PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: July 2008


Please still read my post for today below about the puppy, but I just had to make an emergency post because one of my BEST FRIENDS who I never ever ever thought would get into blogging started her own blog!!!!!! yayayayay! PS- i was in her wedding, pics in previous post.

Check it out

Am I crazy for wanting another ...

PUPPY! That's right ... I am so obsessed with my puppy that I want another one! Rob and I have been talking about perhaps getting another brussels griffon from either Miss P's kennel or the national brussels griffon rescue association.

Don't get me wrong, Miss P is quite the handful, but she is just so freakin' adorable and sweet! Plus we really want her to have a friend. Miss P's kennel, dreamweaverkennels, just had a new litter born and here is the adorable black and tan boy:

The only thing about getting another one from her kennel is the price ... yikes. I am thinking we can possibly adopt for next to nothing. Check out this cutie 8 month old girl, Olive, from the rescue association:

Or, they also have Jessie ... I love his snaggle - tooth:
Do any of you all have any experience adopting pets that are over a year old? We have only had Miss P, and we had her from practically birth. Are they hard to get acclimated to everyone and everything?

To buy sandals, or not to buy sandals ...

Recently I have been in a bind because with me working in a boutique, I have to look like I just stepped off the runway everyday. I am working 5 days a week, which means I have to have outfits galore picked out and ready to roll. Recently I have really really really gotten into the whole gladiator sandal look (a little late, gosh!). Not the ones that go all the way up your leg, just the ones that have about three straps. So, I find the perfect pair I absolutely LOVE and to my surprise, they are still FULL PRICE! It is almost August people! I feel they should be on sale by now! I just don't know if I can justify spending so much on a pair of sandals that I can really only wear for a couple more months. Especially since I just bought a Marc Jacobs purse last week. Any of my fashion savvy or bargainista friends out there ... what should I do? I have to have multiple shoes I can wear to work!

I really waited this long?

I'm sure you girls will be astonished to know that I waited until LAST NIGHT to see the Sex and The City movie. I'll give you a minute to get back from gasping for breath. How, you might ask? I was just really really busy this summer with weddings and travel, and I just don't get into big opening weekend things where it's all crowded and annoying (unless, of course, it's the phone).

And the method at which I saw the movie was just classic. Rob (my techie and sweet boyfriend) surprised me by downloading the bootlegged version off of one of his nerdy websites. So he managed to hook his laptop up to our 47 inch TV and voila! It was like being in the movies, but better!

Let me just say I smelled a plot twist when the wedding was starting only 50 minutes into the movie. Did anyone else think it was a little too long? I mean, I am the queen of 5 hour SATC marathons, but the moved just seemed to drag a little to me. And to realistically think Carrie would not run into Big in 6 months ... but, it is NYC.

I didn't really get Jennifer Hudson's character, but I did think she was funny. I was cracking up about her rented purses ... do people really do that? I have never known anyone that uses that website ... is it even real?

Just one more thing about the movie ... I LOVED LOVED LOVED the blue Manolo's in the beginning and I absolutely adored Carrie's Vivienne Westwood wedding gown. That is EXACTLY what I want ... something absolutely over the top and huge. I will prob go with Vera or Monique, but I honestly hadn't even stalked Vivienne Westwood's wedding collection before ... I don't even know if she has one , it was probably just a runway dress.

Besides the dress, this GREEN GETUP was my favorite outfit from the whole movie. And I absolutely loved these dior gladiator heels she wore throughout the film:

Over "The Hills"

One would typically think that a fashionista such as myself would absolutely LOVE "The Hills" ... well, you are wrong. For some reason, I have never been able to get into this show. I really cannot stand anyone on the show, so I choose not to watch it (unless I'm really desperate for something to watch).

