PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: April 2008

On the Search for my GOYARD TOTE!!!

Okay, so I've wanted a Goyard tote forever. My friends Kimberly and Carrie from L.A. keep me informed on all the latest LA trends. A while back, they told me about the popular Goyard "St. Louis" tote. I want one SO BAD. I have searched on the internet and can't seem to find an online retailer. Barney's used to carry them, but now if you search goyard on their website nothing comes up. I wish I were still in Paris and I could just walk my little but over to Rue de Faubourg and purchase one at the Goyard boutique!

Here is an article on the popular bag:

It might be time to trade in the Marc Jacobs as the bag-of-the moment is the Goyard tote. The French company, started in 1863, is known for its luxury luggage. Goyard bags are identified by their interlocking chevron pattern. The fashion first-movers went nuts when the company began offering them in colors such as yellow, blue and green. Traditionally, the bags are a simple black. Goyard also offers to paint stripes or your initials on the bags for an additional $75 to give the bag a personal touch.Goyard's signature Chevron fabric tote, made of a combination of cotton, linen and hemp is available at Barneys.com for $645


Six Unimportant things about myself

I've seen this going around on several blogs, so here goes:

1) I STILL wear my bottom and top retainers at night. If I go without wearing them I feel like my teeth are moving, even though they are not.
2) I have a weird obsession with waking up early and doing random things. I love it when I get up around 6 am , make some coffee and troll the internet.
3) I have always parted my hair on my right side and recently I've noticed that no one else parts their hair on that side... it seems like everyone parts on their left sides.
4) I hate taking showers. Not in a gross way (I still take daily showers), but really, showers are such a hassle to me! My hair takes FOREVER to comb out and dry.
5) I have perfect vision and don't wear contacts or glasses. I always get asked if I wear color contacts and the answer is no.
6) Sometimes if I see someone wearing something I think is really cute I will stalk clothing websites until I find out who the designer is, where they got it, etc. (I know this sounds creepy, but it's in a non-creepy way... this is kind of like a little game for me).

I'm Crazy about my Bonanno's!

When I lived in Florida everyone had a pair of Bonannos. I would sit in the law library and secretly stalk girls that walked by in their Bonannos, attempting to figure out what kind of shoes they were. Being the fashion forward Megan that I am, I immediately was thinking, "what kind of shoes are these and why don't I have a pair..." I remember them being carried at Peppermint Palm in Lexington and finally it all started to click. I stumbled upon the website and finally ordered myself a pair! I am happy to say that I am obsessed with them! You can get virtually ANY color combination and any style and they are all hand stitched in Stuart, Florida. The only negative thing is that they take about 3 weeks to ship because they are handmade. I already got a neutral camel and dromedary pair and now I am ready to step it up to some hot pink and light pink! I think they are the perfect summer sandal to where with Lilly and everything else!

Here is a link to the website: Stephen Bonanno Sandals


Next week Rob and I will be in the Cayman Islands on vacation. Rob is an avid diver and has coaxed me into going with him. This will be quite the experience for me considering I've never been diving. The closest I've come to diving was snorkeling with the stingrays in the Caymans last year. I stayed in the water for about 2 minutes and then decided that the combination of high waves and Steve Irwin flashbacks were haunting me.

I have decided to give my underwater adventures a second try. I asked Rob what type of sea creatures I would encounter ... he responded by saying that he has seen multiple sharks. He once saw a barracuda that was 6 ft. long when he was cleaning his Dad's boat underwater!

Hopefully I don't run into any weird sea creatures. Also, something about having controlled breathing with a machine just creeps me out.

Make the most of your morning shower

Recently I listened as a friend told me the many benefits of a cold morning shower. She proceeded to whip out a holistic health book that dedicated a whole section to why it was important to take a cold shower everyday. This thought had me shivering with fear. One of my biggest annoyances in life is being cold. I hate being cold. I read as the benefits went on and on, getting more impressive as the list lengthened.

