PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: November 2008

New House Report

First of all, I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving :) I know I did!

So ... we're not officially "living" in our new house yet, but we're getting there! We have the painters in today painting a few rooms and laying the new tile in the kitchen. Rob got an Alabama flag for the front of our house that we will hang today in honor of last night's victory!

After foolishly purchasing the FULL Mackenzie bed from PB I got reamed a new one by the fiance. Apparently tall boys don't fit on full beds? That thought never crossed my mind ... All I could think was SALE SALE SALE. Anywho, after said fiance spent time on the phone with the pottery barn people, they allowed us to switch out the full bed for the queen that LUCKILY happened to be the display. It was scratched up, so they gave us an extra 300 dollars off ... did I mention we got the bed AND dresser for 50% off in the first place? Boy, do I love living by the pottery barn outlet. Now all we need is a mattress and we are ready to officially live in our new house! I will post pictures tomorrow (keeping in mind our couch doesn't get delivered for another 3 weeks and our plantation shutters don't get installed for another 5).

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE our new street. So many young couples and cute little neighbors. I can't wait to mingle.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am so thankful for all of my great blessings, family, and friends (including you blogger friends)!

There are some AWESOME sales online today.

I got a pair of Marc Jacobs boots on Saks.com for more than 50% off ... A Milly jacket on Neimans with an EXTRA 40% OFF THE sale price, and ToryBurch.com is also having an additional 40% off of her sale items as well. Crazy!

Mom and I are going to troll out tomorrow morning with hopes to find a flat screen on sale for my new house. We move in Tomorrow afternoon!!!! I am thinking about heading out to the PB outlet early as well. They open at 5 am ... not sure if I'll make it that early, but I might surprise myself!

PB gets me every time ...

I just can't hate Pottery Barn for more than a week. I keep going back.

Okay, so I have been to every "discount" furniture store imaginable. I'm sorry, but I just keep going back to the pottery barn bedroom furniture. I understand that you can get some furniture items from these discount places and they can mix in with other pieces to create a nice look, trust me, I am planning on doing this with coffee tables, consoles, etc. I know PB is ridiculously expensive ... I know it's outrageous ... I know you can get a whole house furnished for the price of the bed alone, but to be honest with you ... you can sooooo tell the difference. I love pottery barns simplicity. I want a plain sleigh bed. Period. No ornate crap, no weird furniture knobs, no crazy weird shaped mirror that goes with the dresser. I want simplicity. The Mackenzie bed set is at the OUTLET, so I would get it for half off (their current promotion). AND they have the matching dresser at the outlet. I would be getting the bed, dresser, and nightstand. I might as well get what I want and what I think looks good rather than getting junk for half the price. I know it might not be the most logical thing to do, but I keep driving back by the PB outlet to look at the bed. I love it. I think it looks good, it's simple and classy. Done and Done.

Let the House adventures begin ...

So, we are moving into our new home on Saturday. We have people coming in to paint and lay tile in the kitchen. Today, I get to journey out and pick out paint, paint supplies, tile, etc. I hope I succeed in this task, as I don't really consider myself much of a "decorator", but we'll see.

Does anyone have any advice with picking out paint? Tile? I was originally thinking darker colors for the house, but we were there the other day and it's so bright in there ... I don't want to darken things up too much.

Work Out, yes please.

Okay, so I guess I better jump back on the "work out" train. I know, I know, I am skinny. I get that. But here recently I think I am too skinny, and seriously, I do NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. And I eat junk ... I'm talking I had 4 chocolate chip cookies last night alone. Before you all kill me, just know that I have a very high metabolism and I am seriously a ball of nerves. I am anxious and nervous every single day. I really think that is how I stay so little. Rob and I currently live in the 'burbs and I haven't felt like joining a gym when I've known we were moving into Memphis soon. Now that we are finally moving into our new home, I want to join a gym near our house and start working out again. I used to work out all the time and now I've just gotten plain lazy. I want to look good for my wedding dress! I am thinking of combining yoga classes with elliptical sessions. How often do you all work out and what do you do? Has anyone tried Zumba? I saw that this dance class is offered at a gym near our new house.

Face Care

Okay, so I've tried everything on my face. From La Mer, Orlane, Trish, Shu Uemura, to Cetaphil. I have yet to find something that I feel really works like it says.

I was not impressed with La Mer, plus it's a little too pricey at 300 dollars a bottle. Orlane is good, but I've been using this for nearly 2 years with little results. Recently, my friend at the Joseph make-up counter gave me Shu Uemura Black Phyto-lift samples and I love it, but before I fork out hundreds for a new face care system I wanted to see what you all use and if you have results? I have also tried the Trish McEvoy serums and lotions and I seem to like those as well.

