Miss P

I usually don't post on weekends, but I just had to share this photo of my baby Miss P after she got spayed. She has to wear a lampshade cone so she won't pick at her stitches! The little wrap on her leg is from her being microchipped ...

Happy Friday!

Whether you're for Obama or against (we're not going to get into politics on PIPM ... we will stay non-partison with the blogging) -- I thought his speech last night was amazing and so inspirational. And I'm going to copy my friend California Curls post from yesterday ... Michelle Obama is so great! I just love the way she is so carefree about this whole thing -- almost like it's not even affecting her at all. I am sure she is a strong-willed woman, though. She did graduate from Harvard Law and was actually Barack's boss with his first big firm job. I thought it was so cute how she and her daughters matched in pink last night for Obama's speech.

Anywho, everyone have a great Labor Day weekend. I am sure most of you will be partaking in the great sport that is college football. A lot of people I know are going to the Memphis/Ole Miss game or the UK/UL game ... Go Wildcats :):):)

New nail color

Yesterday, I got this OPI France collection color on my nails and toes. I am obsessed with it! It is so fun for fall. It is called "Parlez-Vous OPI?" ...

True Life: My dog is a jealous psycho nutcase

For the last couple of days we have been dog sitting Rob's Mom's Brussels, Max. He is a year and a half, so he has grown out of his puppy stage. Normally when we dog sit him they play fine together and are inseparable. Recently, Miss P has been not just a velcro dog, but a "stuck to you with glue, I'm not leaving you alone even when your using the bathroom" kind of dog. She literally follows me everywhere. She wants to be in my lap constantly. This is all fine with me, but once you put another needy dog in the equation, things get sticky. Max is a velcro griff as well. Yesterday, he got up in my lap and Miss P popped off something fierce. She was barking and growling and yelping to no end. Then when I put Max down she starting playfully attacking him, only to start growling and biting him! This was not playing.

We are getting our rescue dog in two weeks. She is a three year old griffon named Apple. We thought Miss P would be elated to get a new playmate, but now I am thinking that it will take some work. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Also, do you all like the name Apple for a dog? I think it's cute, but we are allowed to change the name if we want. This is the picture the NBGR sent to me of Apple. Glad to know her home conditions now are awful. Notice the ashtray and the cigs on the left. Can dogs be victims of second hand smoke like humans can ?!

Fay made me do it ...

I got off of work early yesterday with just enough time to force myself to go shopping. I got off around 4 pm and didn't have to be at the JL meeting 'til 6, so what else was I supposed to do? I tried to resist, but I just couldn't help myself. It was pouring down rain (thanks to Fay) and I couldn't go home, so I just had to waste some time! I ended up going in Joseph's and getting some Tory Burch reva flats in black suede. I think they'll be perfect for fall.

While I was there, I tried on some Louboutin Mary Janes that were to die for! I think I might get them after getting paid this Friday. They are this style, but a tortoise patent leather material:
I was also stalking the YSL muse bag in black, but I came home only to find it on saks.com in a nice winter grey. I think I like the grey better.
After feeling brutally violated from purchasing the TB flats, I tried to scoot away only to get stopped at the Trish McEvoy counter!!! Gosh! I always get suckered into buying more makeup! I am super excited to try my new items. I actually knew the girl working the counter from yoga, so I let her tell me what to get. She informed me that their mascara was Joseph's best selling mascara. Naturally, I had to have it. I also got some more eye base essential in nude. She also gave me some samples of Shu Uemura's firming creme and facial serum.

The JL big meeting last night was wonderful! Being the timely person that I am, I was naturally the first provisional member there. No worries though, I soon made a friend. It didn't take too long before all of my friends that I met at orientation arrived. Honestly, between 200 girls my age and "women" of Memphis, I have never seen so much David Yurman and LV! It was hilarious. It was fun to see all the married women with their "iced out" Yurman bangles (one day, one day).


Okay ... so I am back from an eventful and busy weekend. Graceland was a hoot and it was actually somewhat enjoyable. I could not believe the amount of foreign tourists that were there. I am talking heaps of them. It is just funny to think that someone from France would be like, "oh yeah, let's go to Memphis, Tn and tour GRACELAND!"

Here are some pics. Today's post is short and sweet ... I still have to walk the dog and get ready for work!

Everyone have a great Monday :) We have our first big JL meeting tonight. I'll let you all know how that goes !

