PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: June 2008

Gouda Grits

Here is the recipe for the gouda grits. Be careful with the salt. Mine were waay too salty because I thought it would be genius to guesstimate the 2 ts's of salt. I don't know why I put salt in there anyways because I hate salt, so of course they tasted too salty to me.

You will need:
- water
- salt
- grits
- 4 eggs
- milk or creme
- 2 sticks of butter (i used 1)
- 6-8 oz. Gouda or Smoked Gouda

1) Boil 7 cups of water
2) Add 2 ts of salt
3) Add 2 cups of grits
4) Bring boil to a simmer, cover and let cook for 20-25 mins

In a seperate bowl:
5) Add 2 well beaten eggs
6) 1/2 cup of milk or creme
7) 6-8 oz. of shredded gouda (i used the biggest hole side of the cheese gratter)
8) 2 sticks of melted butter

Mix everything together in the saucepan making sure to get all clumps out.

Put in caserole dish and cook for 1 hour on 350
Sprinkle a little pepper and enjoy!


So I didn't die from yoga teacher-training, but I have been sore and worn out all week long! I have some pics that will come in a later post.

I've just been rafting around the pool for the past couple of days. Trying to work on my tan for the wedding that I'm in this weekend. I've added some pics of me and Miss P on the raft. And yes, that is a motorized lounge raft complete with drink holder. Go big or go home, right?

I am so excited because tonight I am making gouda cheese grits! I will let you all know how they turn out and will include the recipe in a later post.

Yoga Teacher-Training

So today starts the first day of yoga teacher training! Once you've been doing yoga for a while, most students choose to go through with yoga teacher training to either become certified to teach or just to deepen their practice. I think I would eventually want to teach yoga, so that's why I'm doing it. It's pretty serious to be a yoga teacher. I remember back when I wanted to get certified to teach aerobics it was a one day, you get certified deal. Oh no, not with yoga. It takes a whole YEAR! Each weekend is filled with weekend intensive classes ... a typical Friday is 9am-12pm, 2pm-5pm, 6pm-8pm .... same Saturday .... soooo... wish me luck!

Meet the Next Tory Burch

Okay, so this is my dear facebook friend, Isabel Camargo. No, I did not know her during my undergrad days at UK (unfortunately) because let me tell you, we would have been bff's. She is from Lexington, but attended the Fashion Institute of Design (a la LC and Heidi ... pre heidi dropping out) in Los Angeles where she interned with THE Trina Turk!!! This girl is GENIUS!! After thoroughly stalking her facebook pictures, I was dying to know who designed her wedding dress ... it looked like Milly to me, but could have been Vera or Carolina.. I just didn't know. Come to find out, SHE designed and made it HERSELF!!!! Oh, and the dress she wore to her rehearsal dinner ... looked very similar to the Milly cabana collection, but nope, she made it herself. Just wanted to share about this little up and coming jewel. She currently lives in Brasil freelance designing, but is soon moving to NYC.

She makes dresses. She will be making one for me, that is for sure. I have attached the pics of her wedding dress and rehearsal dinner dress. Just fabulous if you ask me. And to top it off she is a beaut!

Message me if you want her email, she can make you a dress too!!

Missed Connections

Hey everyone! Back from another eventful weekend.  I have attached some pics from the bachelorette party.  
Have you all ever heard of missed connections on craigslist?  Just go to craigslist.com, pick your state and city, then go to "missed connections".   The most entertaining are the "m4w" -- meaning men for women.  The whole concept is actually pretty creepy and stalkerish if you ask me, but boy, they are a delight to read!  My old roommate in Florida actually got me hooked on reading them.  We used to always scan them, hoping to find our missed connection, but only found desperate posts from creepy men.  
Here are a few examples from the current Jacksonville missed connections: 
-  Girl with cute puppy, red sox shirt at parents house (st. johns county)
" I swept your house while your parents noisy dog barked at me.  We chatted for a bit about dogparks and pitbulls, you told me you don't go out much ... i don't really either.  I'd love to have an evening with you and your cute puppy. Let's chat sometime."  
- Publix Old St. Augustine Rd. Beautiful Blue Sundress
"Today, you, short brown hair and glasses, you know it was you! Where did you go, where did you run off to so quickly, i did not see a ring.  Chances are you will never read this, but if you do, I'd love to talk to you more.  You were absolutely stunning! "
While this whole concept of a "missed connection" is somewhat sweet, it is also so so so so CREEPY!! I mean, this man was cleaning your parents house and he was basically stalking you?! This just goes to show you how many creepy men are lurking out there.  Just go to craigslist missed connection and I will guarantee you entertainment for at least an hour tops.  I just can't get enough of these!    