First of all, how does a semi-decent dresser such as LC get a job as an up and coming fashion designer? I mean, come on. Her clothes really aren't that cute. And her faux-raspy voice just kills me. I've read several stories on various websites that claim LC is mean and that she now thinks she is this "super-celebrity".
I guess this picture will suffice (taken from perezhilton.com) :

And don't even get me started on Spencer and Heidi. That girl has serious issues. I love how Spencer tries to wear a LV belt and phone clip in every photo op that he can pay someone to take his picture. And Heidi ... we get that you can afford a Birkin now. I mean, every week she's carrying a new color.
Barf: (taken from perezhilton.com)

Therefore, I think I will not be watching "The Hills" this new season. I use the word "think" because, yes, I will occasionally watch it so that I can make fun of Spencer, but that's about it.

Shoe Fetish

Dear Christian Louboutin,

Salut! I first learned of you as a young teen watching Sex & The City. I would admire Carrie's 4.5 inch heels and think to myself, "when i grow up, i want shoes just like that." Why must you make the most adorable shoes in the whole wide world? I love the look of your signature red sole. Every shoe looks like a fine piece of art. I love all of your shoes and want them all ... every pair.

Why must you taunt me with your fall line? Why must your boots be 1200 dollars?

Répondez, s'il vous plaît

Bisous et merci,


5 Embarassing songs

So I saw this tag on someone else's blog and thought it was hilarious.

  1. Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.

  2. Share 5 songs you are embarrassed to admit to others that you like and tell why.

  3. Tag 7 random people at the end of post and include links to their blogs.

  4. Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

Song #1- I can't make you love me- Bonnie Rait :
let me tell you, this would be my audition song for American Idol. I used to have this on a CD that I would listen to coming home from college and man, did I rock it. Sometimes, when someone would get in the car with me I would put it on just to sing in front of them and get their reaction. Sometimes they would make me turn it off, but the majority of times they would join in.

Song #2- Sade- No ordinary love-
this song makes me feel scandalous -- it should be in a movie about cheating or murder (maybe because it is! ) this song is in Indecent Proposal- one of my all time favs! I will go ahead and admit it, I have ALL of the sade cd's in my itunes. I just love her!

Song #3- Chris Isaak- wicked game
(sarah, i know you love this one too) talk about a crazy song! sarah and I used to rock this in our dorm room in college. i have no idea why we love it so much, but it's so great! I think we may have even made up an interpretive dance.

Song #4- Sheryl Crow- If it Makes you Happy
I mean, I've never needed to sing this to anyone, but you wouldn't know that if you heard the way that I sing this song! I put some SERIOUS emotion into this one! I also amuse myself by trying to get that Sheryl Crow raspyness into my voice, which ends up turning out awful!

Song #4- Pussycat Dolls- Dontcha
I love this song because sometimes if it's playing on my shuffle when I'm getting ready I will drop everything to have a little dance session. I immediately think I'm at some dance club because I seriously "maybe" have a dance made up to this song. Embarassing, yes.

I am tagging:
- Red and White Preppy (just adorable!)
- GRITS (obsessed)
- Pink Daisies (bffs older sis!)
- Le Petite (met her in real life, love her blog!)
- LJ in the City (one of my REAL friends that created a blog :) )
- Caren (love your comment about the visor)
- Just Dandy (adorable!)


I might have purchased this Marc Jacobs bowler yesterday in midnight blue:

Also, these Tory Burch metallic gold snakeskin flats (I mean, for work, duh!)

PLEASE handcuff me and take me away next time you see me walking into Joseph in Memphis because THIS is what happens! Yikes! Who knew Memphis had such a market for designer duds. I mean, this store rivals a Saks for christ's sake! Get me away!

I might be obsessed with ...

The Trina Turk fall line!!! As one of my favorite designers, Trina Turk has really pulled out some gems for her fall line. I am so lucky that we carry Trina Turk where I work, because you can bet that I will have each and every one of these dresses. I love the fact that she has paired each dress with bright tights. That is definitely a PIPM move. I love fall because you don't have to worry about a tan or if your legs are perfectly shaved. You can throw on some tights and boots and be on your merry way. I know it doesn't "technically" become fall here in Memphis until late late November, but can't a girl dream?

Sidenote for all my Lexington girls- I am envisioning this last dress with a kentucky blue cardigan for a uk football tailgate and game!! :)

Visors are cool again ...

