PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: May 2008

Here it Is !!

Here is a link to article in the Commercial Appeal about the new Sex and the City movie. I was interviewed and photographed for this article. Check it out at this address:

Sex and the City Article

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! We had a great weekend at the Tennessee River. We went out on the pontoon boat yesterday and I got a great tan .... errr burn.

Here is a pic of R and I on the boat

Ms. P's first boat trip... she even got in the water and swam with us!

R's sis and I...
Ms. P's new pink flower necklace

Is anyone else excited about the Denise Richards reality show premiering tonight? We just can't figure out what is going to be on the show, but we're going to watch it, nonetheless. R and I will watch ANY reality show. Kardashians, Bad Girls Club, Flavor of Love ... you name it, we watch it.

Fun Friday

Bonjour mes amies!!! This is going to be a long and informational post, so bare with me. I am in a spunky mood and want to share some beauty secrets today!!!!!

First off, here is a recent purchase from the gooch store (aka gucci) ... I like, I wanted something simple for summer, yet not too flashy (some may consider the gold emblems flashy, but this is toned-down for me!)...

Next, let me tell you what I got talked in to buying while I was getting my hair done this week. All girls love long lashes. Trust me, I have tried EVERY mascara known to man ... you know how they have that little mascara directory at Sephora .... yep, I've tried every single one of those. My fav by far is still Lancome Definicils ... I do like DiorShow Blackout as well. It just seems like everyone is always trying to make their lashes longer. Welllllllll.... At my hair salon they sell 'revitalash'. Supposedly, you put it on your lashes every night after you wash your face and they grow INSANE amounts within 6 weeks. We're talking fake lashes-esque here. I saw one of the stylists that had been using it and her lashes were whoa long. The only downfall is the price. I wasn't exactly prepared for the price, but I think it will be worth it in the long run... 150 bones people, 150. A little much, but I guess it's like any expensive face cream or anything... oh well, i will keep everyone updated on this...
Next, everyone RUN to your local Wild Oats, Whole Foods, or health store! Rob's Mom is THE guru for skin, health, and beauty stuff. I have always noticed that at 53, she has some rockin' skin. I'm talking NO wrinkles, glowing, etc. Recently I mustered up and asked her what her trick is, what she used, etc. At my tender age of 23 I have tried A LOT of skin-care products... la mer, orlane, la prairie, etc. But this stuff, by far, surpasses all of those ... and it's so much cheaper. Ladies, I present to you: CENTELLA OIL. This little gem is a best-kept beauty secret. It is a mix of gota cola oil and almond oil. It is derived from South Africa. This is what the website has to say about it's benefits:

It contains an active substance, asiaticosid, which stimulates cellular growth. Oshadhi's centella oil is an extract in organic sweet almond oil. It has a light, spicy aroma. Skin care: An important oil for skin care, having a stimulating effect on collagen production, an ability to reduce inflammation, and an overall regenerating effect. Restores a velvety softness to the skin. Supports the healing process of wounds, scars, and burns. Method of use: Topical application as facial oil, body oil, and regenerative oil.

Well, we're off to the Tennessee River Lake today for Memorial Day weekend. Hoping to get some sun before my trip to FL next week. I will be posting this weekend, so check back :)

Help me Pick out an Outfit

So I was interviewed by the Commercial Appeal, the city newspaper for Memphis, about the new Sex and the City movie that's coming out next week. Well, I've been watching the show since it first started (yes, I was like 13 or 14, I know, bad bad) and was a great interview. They liked the interview so much that I'm going to get my picture taken for the article! And guess what I'll be doing in my picture?? Blogging!!! Yes, they are taking a picture of me blogging about fashion, since that's what I love so much. I never really looked at it that way, but I guess I am channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw when I blog. Anywho, I am super-excited, but don't know what to wear... they said to wear my best "carrie bradshaw outfit", so I am thinking hot pink dress... perhaps a full poofy skirt? What are y'alls thoughts? They are coming at 3pm so I need advice and quick!

I'm crazy

This is how crazy my life has become, I don't even know what day it is, hence my last blog post title.... *sigh*

Manic Monday

Woke up this morning at 5 am to Miss P yelping and whinning to go to the bathroom. I thought she was getting better about not eating her poo, but nope, she just haaaad to have a bite of that little nugget. After washing out her mouth and spraying it with her wintergreen breath spray (yes, I bought this... can you imagine her breath after a hot dump) I let her down to eat her breakfast and she scurried off to the dining room. I run over there to get her, only to find that she had pooed again and was chowing down. What do I do about this? She is such a cute little girl and I want for her to wear little pink clothes and glitter charms, but I just can't do this if she's going to eat her poo!!! haha... look at the little monster, just checking her blackberry:

Only a week 'til Rob and I are in Vero Beach, Florida for one of my best friend's weddings. I am so excited for this fun trip! I am in the wedding and couldn't be happier about getting a week-long vacay with all my friends.

This is a picture of Ashton, the bride-to-be and me... we've been friends since middle school and I'm so happy she found her a doctor, and they met on my Birthday while we were out and about, at that! We used to sit around and look at bridal mags, pining over 3 carat rings and Vera Wang wedding dresses. I think we had our weddings planned out before we were even 21! haha...

