) Dr. Song Teeth Whitening Set- I don't know about you, but I can't get on Instagram without seeing someone with one of these LED light teeth whitening kits.  Curiosity got the best of me so I decided to order one off of Amazon and the price was right at only $29.99.  I honestly don't think it is that different than the gel that I can get from my dentist, but it does seem like the light helped to speed up the whitening process.  

2) Davines Minu Conditioning Mask- I purchased this after seeing a lot of good reviews about it and I am very glad that I did.  This conditioning mask is to be used once a week to repair damaged hair and give it shine.  My hair was very managable and smooth after using it for about 5 minutes.  The directions say to leave it in for 15 minutes so I will leave it in longer next time.  

3) Perfect Image Lactic Acid Peel- this is another Amazon find that I got after Shasta recommended it to me.  It is a professional grade peel that is affordable and gets the job done.  This line on Amazon has other peels as well and I think the TCA peel will be my next purchase.  

4) Byredo Blanche Perfume- sometimes I buy perfumes on a whim after smelling them in a store and then I end up not liking them a month later.  Other times I will blindly buy perfumes online and not like them at first but then they will grow on me.  Byredo's Blanche perfume is the perfect example of that- I purchased it in December and when I first tried it I didn't think I would like it but the more and more I wore it the more I liked it and now it's one of my faves.  

5) Byredo Super Cedar- speaking of ordering blindly online, this is one of those examples.  This scent is exclusive to Barneys and is described as a woody musky scent with floral undertones.  We'll see if I like it but chances are I will since I tend to go for woody musky scents.  

6) Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Youth-Boosting Foundation- it's a pretty big deal when I use an entire bottle or container of something and I've now reordered this foundation twice.  It is my go-to easy breezy foundation that I wear every single day.  I love that it's not thick and is really more like a BB cream, but also has anti-aging ingredients that work during the day.  I would say this is more for someone who wants light coverage.  

7) Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation- I haven't actually tried this one but it is next on my list to order.  It is more medium coverage but glides on smoothly and disguises imperfections.  I've heard great things about it and can't wait to get my hands on a bottle.  

8) Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream- I think I've done a review on CT's Magic Day Cream, which I love and think is so awesome.  I was excited to try the Magic Night Cream so I got my girl at Nordstrom to send me some samples before I bought a full container.  I am glad that I tried before I bought because this one was a little disappointing.  It is SO THICK and sticky and is definitely something you don't want to use if you have acne prone skin that gets congested easily.  

9) Real Raw Beauty HA Serum- I have been using this hyaluronic acid serum at night and it's made my skin so suptle and soft.  I usually use it under a moisturizer but I think you could definitely use it alone if you wanted to and your skin would be fine.

10) Pixi Glow Pads- these pads are packed with glycolic acid and AHA acids and you swipe over a clean face and leave on for two minutes.  After 2 minutes you rinse off with cool water to neutralize.  Do yourself a favor and get these next time you are at Target because they are awesome and make my skin so soft after using them.  


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