Actually, I just HAVE to have something over my head when I lay out. Normally my juicy swimsuit cover-up will suffice, but come on, what ever happened to visors? I know they are practically synonymous with the fanny pack, but seriously let's bring them back!!!

Nutella? Yes, Please.

Do you ever have those days ... err ... or weeks where you just don't want any "Real" food ? I swear for the past few days all that I want to eat is CHOCOLATE. Let me preface this by saying I am a true chocoholic (aka i keep a bag of plain m&ms around at all times), but this week has been particularly abnormal.

Take yesterday - I start my day off by making coffee, which I doctor with creme, cinnamon, tons of sugar, a piece of chocolate, and whipped creme. Then I proceed to go to lunch and order a chicken salad sandwich, only to be enticed by the chocolate brownie by the cash register which I ate, in full, before I ever touched my sandwich. Then I come home to make brownies, only to eat half of the mix before ever getting them in the oven. Not to mention the absolute worst thing EVER --- After dinner I go ahead and repeatedly dip a spoon in NUTELLA ... aka heaven on earth. I mean, have you ever tried it? When I studied abroad in Paris, Nutella was my staple food. I would get a fresh baguette every single day and dip it in Nutella. The nutella container reads "a chocolaty spread of hazelnut mixed with skim and coco" ... I don't care what is in it or what it is or even where it came from ... all I know is that it is BAD BAD BAD and I need to throw it out immediately.

That is all for today. Just thought I'd see if anyone else ever has these days.

Tagging Friday :)

Cutie Pahtootie "I'm a little bit country, I'm a little rock and roll" tagged me !

A. Attached or Single? Attached to Boo :)

B. Best Friend? I have the best friends in the world! Unfortunately, none of them live in Memphis :(

C. Cake or pie? Definitely Cake ... chocolate to be exact!

D. Day of choice? Friday

E. Essential item? Iphone

F. Favorite color? Pink of course!

G. Gummy bears or worms? Neither, I am not a chewy candy fan.

H. Home town? Elizabethtown, KY

I. Favorite indulgence? Mixed berry cobbler and online shopping :)

J. January or July? July I guess ...

K. Kids? None, but eventually, yes.

L. Life isn’t complete without? Family, good friends, health, designer purses and cute clothes :-)

M. Marriage date? Not sure ... maybe next summer.

N. Number of brothers and sisters? NONE! I'm an only child and I love it!

O. Oranges or Apples? Apples

P. Phobias? Used to be flying, but I've gotten a lot better over the years.

Q. Quotes? Too many to write!

R. Reasons to smile? I am lucky to have great parents and a great boyfriend who has an amazing family!

S. Season of choice? Fall :)

T. Tag 5 people: I tag...

Red and White Preppy
Le Petite Blog
Puttin' on the Grits
Mallory & Kenny
Jay & Danielle
Scarlett Lillian (who I am now officially obsessed with stalking her wedding photog site)

U. Unknown fact about me? Contrary to my appearance, I am a big nerd with computers, phones, and electronics.

V. Vegetable? Squash

W. Worst habit? I bite the inside of my lip and I am a really bad organizer

X. X-ray or Ultrasound? Never had either of these.

Y. Your favorite food? Thai food or sushi

Z. Zodiac sign? Scorpio

(Another) Z. Which zoo animal is your favorite? Arangutans!

PIPM Gots her a J-O-B!

So, as many of you know, I have been job searching for the past few months. Well, to be quite frank, I am sick of it. There are no interesting jobs out there and the ones that are interesting require 5 years minimum experience. I am still considering grad school ... still have GRE and GMAT books, but I finally told myself to do what I am passionate about. I am also still waiting to hear back from some marketing jobs that I interviewed for ... but-

Ladies, PIPM will be working at one of THE most stylish and chic boutiques in Memphis. I will actually be rotating between three (they are all owned by the same person). They carry Trina Turk, Milly, Nanette Lepore, Ella Moss, Michael Stars, Marc Jacobs, Loeffler Randall, Nicole Miller, Rebecca Taylor, Yoana Baraschi, Diane Von Furstenburg, etc. Not to mention denim- True Religion, Sevens, Citizens, Paige Denim, Hudson, Marc Jacobs, Joe's, etc.

