PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: October 2008

Junior League Merry Marketplace

Wednesday night, R and I attended the JL Preview Party and silent auction. I just love Junior League. I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to meet new people in your community. Oh, and did I mention I accidentally bid on an original Rembrandt etching from the 1800's!?! hhaha ... it was a total joke, but I ended up winning it! I guess I can put it in the dining room of our new house!


Pottery Barn outlet in Memphis was a let down :( Someone described it as being similar to a TJ Maxx ... you just have to keep going back and looking for new additions.

The venue where I am planning on having my ceremony AND reception is open two dates in May and completely booked in June. I am thinking May sounds like a good option :) Also, I think I have decided against a wedding planner. I think I have enough free time and planning experience to plan my wedding. Let's hope I stick to this mantra and don't end up hiring someone last minute !!!! Any thoughts? Do we think May will give me enough time to plan?!

Okay, so here is the long-awaited engagement story. It really isn't that elaborate ... R is so funny, he said he only had the ring for three hours and just couldn't wait any longer.

So, our official one year anniversary was last Wednesday, October 22. We had planned on going to dinner at one of our favorite Memphis restaurants, Interim. We get to dinner and we both CHOW down. I mean Rob scrapped his plate clean (very uncharacteristic for someone who was supposedly "nervous", but the boy LOVES food!) I always want dessert at nice restaurants and normally, so does Rob. After we finished our dinner I adamantly insisted that we get dessert, but Rob said his stomach was hurting, so he insisted we leave. After walking to my car, Rob insisted that he drive my car. He opened my car door for me and I look over and he is down on his knee with the ring box. I immediately started laughing because I didn't know what he was doing on the ground. Another funny thing was that I immediately snatched the ring from the box without giving him a chance to put it on my finger/!!! HAH... I am attracted by shinny objects, I just couldn't help myself! All in all I was so excited and happy. I was also glad he didn't actually propose in the restaurant.

Paint Samples ... set it off !

Okay, so today R and I had a total "old school" (you know, the movie) moment. We trekked out to Starbucks and headed to Home Depot ... lattes in tow. I just wanted to get an idea of some paint color schemes.

Keep in mind I am obsessed with yellows. I love love love it when I walk into someone's house and they have yellow walls, yellow patterns, yellow brick, ANYTHING yellow.

Here is what I have come up with ... will probably use the two darkest on this pallet:


With this sofa:

some random throw pillows:

and this armchair:

with this rug:

with this table:

and this dining room chandelier:

and this rug:

with this art adorning my living and dining areas (i personally know the artist):

Also, I'm not so worried about drapes, as I think plantation shutters are enough of a window adornment as is.

Now, how I am going to pay for all of this is another story. I am thinking of having a MASS ebay sale of old purses, shoes, jeans, etc. Also, street prostitution is never out of the question ... haha! jk! But did I mention this is ALL from pottery barn? YIKES! Someone needs to tell me where to get things that look like this for CHEAP!

Overwhelmed ...

So ... I feel like A LOT has happened this past week!

1) I had an appointment today at Joseph during their Trish McEvoy show, in which they brought in a National Trish team of artists and esticians to give you a serious make-up and skin care makeover. I could not be happier with my new fall look! My "artist" was awesome and I feel all done over for fall. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Trish McEvoy products? I now have her make-up planner and all the pages are full of shadows, blushes, and various other goodies. Plus, I got her new fragrance, "Trish" which smells LOVELY!

2) R and I officially have a house! It will need a little work, but I am pretty obsessed with it. I also LOVE our new 'hood. For all my Lextonians out there, it is similar to the "Chevy Chase" area of Lexington. Lots of cute and adorable old houses.

3) WEDDING PLANNING ... y'all , PIPM may seem like she's got things planned out, but when it comes to a wedding I NEED HELP. I have no idea where to start or where I want to have it. I am thinking June or July of next year, so I need to get to movin'! Should I do destination in Florida or Memphis wedding? DECISIONS!