I am not looking for a miracle cream. I understand that I am 24 and don't need serious wrinkle creme yet, but I feel the more preventative I can be, the better. I have not taken the best precautions in the past with sun care and I am afraid I will be one of those women who have wrinkle problems. I am already starting to notice smile lines and crows feet. I am looking for a complete face care system including face wash, toner, serum, eye and face creme, etc. I go big or go home.

Sunday Funday

Sundays have become my lazy days. Rob and I attempted to go to Blue Plate Diner this morning, but opted for Cracker Barrel instead. We waited about 13 minutes just to get our coffee. I guess the wait was worth it because I soon got my blackberry and whipped cream buttermilk pancakes. Later today I made Rob go to Starbucks and get me a Peppermint Mocha, my absolute favorite holiday treat!

We close on our new house this Wednesday! YAY! My parents are coming down for the closing and are staying for Thanksgiving and to help us move in. I am meeting someone at the house tomorrow morning to measure for our custom-made plantation shutters. Shooo, who knew plantation shutters were so expensive? Geez! Oh well, I think they're well worth it and apparently they increase the property value of your home.

On a lighter note, Rob and I will be fostering a brussels griffon that will be up for adoption via the National Brussels Griffon Rescue Association. As you all know, this association is where we got our precious Apple. They are in desperate need of a foster home for a griffon in Arkansas that is in bad condition. A family dumped her off at a Humane Society where they found she had several skin conditions and sicknesses. She is all better now, but needs a foster home while she's up for adoption through the rescue society. I thinks this is a great idea for Rob and I as we love our brussels and would love to help another one out in need. Here is a picture of Georgio, who will be our foster dog for a couple of months. Let me know if any of you all are interested in adopting her. She is 2 years old and is housebroken.

Which Housewive are YOU?!

Okay, so my new blogging friend Kwana, who is addicted to RHOA, posted this link on her blog. Find out what real housewive of Atlanta you are here.

Turns out I am Sheree. I was hoping to be Kim, but I guess I'm not an aspiring country music singer. And I don't have a Big Papa ... well, Rob could be a Big Papa, but he's not older than me. We are only two weeks apart.



Okay, let me first say that I am ADDICTED to this show. I don't care if I've already seen all the episodes twice, I will watch them again, and again, and again.

The finale last night was classic. I'm glad Kim and Ne Ne semi-worked things out. I never liked Lisa from the getgo, and allegedly she is the biggest b**** of the group. Apparently, she is threatening Kim and leaving harassing voicemails on Kim's cell phone. Also, she has changed her name 4 or 5 times, filed for bankruptcy, and lost custody of her children from her previous marriage to Keith Sweat. Shoooo!! I always knew something was not right about her.

I think Sheree and Kim may be my favorite characters. I love Kim's shopping addiction ... and who can get enough of the Big Papa drama.

Here are some interesting articles about the dirty laundry of the RH of ATL



I am so sad to see this season end, but I KNOW it will be picked back up. Apparently it's gotten the best ratings by far. I am also excited for the OC wives to come back on.

Confessions of a Shopoholic

I cannot WAIT until this movie comes out. I read this book in High School. This is my life story (minus the CC debt!) ... she even has the same computer as me ... CAN'T WAIT!


Oh, and if you haven't ordered your Revitalash already, DO IT NOW! This stuff is AWESOME. I am obsessed with revitalash now. Look at my eyelashes! They look fake!


Thank you all for the Birthday wishes! Here are some pics of my Bday dinner last night.

Also, GRITS just might be a lifesaver. She recommended clubfurniture.com for my sofa and they sent me my swatches yesterday. I am thinking the "mocha" basketweave is my favorite.

The colors L to R are: Mocha Basketweave, Honey Brushed Canvas, and Chocolate Twill.

What do you all think?

6th Photo Game

I was tagged by Le Petite to play the 6th picture game! Since I don't really have picture folders (MACs are weird), I went to my 6th facebook album with my 6th picture and this is it.

The story behind this picture is:
- This picture was taken the night of my friend Ashley (Newlywed in KY)'s bachelorette party. YAY!

So now it's your turn. Here are the rules:

Go to your 6th picture folder
Choose the 6th photo
Pray you remember the details
And then tag 5 others!

I tag: Petunia in Paradise, Red White Preppy, Ina Offret, Nantucket Karen and Heather!

24 means what?

Okay, so every year I take my Birthday to the extreme. I had an all pink extravaganza for my 21st (see picture above). Last year Rob and I celebrated with all of our friends because his Birthday is two weeks after mine (see picture above). This Sunday, I will turn 24 and to be honest, I am not very excited about it. What does 24 mean? It is just one step closer to 25, which is one step closer to 30. Not good. I don't know what I'll be doing for my Birthday this year, but I am thinking something low key. Maybe just a nice dinner. Who knows.