blah blah blah

Yesterday, my Junior League sponsor emailed me a job opportunity with a non-profit organization that is hiring a marketing and events coordinator.  Let's hope I can get this job or it's off to grad school I go (round 2).   

Can't I just keep up this no job, no nothing, go to yoga everyday thing?  It's actually kind of nice.  I never thought I'd be one that would enjoy not doing anything, but I actually love it!  

Who knows, off to Kentucky for the weekend.  

My hair is falling out!

So, yes girls, it's true.  I don't know if it's just "that time of the year" or what, but when I comb out my hair after a shower I am pulling clumps out of my hair.  I went through this once before last year, and it seemed to just go away.  
Yesterday in Yoga during a downdog or some position where my head is forced to look at the ground, I noticed little blond hairs ALL over and around my mat (gross!).  Don't get me wrong ... I have a TON of hair, we're talking it takes my stylist an hour and a half just to foil my hair ... so I guess I can afford to lose some, but I am starting to get worried.  Is anyone else losing their hair right now? Maybe it's the natural shedding time or whatever (at least I hope).   Maybe there is a vitamin I can take for this? Thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated :-)
Back to a fun topic, CLOTHES!  I have yet another bachelorette party this weekend.  This one is a little more lowkey, in the mildest sense of the word, and is for my other BESTEST friend in the world, A.  
We are starting the day off with "bowling" and then heading to dinner, and then going out at a place called 4th street in Louisville.  If you've never been to 4th street, it is the equivalent of a redneck county fair, except it's a row of bars.  PIPM does not particularly like 4th street, and I've actually only been a handful of times (mostly with the ex-boyfriend...a  whole other post).   It is a fun place though and I think it will be great for a bachelorette party.  It's just that people on 4th street don't exactly dress like PIPM.  A lot of the gals have said that they're wearing jeans, which just aren't in my summer wardrobe plans.  Don't get me wrong, I loves me some seven, true religion, citizens, paige, hudson, etc. and I have far too many, but I just DO NOT wear jeans in the summer.  It's one of my things, summer is a time for me to feed my sick sick sick obsession with sundresses.  
So........ I'm thinking of wearing this Nanette Lepore number that I've had for a while this summer, but I'm thinking it might be a little too much for the vibe 4th street gives... what do y'all think?  Errr, well it's on top this time... i still can't figure out this picture thing!