The owner and one of the managers told me it is very easy to advance and I am hoping to become an assistant buyer. This would mean 5 trips a year to NYC :):):) I am not saying this will happen, but I hope that I will be able to advance. I am thinking if I work in this area for a couple of years I will have enough experience to apply for Milly, Tibi, or Lilly as a buyer or something even more advanced. I didn't graduate college with honors for nothing, right? haha ...

Needless to say, we all know that clothes are my true passion in life and I am so excited to give this arena a try. Everyone my whole life has told me to work in fashion and for some reason, being a lawyer always sounded more appealing to me. Now I am coming to terms with my true love for designers ... I think I may be one of the only people who will sit and stalk designer websites for HOURS examining every detail of a new line.

Anywho, wish me luck on this new venture. I am so excited I can't stand it!

Tuesday Updates

Just wanted to take a moment today to share a couple of things that I am COMPLETELY obsessed with.

First of all ... I know I have mentioned hair powder before, but at my hair appt last week I got the Bumble and Bumble hair powder spray for blondes and let me tell you, it is AWESOME! Not only can it hide your roots if you're in need of a touch-up, it also disguises greasy hair, adds volume, and adds texture. It comes in a spray for blondes, brunettes, redheads, etc. I am telling you, it is completely worth the 34 dollars that it costs.

Secondly, I have completely canceled my spray tan package because I am now using St. Tropez bronzing mouse. I purchased it from a local girly store here in Memphis called Zoe. They have a sister store in Oxford, Mississippi and the salesman told me this sunless tanner is all the rage with the Ole Miss girls. I am severely obsessed with this tanning mouse. Don't be scared by it's dark brown color, it goes on very light and smooth. I have substituted this for a spray tan with all of the weddings that I have been in and I am very pleased with the results.

I think those are all of the products that I am lovin' right now. I think I may or may not be starting a new job next week!!!! Updates to follow in tomorrow's post.

Oh, and you girls HAVE to get the new iphone. I have been playing with mine all weekend and I am 110% satisfied.

Finally in my hands ...

Well, after standing in line for SEVEN hours (!!!!!!) I finally have the new iphone. I know what you're thinking ... I must be crazy. Well yes, I am, but seriously, in the beginning the line kept moving so I was very optimistic, but about 2 hours into it the ATT servers went down so they were having problems activating the phones.

This year you COULD NOT walk out of the Apple store without getting your phone activated through ATT. Soooooo seven hours later, after sitting out in the HOT Memphis sun and missing a hair appointment, I finally got my iphone. People were getting denied left and right. People were fighting, cussing, yelling, etc. just because they couldn't get activated through ATT. It was definitely an experience.

Tomorrow is the day ...

Yes friends. Tomorrow PIPM will be in line for the new iphone. Apple stores open at 8 am and Rob and I are planning on going over there around 7 am. Surely the apple store in Memphis, TN won't be this crowded (a la the picture above of the flagship store in nyc), but I plan on being well equiped with Starbucks in tow in case I have to wait a long time. I am so excited!!!!!!!

10 hours later...

I'm officially back from Florida :) Rob and I woke up at 3 am Eastern, 2 am central (memphis time) to drive back today. Rob did the Jax to Atl leg and I handled the Atl to Memphis leg.

This will be a short post since I'm sleep-deprived and moody, but I need to take a second to vent... Is this great nation filled with stupid, idiot drivers, or is it just me?? I mean, seriously! Do you need me to hit you in the back to get you to move along? And don't even get me started on semis ... just go ahead and whip over in front of the white bmw loaded with everything from an ironing board to a yoga mat going 95 mph ... go ahead.

Greetings from Sunny Florida

Sorry there haven't been many posts lately. Rob, my parents, and I have been in Jacksonville moving stuff out of my apartment. It's been a little hectic, but looks like we've finally got all of my furniture out.