Fashion Forward Friday (alliteration!!!)

We have recently started carrying the "Sophia Eugene" line at the boutique. It is a pet project for designer Christopher Crawford who also has a line called "Christopher Dean" that is carried on shopbop.com. "Sophia Eugene" is selling out like crazy.

We have ordered this double-breasted coat three times now and it sells out within one day every single time. A little bit bizarre if you ask me, but this shipment I was sure to order a black one for myself. We also got it in HOT PINK and ivory.

Here is a "Sophia Eugene" dress that we have sold out of several times as well.

I think it's a very chic up and coming line that we will be sure to see more of in the future.

Here is a little blurb about the line:
"Christopher Crawford is adding another success to his stable. Other than Christopher Deane, the designer opened Sophia Eugene, a small boutique on New York's Cornelia Street with clothes bearing its own label. Once unique to the store, it's now available to everyone who can't travel to Soho's boutique." - revolveclothing.com

Elvis lives again ...

My parents are coming in tonight for their first visit to Memphis. One of my Mom's first requests for her time here was to visit the mothership, Graceland. Oh how fun!! PIPM & Co. taking a field trip to Graceland! I will be sure to take lots of pictures. I am sure it will be a real treat to see all of the Elvis memorabilia. Not only are we hitting up the original Graceland, but we will also be trekking the 45 minutes to Holly Springs, Mississippi to see Graceland II. Yes, there is a Graceland II. It is a house maintained by the world's biggest Elvis fan. It holds the most Elvis memorabilia in the whole US of A! How do I know this? Oh, don't worry ... Rob has been there. He says the man that maintains the museum is a nutjob and he welcomes visitors 24/7 ... just knock loud if it's past 11 pm! Can we say CLASSIC?


How do you all feel about this Marc by Marc Jacobs cocktail-ish dress. We carry this dress at our sister store, and I have mixed feelings about it. It looks really swanky on the hanger, but it looks weird on this model. I have an engagement party to go to in mid September. Will this be too out of season looking for September? I mean, it is part of his fall line, but still. What are y'alls thoughts?

note: the silk pale pink cami underneath IS part of the dress. It's attached.

Retreat Recap

I forgot to tell you all how the retreat went on Saturday. It was actually somewhat fun. I was unaware that it was going to be activities ALL day. I thought we might have some orientation-like information and presentations, but no, we did activities all day. We started out with the rock-climbing wall, which I did blindfolded (believe it or not!). After that, we had various activities such as making our way through a fake spider web without touching any webs and doing an obstacle course while suspended 30 ft. in the air in a harness. I met a lot of really cool girls. I was surprised at how many girls were actually my age. The age minimum to join JL is 23, so I didn't expect so many people right at the minimum like me, but there were plenty! I swear everyone I met was either married or a teacher. Maybe I should have been a teacher !! Haha, no, I really don't see that happening, but it sure does sound like a secure job choice! Our first JL meeting is next Monday and they will be serving wine and cheese, which is a little more my style!

Handbags for fall

How cute are these new Prada bags for fall? I just got my daily saks.com email and it was detailing each of these new bags. I think they'd be so cute with boots.


So, tomorrow I start my journey with JL with our "provisional retreat" ... I am fine with all that, I was way too involved in college and know what "team building" and all that is all about, but I had no idea the JL retreat would be so intense. I got the packet in the mail the other day and it was like, "please wear tennis shoes and shorts as we will be doing an obstacle course and rock-climbing exercise ..." Uhhhhhh, I really don't own any shorts ... I mean, soffe shorts adorned with HS cheer phrases (check) , college sports team logos, and lounge shorts yes, but what are they talking about? I have several issues with shorts and I don't enjoy wearing them. Especially when I am meeting a group of 100 plus girls for the first time. I am not about to roll up in there with CHEER on my butt and a college t-shirt. That would scream "Hi, I'm 23 and I'm still stuck in my college mentality." I was "that girl" during sorority rush that wore a cotton skirt the day we were supposed to wear shorts. I think other people can wear shorts so cute, but I hate the way they look on me. I have a pair of Milly shorts that are hot pink and black patterned that, to this day, I have yet to wear because I hate shorts so much ... would that be too much?!?!