4) DECORATING- I also need help here. I am NOT a decorator by any means. I have no idea what goes with what when it comes to decorating a house. If it were all up to me we would have PINK AND GREEN everywhere, but I know that won't happen. What are some of y'alls ideas for decorating?

5) Who knew furniture was so expensive ... GEEZ! I mean, is it bad that I'd rather have a YSL bag than a couch? SERIOUSLY!

Engagement story will be SUNDAY'S post , so stay tuned :-)

Weekend Wrap-Up

So, here I am back from KY with NO PICTURES! Of all people (I am "that girl" who takes photo albums for one event), I forgot my memory chip that goes in my digital camera this weekend. Without the memory chip it holds ZERO pictures. I was so bummed. Luckily, my friend Sarah had her camera and took multiple pictures. I am getting them from her today and will post them tomorrow.

Overall we had a fun day! We are all so grown up! I definitely felt the old man creeping back in my body on Saturday. After kickin' it at Keeneland for about 4 hours my friend Ashton, her husband Rob and I decided to go out to eat and call it a day. What happens to you when you get out of college and get a real job? It's like you lose all your youthfulness!

You already know we were patrolling Keeneland as the Fashion Police. Everyone seemed to look okay, but then you see the rando college girl with a WHITE flowery summer strapless dress and BRIGHT YELLOW sandals. Did I mention it was circa 55 degrees outside? God bless her!

Sunday my Mom followed me back down to Memphis to look at houses with me. R and I are getting a house! We found a perfect little house in a very popular little section of Memphis. It is an old house with plantation shutters, built-in bookshelves, all hardwood floors, and SO MUCH charm! I am so excited to get to decorate. You already know I have been stalking the pottery barn website. I love their "spencer sofa" and one color "espresso" is on sale! I liked that color originally, so I am thinking I might need it!

Here is the spencer sofa color that is on sale:

Now, WHICH spencer armchair pattern looks best with the sofa?! HELP!:

Keeneland Countdown- 2 days!

What a wonderful weekend it will be in the bluegrass for Keeneland! The high is Lexington on Saturday will be a cool 62 with a low of 38! I think this will be perfect for the wool DVF dress. I am excited to see all of my friends. I will be going with The Newlywed and we plan on stopping by LJ in the City's tailgate :)

With new low temperatures, I decided I definitely need to wear tights, but not just any tights ... SPANX TIGHTS! I have never worn spanx and we sell them at the boutique, so I thought I would give them a try. Some people swear by them. I think they are probably for more of the mom pooch look, but I am sure they will suck in some places that may not look so flattering in the clingy dress I will be wearing. Gosh LJ in the City, we HAVE grown up! I am now totally dependent on inserts for my high heels and spanx.

Real Housewives of Memphis ... please!

Okay, so I have a sad confession to make. I am obsessed with watching the Real Housewives. I religiously watched the OC wives, but I didn't care for the NYC girls ... they were a little boring for me. Oh my goodness, the Atlanta wives are all hot messes and I love every second of it. Is it just me, or are all of these women on their second husbands? And boy are they gaudy! I mean, is it completely necessary for these women to have make-up and hair people come to their houses EVERY morning. I love that one of them said, "it's nice to have my make-up and hair people here in the morning because I am just too busy to do it myself ..." What is it that you are too busy doing? And don't even get me started on the one that is hiring an estate manager, chef, nanny, pr assistant, etc. ... exactly why do you need this entourage again? Oh my, I just love this show. Can they do a real housewives of Memphis? Seriously!


My Dad sent a funny forward email yesterday. I think we can all use a laugh in the midst of the brutal economic crisis going on in our nation.

If you had purchased $1,000 of Delta Air Lines stock one year ago, you
would have $49 left.

With Fannie Mae, you would have $2.50 left of the original $1,000.

With AIG, you would have less than $15 left.

But, if you had purchased $1,000 worth of beer one year ago, drunk all
of the beer, then turned in the cans for the aluminum recycling REFUND,
you would have $214 cash.