Rob and I stayed an extra day to go shopping, etc. We are going to St. Augustine tonight to visit one of our favorite restaurants where we went on one of our first dates! It's located in the historic Casa Monica Hotel and it's called 95 Cordova. Check out the website ... it truly is a beautiful hotel and it is probably where my wedding will be!! (first pic)

I found some great shopping deals while I was down here. One of my favorite Jacksonville boutiques, Clover, was having ALL of their Spring lines (Milly, Tibi, Lilly) 40% off! I got some cute Milly shorts and some casual dresses. I am trying to stop myself from buying anymore summer dresses this year! Check out their website ... I love love love this store and if I were to ever open up my own boutique, I would want it to look JUST like this! (second pic)

I went to the Louis Vuitton store (yes, Jacksonville has one, believe it or not) to get the Montorgueil bag I've wanted for a long time and boy were there some rookies working there. You would think that LV would only employ the best of the best, but i was wrong. My Mom and I usually go to the store in the Cincinnati Saks where all of the saleswomen are 40 and up and are super super nice (duh! they should be for how much you're paying!) but the one in Jacksonville had salespeople that didn't look a day over 25 and they were all amateurs. Plus their systems were down so it took 30 minutes just to ring me up. Let's just say I'll never be going to that LV again! Here's the bag I got ... I'm already super-obsessed with it (third pic)

RUN to your nearest Costco

LADIES!! Granted they aren't that much cheaper than retail (112 at costco versus 180 retail) ... costco has SEVEN FOR ALL MANKIND and TRUE RELIGION jeans!!!!! I just couldn't believe it ... so I took a picture!! haha...

In women's they only had the A-pocket style of sevens and the Joey style of TR , but still ... if you're looking for a pair this is a great great price!

I didn't get any because I already have too many jeans ... be proud that I passed up this super-bargain!

40 year old Man trapped in my body

Here lately I've been thinking I have a 40 year-old man trapped in my body. Don't get me wrong, I've always been rather "momish", but recently it is amazing if I make it up past 10 pm.

Not only that, but I am up at 6 am to make coffee, watch the "Trading Block", and walk the dog. Instead of downloading fun music and looking at perezhilton I am googling currency trading and the stock market. My Friday nights are filled with "Deadliest Catch" reruns and passing out over a glass of red. What happened to the fun person that I used to be?

I can't even make it out anymore! The past few times we've tried to go out after weddings or whatnot, I don't even make it! The only thing that sounds good to me is going home and going to BED!

I don't know what it is ... I guess I am just over the whole "living like a college student" phase. I am more concerned with getting engaged, decorating a house, and getting a big-girl job. What happened to my former self who would karaoke an interpretive dance to "Pour Some Sugar on Me" with an audience?

Hair Products

I am looking for a new shampoo and conditioner ... what does everyone use?

I have tried pretty much everything ... I am looking for a conditioner that will somewhat detangle my rats nest after I get out of the shower.

Right now I'm using Bumble & Bumble, but it's the purple kind for blondes and you can't use it everyday...

Also, has anyone tried hair powder for your roots? I have been using it lately and I LOVE IT! Not only does it hide any hint of greasy hair (come on girls, sometimes you just don't feel like washing your hair), but it also helps if your roots aren't looking up to par.

I have tried the Bumble and Bumble spray powder and the Oscar Blandi powder...

Tired of Tennis

I am blogging today with tennis in the background ... for the millionth day in a row!!! What is it with people's fascination with tennis? I mean, I guess I just don't get it. Rob insists that Wimbledon be on from 7 am- whenever it goes off. I am about sick of hearing the soft whispers of the announcers and the "gooooooaaaa" "shaaaaa" " baaaaaa" noises that the girl tennis players make when they serve. Gosh, I guess I'm just over it.

My last wedding of the summer was this past weekend :) I attached some pics. I am so excited to be DONE with wedding season. I seriously might be the worse bridesmaid ever. I am such a bad fidgiter and I was SO hungry the whole time. During the Lord's Prayer I was standing up there thinking about eating chocolate cake and how bad my back was hurting. (I still love you Ash).
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