PB meltdown

Okay, so it's really not that big of a deal, but I tried to order the PB Spencer sofa today and, just my luck, they have taken the espresso color OFF SALE! I mean, WTF. They lady at my local pottery barn store told me the the spencer sofa in espresso was on sale because they were discontinuing that color. Why on Earth would they put it back at regular price?

Anywho, I talked to about 6 people via the PB customer service number and they all pretty much gave me different answers. I am mad at Pottery Barn. Whatever, I'm over the spencer sofa.

So, I try to order ANOTHER PB style, the Greenwich sofa, in espresso and what do I know, the delivery date isn't until JANUARY 20TH! No rush delivery options, no nothing. What ever happened to paying extra for rushed service? I mean, come on! I move in December 1st ... like I am going to go two months without a couch?! I am fed up with pottery barn today. I might try to go to the outlet tomorrow and see if they have any kind of sofa that would work. I am looking for a brown or DARK natural sofa. Anyone have any suggestions?

Weekend Update

This weekend R and I went to Rendezvous, a Memphis barbecue tradition. Believe it or not, it was my first time at Rendezvous. The barbecue was good, but definitely not the best I've ever had. I think that Bozo's in Mason, TN is hands down the best barbecue I've tasted. If you are ever on 40 headed down to Memphis or where ever, it is totally worth it to stop by Bozo's. It's just a few exits outside of Memphis.

New Playlist

Hey Y'all! Just letting you know that I made a new blog list of my new hot favorite songs. I know that some of you had to be tired of the french crap ... LOL (that is if you actually listened to it and didn't immediately MUTE). Hope you enjoy :)

Happy Friday!

Woot Woot! TGIF.

Tonight R and I are going out to eat with his parents. Other than that, I have a relatively calm weekend planned. Just figuring out more house ideas and scoping out local antique shops for some interesting pieces.

Everyone have a great weekend!

So ... my wedding is planned!

Um, I think I may have a new career calling! haha ... I have COMPLETELY planned and booked my whole wedding in just two short weeks. I feel like a turbo wedding planner!

This is what I have booked so far:
(1) Ceremony and Reception Site ... which conveniently happen to be in the same place.
- Memphis Brooks Museum of Art (Courtyard for ceremony, Brushmark Tented Terrace for reception)
(2) A string quartet for my ceremony and an awesome rockin' band for my reception.
- The One Nine Hundred Band
(3) An awesome, amazing, and sweet photographer, Allison Rodgers, who is going to be simply amazing!
- Allison Rodgers Photography
(4) A florist that I hear is just fabulous
- Gesture's Flowers & Gifts
(5) A Monique Lhuillier dress, of course!
- don't you wish you could see a picture ! haha, just kidding ... i will reveal it eventually
(7) Cake from an amazing Memphis bakery, La Baguettes!

I think all that's left is getting an officiant, and that will be it! Check out my links and let me know what y'all think!

Election Day!

I hope I don't have to remind my blog world friends to get out and VOTE today :) I have always been someone who is very open-minded and considerate of others' political viewpoints. I am agreeing with my friend Ashley at The Newlywed when she says that this election has been full of people being bitter, over-opinionated, and just downright mean and inconsiderate of other people's political views. What gets me the most are all of these people's facebook status updates and other paraphernalia that just shows ignorance and a lack of knowledge, in reference to both parties. As a political science major in college, we learned to never report just the facts or rumors because you lose and lack credibility. I am amazed at the amount of people my age and younger who think that they know exactly what they're talking about with political issues when in reality, they sound like a big idiot. So as this election unfolds I hope that we will all be considerate of others' views, whoever wins, because our nation will be a better place with EITHER of our fine presidential candidates that takes over in January.

Okay, that was the serious talk for today. On another note, YAY for me finding a wedding band! I was such a novice when thinking that I would just have to book a band and that somehow, a string quartet would just pop out of no where. Uh, they are EXPENSIVE to book. I mean, how hard is it to whip out your violin (LJ IN THE CITY, MAYBE THIS IS YOUR CALLING!!!!) and play a little tune or two?

Pottery Barn!!!

So, I went to Pottery Barn today just to look, and voila!, they were selling display armchairs for 50 % OFF!!!!!!

Since I am getting the Spencer sofa in espresso, I decided that a solid colored armchair would probably look the best. Lucky for me, one of the displays was the madison armchair in "ember" which is an orange color that I think will look great with the brown couch. I also snagged the bound seagrass rug (bound in espresso) for the living room. What color do we think would look okay for the living room walls?!
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