I am here to report that yesterday I took my first cold shower and it absolutely positively WORKED. I was buzzing with energy after I got out of the shower. I felt the equivalent to drinking about 6 espresso shots or taking about 5 green tea capsules.

I think the trick is to take your normal warm shower followed by a quick 2-3 minute cold shower. In this time period I choose to rub in essential oils and wash them off with the cold water. After investigating further I found that if you do this everyday you are guaranteed to see many health benefits. Here is a little excerpt on some of the benefits of a cold shower:

"Cold Water Massage Therapy is the one of the healthiest and inexpensive of therapies. Simply massage the body with almond oil before taking a shower. Shower in cold water until your body temperature rises and no longer feels cold, but toasty and warm. Make sure the bathroom is heated. Never get out of a cold shower into a cold room.

*Brings blood to the capillaries, therefore increasing circulation throughout the body.

*Cleans the circulatory system.

*Reduces blood pressure on internal organs.

*Provides flushing for the organs and provides a new supply of blood.

*Strengthens the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.

* Contracts the muscles to eliminate toxins and poisonous wastes.

* Strengthens the mucous membranes, which help resist hay fever, allergies, colds, coughs.

To read the whole excerpt go to: http://www.earthclinic.com/Remedies/showers.html

New Shades

I never thought I'd be one to wear Ray Bans, but recently the celeb-appeal to the classic wayfarer design has caught my eye. I was thinking of ordering the white pair on saks.com when I stumbled upon none other than a HOT PINK pair! I knew the moment I saw them that I would need to go ahead and order myself a pair. I am bummed because they are on pre-order and don't ship until mid-May. What does everyone think?

Kombacha Craze!

Recently I have been hearing all about Kombucha. I hear about it in yoga, at wild oats, out in public. It is all the rage with the Memphis health food junkies. Kombucha is a chinese tea that is fermented for 30 days and sold at Wild Oats, Whole Foods, etc. Rob and I took it upon ourselves to give Kombucha a try. I tried the 'guava goddess' flavor while Rob opted for 'divine grape'.

I can not seem to get into Kombucha ... it tastes like vinegar to me. Kombucha has a laundry list of health benefits and everyone I know is obsessed with it. Rob has to have one every day now. I am going to keep trying and maybe I can get into it.

Check out the benefits of kombucha here: Kombucha link

Summer '08 Lilly!!!

One of my favorite designers, Lilly Pulitzer, just came out with her summer '08 line!

Speaking of Lilly, I just got some great Lilly vintage pieces that are ADORABLE!! I'm taking them to the Caymans next week... pics to follow.

Here are a few of my favorites from the summer line ... what do you think?

Back from a weekend at the lake!

We are just back from a great weekend on the Tennessee River. Rob's parents and his sister and brother-in-law have built side-by-side lakehouses outside of Parsons, TN. It makes for a great weekend getaway as they are only an hour from Memphis. Rob's Mom, Sister, and I did a lot of yoga and reiki!! Rob's sister owns a yoga studio and is a certified reiki-master, so she likes to try her skill out on us!

While we were at the lake, the girls decided that we are going to a yoga retreat in July at Kripalu in Massachusetts. This program is with Shiva Rea and Gurmukh, yoga celebrities!! I am so excited to get to spend a whole week doing yoga with really cool people! Here is a link to the program we are attending: Shakti Sadhana

Here are a few pictures from the weekend :)

Help me pick my puppy's name!

So the time has come for Rob and I to get a puppy together! His family has a long history with the Brussels Griffon breed, so we have decided to get a little girl Brussels. The litter is two weeks old as of today and will be available for us on May 15th!

Here are some of our favorites:
- Milly (after my favorite clothing line)
- Prescilla (to go with our persian kitty elvis)
- Lulu (i just like the way this sounds)

We might not have a name yet, but you better believe I already have some diva gear picked out already. This is the collar and lead I have already ordered- in pink, of course!
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