I've been tagged

YAYYY!!! This is my first tag (i think), which is great because I was having a hard time thinking of what I would be blogging about today (I always try to blog from 6 am-7:30 am (right before I leave for my 9 am yoga class).    My thanks to my girl Preppy Princess for tagging me.  
1. What were you doing ten years ago? 
- Okay, so ten years ago I was 13 and probably getting ready to start High School.   I was extremely nervous and anxious because I was on the cheerleading team and I was always worried about what the older girls thought of me.  I think in the month of June we went to the University of Kentucky cheerleading camp, where I was inspired to attend college there.  Anyone that used to follow Kentucky sports, do you remember the short, cute, little brunette hawaiian looking cheerleader for UK?  Yes, I used to be obsessed with her!
2. What 5 things are on your to-do list for today? 
1) Go to Yoga and not sweat (we've been doing "hot yoga" in my classes, which equals me sweating profusely)  It's hard to look polished when you are sliding around in your own sweat! yuck!
2) Go to the Apple store to get a cover for my ipod touch and try to convince the woman who sold me my computer to put a new 3G ipod "aside" for me when they come out on July 11th (why, you may ask?  because you KNOW there will be a line of tech geeks lined up the night before, a line which PPIPM does NOT want to stand in)... 
3) Go for a nightly walk with Priscilla (this is a toughie because for the last two nights we have tried to walk her she simply sits down in the middle of the road and refuses to continue walking, which results in us having to carry her, all the while she is barking and yipping to get back down, upon which, she will just sit in the road again *rinse and repeat*)
4) Go to Bobbi Brown (I'm out of their balm rinse that I use to remove my make-up)
5) Try to start reading a book tonight (I'm so BAD about this... I have a stack of about 5 books I purchased for summer reads, none of which I have even begun to read)
3) Snacks you enjoy? 
- Granola Bars, Sweet & Salty Bars, Crackers, Wheat Thins
4) Places you've lived?
- Elizabethtown, KY , Lexington, KY, Paris, France, Jacksonville, FL , and now Memphis, TN! 
5)  What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire? 
- Build myself an "all green" mansion complete with pool, gym, yoga studio, and tennis court.
- Help a variety of charities and research facilities, including St. Judes, Breast Cancer research, etc. 
- Okay, maybe a little materialistic, but I would buy myself a croc hermes birkin... and an orange one, and maybe a hot pink.... eee, okay. 
- Build my parents a mansion and then buy my Mom a birkin as well... 
- Buy Rob a Patek watch. 
I am tagging: 
- G.R.I.T.S 
- Well I do Declare
- Red and White Preppy
- Le Petite Blog 
- Nautical by Nature

Summer of Weddings

Back from yet another wedding.  I have a bachelorette party next weekend, then yoga teacher training, then my LAST wedding of the summer!!!  

I got a new Macbook this weekend and I LOVE it!  I had the powerbook all through college.  I tried to get a macbook last year before starting law school and my Dad didn't seem to think that I needed one.  I finally talked him into it and I love my new laptop!  I even got the hot pink plastic cover for it.  I got a free wireless printer AND ipod touch with the purchase of my computer!  I have a blackberry, but I have wanted the iphone since it came out last summer.  Only problem is I still have a contract with T-Mobile.  I think once I start playing with the ipod touch it will get me acclimated to how the iphone works so hopefully I can get one when the new iphone comes out later this summer. 

Here are a few pictures from the wedding this weekend.  It took place at the Keeneland "Keene" Barn and Entertainment Center in Lexington.  
Us girls were tearing up the dance floor...

Sorry the pics are all at the top of the post... they might look like that until I figure out this new macbook!

Random Thursday Musings

Hey gals--
Just a few things to share today...

1) Why are my brand new Tory Burch thongs turning colors already? I mean, yeah, I might have worn them everyday since I got them 2 weeks ago, but still... this should not be happening!

2) Would anyone be interested in buying these David Yurman cookie cutter earrings from me? I am going to put them on ebay later this week, but I thought I might try the blog first. I just have way too much DY and I never wear these. They retail for 400 or something around there, so I was thinking I would sell them for 250.00... let me know if anyone is interested!!!

So me, so not me...

This looked like fun, so here goes...

So me:
So not me:

So me:
So not me:

So me:
So not me:
So me:

So not me:

So me:

So not me:

So me:

So not me:
So me:

So not me:

So me:

So not me:

More pics from the ceremony

A walking down the aisle with her father:Dr. & Mrs. R!
Group shot at the reception:
Just dancing by myself:
More dancing:

Back in Action

Hey y'all!! I am back from an eventful week in Vero Beach, FL where my best friend Ashton tied the knot! It was a beautiful wedding with beautiful decorations and a beautiful bride. We are so proud of the wedding that we are going to try and enter the pictures in a bridal magazine or on the knot.com.

Here are some pics from the weekend:

R and I before dinner:

The gals and I after dinner:
Laying out (posing) by the pool:
Gals before the rehearsal dinner:
A pic from the beachfront ceremony:
More on the next post!
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