The truth on "the skinny"

I have been a fan of the "skinny jean" for about 2 or 3 years now. I absolutely love a good skinny jean tucked into boots for fall or with flats. I swear, about 3 out of the 5 days I wear my skinny jeans and Tory Burch flats to work. Recently we have had an influx of people coming into the boutique wanting to try skinny jeans, but then thinking that they look "weird" in them. People, a skinny jean is not meant to be a trouser pant. Yes, it will look weird at first, but with time you will get used to the way it looks. I think skinny jeans are SO cute on people. I have decided to share some of my favorites so that maybe I will inspire someone to try the skinny jean.

PS- have I told ya'll that I have to memorize EVERY brand, style, cut, wash, and appropriate body type of EVERY jean that we carry? And we carry about 10 brands, each with several cuts, washes, etc ... so I'd say I am well on my way of becoming a "jean expert"...

And remember, a skinny IS different from a straight leg ... and you can either get them altered to be ankle pants or let them roll around your ankles ... i personally like getting them altered better.

Okay, my new obsession: the AG stilt (comes is several washes, including black)
- This jean naturally has a shorter inseam so for "some" people they will not have to be altered ... These look SO cute on ... I love love love them.

Seven for all mankind Gwenevere
- This is like an ankle pant, it's seven's "super skinny" and they are made from organic cotton ...

J Brand "912" ... this jean is very popular with the celebrities ... I love that it has PLAIN pockets on the back ... no labels, no stitching, no nothing ... very classy and plain. They call this their "pencil" jean ...

Paige Denim "Blue Heights" ... I have a pair of these I have yet to get altered. Paige runs a little small, so don't feel depressed if you have to go up a size or 2 ...

True Religion "Stella" ... these are really cute on as well ... for someone that wants a little more brand recognition as the signature horseshoe will still be on the pockets.

I heart NYC

I used to watch Sex and the City religiously when it was actually on HBO. I must say that since TBS syndicated SATC a couple of years ago, I highly enjoy my nightly 10:30 episodes. Last night's episode made me realize how stupid Carrie was to let Aiden go. I mean, he had his flaws, but he was such a sweet guy! Last night was when Carrie's motherboard crashed on her old MAC computer and Aiden went out and bought her a brand new Mac computer ... you know, the ones circa 2000 that looked like a little purse with a handle (I can specifically remember wanting one of those in pink when I was like 14). I mean, does Carrie Bradshaw not realize the price of a new MAC? haha ... I practically had to beg my parents for months to get me my new Macbook upgrade. Anywho, just throwing that out there ... I just love watching the old episodes at night! It is so funny to see what was in style 8 years ago ... last night I noticed that Charlotte was carrying the LV damier zippy wallet ... the print that is really tres chic to have right now ... yes ladies, it was even popular 8 years ago.

Watching SATC also makes me miss NYC. My Mom and I try to go every year to shop and I think we may go this October.

Feeling Fall

This past week it has been particularly cooler in Memphis. Granted, it is normally 100 degrees or more ... being in the 70's is a lot nicer. We take Miss P on her morning walk around 6:30 am and it has been downright chilly in the mornings! I know it's just a cold front, but it sure is nice! It makes me so excited for fall. A lot of people say that summer is their favorite season, but mine has always been fall. I was always one of those nerds that was so excited to start school, especially college. I loved college. Those were some carefree times. I loved all of my classes, all of my professors, my friends, being able to go to college football games on Saturdays ... gosh, why does college only last 4 years?!

Rob and I are going to try and make some college football games this year. He graduated from the University of Alabama (Roll Tide) so we are going to try to go to the UK/Bama game in Tuscaloosa. I am excited to see Tuscaloosa since I've heard so much about it from Rob.

Another thing I always loved about fall was the fall meet at Keeneland. For those of you who didn't go to the University of Kentucky, Keeneland is the classy horse racing track in Lexington that has two annual meets- spring and fall. Keeneland is the event in Lexington. Everyone gets dressed up in their Sunday best to go tailgate, socialize, and watch the races. I will definitely be making it back to Lexington for a weekend of Keeneland activities.

This week also celebrates one year ago that I met Rob at law school orientation. He was in my roommate's section and we all met up after orientation and went out. It's so hard to believe that was a whole year ago. Where does the time go? I swear, I can still tell you what I wore to all three days of orientation. Here is a pic of when Rob and I first met:

Just another Manic Monday

Well, this weekend was somewhat uneventful here in M-town. Friday night R and I went out to eat with my friend from work Sara to celebrate her 24th Birthday. We went to Bhan Thai down in Midtown and it was WONDERFUL!