Based on the above, the best current investment advice is to drink
heavily and recycle.

It's called the 401-Keg
Cheers . . .


L to R (Ashton, Ashley (aka the newlywed in ky), me, and sarah)
I am getting very excited to head back to Lexington this upcoming weekend for keeneland. Once you move away from your college town and friends it gets a little sad, does it not? I never imagined how hard it would be to move to another city away from your friends. I love Memphis, but I truly miss being able to hang out with everyone. It seems like all of my friends are married now or getting married.


Didn't I tell someone to ban me from Joseph?

Went with the patent Manolo Mary Janes, you know, the shoe urban legend that Carrie awes over in the Vogue accessories closet? Thank you paycheck :-)

YSL Mary Janes

Do these look WAAAY to high to wear with my DVF dress? Neimans site says they are 3 9/10 stiletto?! I mean, they look maybe 5 inches to me. What are your all's thoughts on these Yves Saint Laurent mary janes?

Saks is SOLD OUT of the simple louboutin 100's in a 37 ... I mean, what are the odds. Just my luck!

Recessionista Fashion Finds for Fall Basics

Recently, a friend of mine and I were talking about how we wanted to go on a little scavenger hunt for cheap and affordable fall basics. We sell Splendid basic long-sleeved crews at the boutique, but at 51 dollars a pop they are no where near affordable if you are planning on getting several different colors. My friend and I also wanted to find an affordable sweater vest that we could belt. For me, it's all about the accessories. Put a stylish pair of flats or heels and a designer purse with any of these items and you can make them look fabulous. Just by doing an internet pre-scan ... these are the little jewels that I was able to find.

1. Perfect Fit Tees - Jcrew 24.50
- These are AWESOME for layering. I think I have this tee in every color possible. Great under sweaters, jumpers, even transitional dresses.

2. Tissue Turtleneck- Jcrew 39.50
- Once again, a great layering piece. I have the eggplant and mustard yellow colors and I plan on wearing them under wool jumpers, dresses, sweaters, etc.

3. Sweater dress- Target 34.99
- I mean, this is super cheap and super cute. I would definitely layer this dress with a creme or oatmeal LS tee or TN.

4. Sweater Cardigan- Targe 24.99
- Once again, so cheap and very basic fall staple. Plus you're not throwing out 300 dollars like you would on a VINCE or similar designer sweater cardigan.

5. One Button Sweater Cardigan- Target 24.99
- I cannot tell you how big layering is this fall. Once again, I would do a creme or black LS tee.

6. Tie front Sweater Cardigan- Old Navy 16.99

- 16.99 can't even get you dinner! Why not spend it on a sweater!

Fashion SOS

Okay, I got this DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg for the fashion-challenged) dress and I plan on wearing it to Keeneland (Lexington Horse Racing) in a couple of weeks. FYI- the dress is way cuter in person. It is a short sleeve dress in ivory ponte di roma wool jersey with chiffon ruffle front.

What are we thinking for shoes? Should I do tights a la the model in the pic? Maybe the "simple 100" black Louboutin pumps? Calling all fashionistas!


I mean, I have wanted this watch for ages ... LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Q & A

Thank you all for your questions! This is going to be a fun post :)

1. Be honest, did you have Timerlands or 955 Originals in 7th grade?
- Yes, I sure did have Timberlands. I remember when I was in the 7th grade it was really cool to wear them with cords or "cargo" khakis and a GUESS or Tommy sweatshirt. Can you believe we used to wear clothes like this? Oh, and I also used to wear them with a pair of Calvin Klein denim overalls that all my friends wanted to borrow. They were pretty hot.