This pic was taken at a Brunch before Keeneland, Lexington's finest horse-racing!

Weekend Wrap-Up

Just got home from my wedding shower. It was a lot of fun. My friend Sarah and I were pretty much the only people there that weren't married or engaged. That was a little weird. Driving through Lexington made me miss my college days! I loved Lexington... such a quaint and cute little city!

Here is a pic of me and Miss P before the shower:

Here is a pic from the shower:

I tried a little hair trick on my hair last night and it totally worked! Rob went to the University of Alabama, and during his time there he acquired (don't ask me how) a trick for girls hair. He claims that he "overheard" some girls from his classes talking about this, but I'm not really sure. What you do is get a black girls "hair protein" mask or "hair mayonnaise" mask at your local target. Put it on your dry hair about an hour before you are planning to take a shower. Wash it out and voila! My hair was so much softer and silkier.

Here is the stuff I used:

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

New Stuff :-)

Just had to blog about my new bonnano's that came in yesterday (I am addicted to Bonanno's now, I want EVERY color combination)...

HOW CUTE (these are going to go great with Lilly):

Also, my Mom just got this tote from L.L. Bean. I think it's so cute for summer, especially in the pink and green!

Updates :-)

Sorry I haven't blogged all week. This puppy is taking up all of my time! She is quite a handful. She is so sassy and spunky it's ridiculous. She totally beats up our persian cat, Elivis. She goes straight for his tail and ears. We are having a hard time getting her housebroken. I understand that she's only 7 weeks old and that results don't happen over night, but still... it's frusterating at times! Oh, and she won't stop eating her poo! I don't know what the appeal is, but we have to keep a tight watch on her when she goes potty because if we look away for one second she will take a quick bite! Yuck!!!!!

Here is a new pic of Miss P, on a recent trip to Starbucks, showing off her new cupcake collar:

Me, a la NYC last summer after a small "visit" to Saks:

On a lighter note, Rob and I are going to the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Contest and Festival tonight. (You gotta love the South). This is a BIG DEAL for Memphis and I am very excited to get to taste the bbq from the cook off!

Tomorrow we will be heading to Kentucky to stay with my parents. On Sunday I will be in Lexington for one of my best friend's wedding showers. It's so crazy that all of my friends are now getting married! I am in two weddings this summer, and I am going to several!

Summer Tote

I am having a hard time deciding on a new summer tote. I am wanting something bright green or blue in leather. Here's what I am trying decide between.

Kooba Callie Tote in green:

Or this Tory Burch tote in turquoise:

What do you all think ???

Cutting my Hair

I have recently been contemplating trading in my long locks for a more stylish short haircut. Nothing too drastic, just shoulder-length. I haven't had short hair in a few years. Recently my hair is always on my nerves. It takes SOOO long to comb through and dry. It's constantly in my face during yoga. I have a hair appointment for the week of the 20th. I may do it and I may not. I like my long hair, don't get me wrong... but I have recently just been in the mood for a change. What do you all think? Here are some pics of me with shorter hair. Also are some pics of haircuts that I like.

Meet Priscilla Louise

We had a wonderful trip to Little Rock to pick up our new baby, Priscilla Louise! The breeder was so sweet and you really couldn't have had a cuter litter. All of Priscilla's brothers were so cute! I wanted to take them all home. I know we will eventually get another dog. Rob and I are both such animal lovers that we just can't help it. Priscilla is already spoiled. Her cupcake collar has yet to arrive, so a pink polka-dotted one from petco will suffice for now. We walked into petco with Pris and EVERYONE was in awe over her. Brussels Griffons are such rare breeds. If you haven't seen the dog "Verdell" from "As Good As it Gets", you probably have never seen a brussels before. They are so adorable. Check out the pics :-)

A Few of My Favorite Things...

I absolutely love summer because it is the one time of the year where I get to wear one of my favorite things EVERYDAY, and that's the summer dress! I am a dress-a-holic , if you will. I love love love dresses. I would wear a dress everyday if I could (sometimes I do!). For summer '08 here are some of my personal favorite designers (although a lot of these are my fav designers all year round) ...

Occasion dresses: Milly, Tibi, Trina Turk, Tracy Reese, Nanette Lepore, Lilly Pulitzer

Casual dresses: James Perse, Ella Moss, Plenty by Tracy Reese, Tory Burch
Swim/beach dresses: Juicy Couture, Splendid, Ella Moss

I have included some pics of my personal favs from Trina Turk and Milly, two of my favorite designers (don't be surprised if you see me in some pics with these on!) ...

I have been on a total shopping spree for the past couple of months. I already have about 15 dresses for this summer, just waiting for a wedding, shower, dinner, vacation, etc. I know, I am bad, but I really can't help myself. I love clothes so so so so so much.

My girl, Britney

Wow. As I was driving home today I heard "Break the Ice" from Britney's "Blackout" CD being played on a very popular music station. I am so glad that our girl Britney may be getting her act together again. I have loved her music since I was 14. I have every Britney CD, including her newest one, Blackout, which I jam weekly in my car. "Oh my God that Britney's shameless" anyone?