R and I watched "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" yesterday and it was actually pretty funny. I give props to any movie that can keep my attention. More so recently I am feeling that I have movie ADD. Seriously. It takes all I can to pay attention during a movie. I constantly feel the need to check my phone or pull out my laptop. I guess that is what happens to a generation addicted to technology.

Last week, I put in a three piece order with Trina Turk during work. Hopefully that will work out and I will be wearing this little number to the engagement party that I have to go to in September. See, the thing about working in a boutique is that we only do one "size run", which means if we get in an awesome Trina Turk dress we only get ONE 0,2,4,6,&8 ... by the time we have to wait to use our discount (2 wks after merch has been on the floor) the small sizes are all gone!

Picture it "sans" the fingerless gloves ... haha:

Some other girls from work and I are also placing an order for this DVF dress ... I think it will be adorable with tights and boots:

Also wanted to tell you all about a designer I am slowly becoming obsessed with. Rachel Pally. She makes THE most comfortable and stylish cotton dresses that we carry at the boutique. The only downfall is that they are a little pricey for a cotton dress .... errr say like 250 dollars too pricey, but I still think they are so comfy and cute with just flip flops. I just ordered her "caftan" dress in red, which I plan on wearing with boots in the fall. Tons of celebs wear Rachel Pally, but you'd never know since it's just a cotton dress. Here is the caftan on SJP and the sleeveless caftan on Angelina:


Miss P's first visit to the vet ...

First of all, I have taken the open user comment feature off of my blog because of some rude and unnecessary comments by "anonymous" souls. Why don't people just say who they really are?

Thank you anonymous for pointing out my very obvious grammar mistake ... and yes, bad grammar is one of my pet peeves, but I am certainly not perfect. It was a simple typo. I write these entries between 6 and 7 am after I just get up and they are more of a rambling format than a term paper. Thank you for taking time out of your day to let me know of my grammar slip-ups. That was very nice of you.

On a lighter note:

Yesterday was Miss P's first visit to the vet ... sort of. She had been before, but this was her second round of shots at a NEW vet office. Naturally, she had to have a new outfit for her new vet visit. Here are some pics.
After the fecal exam ... yikes! Look at that scared face:

Best Friends (we are dogsitting Rob's mom's brussels griffon, Max)

We are going out to eat tonight with my friend from work, Sara. It's her 24th Birthday and we're going to try a new Thai restaurant ... should be fun! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Oh, and do you all not LOVE my new header? My dear friend Laura over at LJ and the New City made this for me in one day. I love all the small details like the starbucks in my hand ... how adorable!

Also, two more of my IRL friends have started blogs!

One of my good friends from HS, Kendra, has started "songbird". She will be great at blogging!

My friend Cameron has also started a blog creatively called "Cameron's Corner" ... check it out!


Why do I love Sunset Tan on E!? I watched the show last season for some odd reason, and you better believe I caught the season 2 premiere last night via my DVR recorder. Does anyone else watch this show? It's so stupid, but I can't seem to stop watching. Oh the drama that surrounds operating a tanning salon in LA.

Also, I am obsessed with Big Love. I CAUGHT (thanks to my ANNONYMOUS "grammar" fairy ... so sweet) a few episodes here and there last year on HBO, but now Rob has downloaded the two seasons and we watch a couple episodes a night. I am now addicted to this show. It chronicles the life of a polygamist with three wives living in suburbia. My favorite character is Margine. If you all have the chance to buy the season dvd's or download them, I would highly recommend this show.

Has anyone watched Tell me You Love Me? I was completely addicted to watching this show on HBO last fall when it premiered. I am praying that they bring back a second season. It showcases several fictional characters that go to the same marriage counselor. Does anyone know if it will be back for a second season? This is like top 5 on my favorite TV shows list.

AND Californiacation. This was a showtime show that was supposed to have a second season starting in July and we ordered showtime JUST for this show. July comes around and NO Californiacation. I am wondering if the stupid writer's strike had something to do with the delay on the second season starting. Rob and I spent three days and watched the whole entire first season.

Finally Dexter (another Showtime jewel) -- I mean, if you have any life whatsoever, DO NOT start watching episodes of Dexter. Completely addicting. If you like CSI in the least little bit you will die (no pun intended) when you see Dexter. It is about a CSI blood spatter analyist that kills convicted felons as a night job.
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