2. Where did you go to law school? Why did you stop? I am thinking about going part time at night.
- The LSAT was like hell on Earth for me. I took it twice and didn't perform as well as I would have liked. I was hoping that paired with my high gpa I would still get into a Tier 1 school, which didn't happen. I attended Florida Coastal, a private law school in Jacksonville, Fl, which is a Tier 4 school. I loved every bit of the content of law school. I went into law school thinking I wanted to prosecute, but actually crim law was my least favorite class. I loved Property law and estate and trusts law. Unfortunately, when it came to test time at my particular law school, all of the tests were close to 100% multiple choice with no chance to explain your answers, etc. You can see my frustration here. I went from being dean's list student in undergrad to barely scrapping by in law school and I just couldn't handle that. I knew that coming from a tier 4 school with crappy grades did not look good to employers. I was unlikely to get a job that I would like. Plus my particular school was money hungry and charged you for everything. I decided 15,000 dollars a semester was ridiculous. Thus, I decided not to go on with law school. I regret this decision a lot as I am stil searching for my true calling in life. Being an attorney is still the only thing that sounds appealing to me, so who knows.

3. What are your plans/hopes/dreams for the future?
- I would just like to find my true purpose in life. I would eventually like to go back to some sort of grad school. My undergrad is in Political Science and Psychology, so I've considered master's programs in diplomacy, public administration, counseling, etc. I would love to get a PhD. in Clinical Psych, but those programs are very tedious and stressful. I was a research assistant for three years in undergrad to a team of doctoral students and professors studying the human perception and issues of control as they pertain to stereotyping and prejudice. I loved every minute of this, but I got to see first hand how much stress the grad students had to go through.

4. Where did you get that cute little Miss P??? :)
- Miss P came from a kennel outside of Little Rock, AR called dream weaver kennels. Apple, our newest dog, came from the Brussels Griffon Rescue Association. Brussels Griffons are the sweetest and cutest little dogs. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

5. howd you develop your fabulous wardrobe, i know we all want to know!
- I have loved clothes since I was 2 or 3. My Mom used to always dress me up and take pictures of me in dresses, shoes, purses, etc. I insisted that I had a purse with each outfit when I was little. My Mom used to love taking me shopping. I had the internet and TV when I was like 10, seriously. I used to sit on the internet in my early teens and peruse clothing websites. I loved watching E! when they had those model profile shows. I would sit there and examine the clothes that the models wore. I have always loved shopping and putting outfits together. I think my friends used to joke around about me in high school because I never wore the same outfit twice!

6. what is one fashion item you cannot live without. and why.
- My item would be handbags. More specifically, I think everyone should have a signature Louis Vuitton Monogrammed speedy. I think this bag is timeless and classy. Even though I hardly carry mine anymore, it is always my reserve bag if I can't pick out another handbag to carry. I don't think you all understand ... handbags are my obsession. As Rachel Zoe would say, some people collect stamps or guns or whatever, but seriously, I collect handbags. I am hoping for the YSL muse or volcano bag for my Bday :-)

7. I second the law school question, along with what your career is?
- Well, I already answered the law school question. I really don't have a career. I work in a boutique that carries high-end designer clothes, but it is certainly not my career. I am still searching for what my career might be. I would love to be a buyer for a clothing store or a regional rep for a huge brand like Tory, Milly, or Tibi. Who knows ... I am trying to figure it all out!

8. What are your favorite SEC teams? Order from favorite to least favorite. And, I also want to know the answer to the fashion questions : )
- Well, I graduated from the University of Kentucky, so naturally, that is my first place team! I think after that I wouldn't know where to start on my ranking. Rob graduated from the University of Albama, so that would be my second choice. I lived in Florida and saw how obnoxious and crazy the Florida fans are there (sorry GRITS), but I can respect how awesome their athletic programs are there. I also like Ole Miss and Tennessee. The rest are just up in the air :)

9. if you had $100 to spend today, where would you spend it and on what?
- Okay, this is going to sound bad. I have a serious shopping problem, and these days 100 dollars really can't buy a lot! I would probably get the Tory Burch Sophie wedges and put the 100 dollars down on the total price. Or I would take Rob out to a nice dinner. That option actually sounds a lot better.
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