I know a lot of people love to see the train-wreck that is Britney Spears, but I am still holding out for a comeback. Rob and I actually almost bought the 'Save Britney' shirts that are advertised on perez hilton's website.

Looks like she's starting to straighten up. I only wish the best for Brit Brit. I hope she continues to come out with girly pop music that makes me want to roll my windows down and act like a teenager! I can't get enough!

Dear Inconsiderate People in America

How many times a day do I get irritated with inconsiderate, ignorant people you might ask? Oh, the number would be countless.

Take today for example. I was running a little late to yoga (class starts at 9 am), but was starving since I hadn't eaten breakfast. I wanted to just run into Wild Oats and grab an energy bar and kombucha. I ran back to get the bar and drink, and hustled to the front of the store to check-out. There were two check out lanes open. One was a normal line that was backed up with people buying regular amounts of groceries. The other line specifically says "10 items or less".

On a sidenote, it is just common courtesy to allow someone to go ahead of you if you have a grocery cart packed with items and that person only has one thing.

Well anyways, I make my way to the express lane only to find a woman with a grocery cart full of every kind of vegetable imaginable. She had cabbage, asparagus, carrots, spinach, etc. Not to mention every kind of granulated sugar, all in bags that would require the cashier to have to punch in a bar code. I know she had at least 40 items in her cart.

Now why on Earth would you go to the express lane with all of that crap?! And on top of that, here I am, standing impatiently behind her with TWO items and she doesn't even have the common courtesy to allow me to go in front of her. (trust me, i know she saw me giving her the evil eye). Also, why would the cashier allow this? Couldn't she have just told her to go in another lane?!

So needless to say, I was running late to yoga today because of the inconsiderate yuppie who decided that she would haul her kart-full of every thing that is offered in the wild oats store to the express lane.

I know I should not get mad about such petty things, but come on. I am so tired of people's stupidity. Okay, that was my one rant for the month. I'll go back to being nice :-)

PS- this picture is seriously what her cart looked like. seriously. Oh, and she didn't use a recyclable bag. Okay, i am really done.

Puppy on Friday!!!!!!!!

The countdown is here!!! Rob and I are driving to Little Rock on Friday to pick up our new puppy! The breeder says she is such a priss. Look at her in this adorable picture. The breeder also said during the "photo shoot" our little pup was not having the flower necklace they put on her. She said she was pitching a fit and trying to get it off. Sounds like a little diva :-)

It is amazing how much she resembles Rob's parents' 1 year old Brussels named Max. They are not even from the same breeder!

All you puppy experts out there... what do I need when I go pick her up? Here are some things I have thought of:
- crate
- carrier
- collar, leash, rhinestone nametag
????? Anything else you all can think of?

I still don't have a name picked out. I guess it will be a surprise!

More Pics!

Only 5 pics allowed per post? Not very nice!

Back from the Islands!

Well, I am back in action from a week-long trip to the Grand Cayman Island. We had a great trip!!! My Mom absolutely loves Rob and is amazed at his wealth of knowledge. Seriously, I call Rob wikipedia because he knows so much about everything. I can ask him any question in the world and he will rattle off an immediate answer. We are trying to talk Rob into trying out for Jeopardy or any other game show that asks random questions.

Back to the trip, it was so great. We ate at great restaurants and had a blast swimming with the stingrays. The sun is so fierce down in the Caymans. We were only out for an hour the first day and Rob and I were cooked!

Our flight home was interesting. We were scheduled to be back in Nashville at 11:45 pm on Friday night. Most of you all know (if you live in the South), there was a huge line of tornadoes moving through on Friday night. We were convinced that our flight from Miami to Nashville was going to be canceled. Being the fearful flyer that I am, I was frantically checking the weather and radars, thinking to myself "why in the hell would they fly a plane into this awful weather..." Much to my surprise, we boarded the plane at 10:30pm and were off to Nashville. I have to admit, I was a ball of nerves the whole time even though there was no turbulence at all. I guess they found a hole in the storm and were given clearance to land. Needless to say, we made it to Nashville just in time as there were tornado warnings soon after we landed. After getting off the plane I soon learned that my luggage was lost. Rob, my Mom, and I all handed our luggage to the same customs officer in Miami and somehow my luggage didn't make it to Nashville.

Here are some pics from the trip!

Tory Burch Miller Thong

So, I absolutely love this sandal. I almost ordered it a month ago, but thought I would wait until it was truly sandal season. Well looks like I waited too long! This little nugget is sold out everywhere!!! Don't fear though, I found a pair in a 6.5 at Joseph's in Memphis, so looks like I will be sporting them after all. Who would have thought Tory Burch would have turned into the "it" shoe designer of the year! I remember back about a year ago I saw a picture of Cameron Diaz in US Weekly with a lime green pair of Tory Burch flats on. I immediately got online and ordered myself an orange pair that I have gotten SO much use out of. They are my favorite pair of flats by far!
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