PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: December 2008

Happy NYE!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! Is it sad that I have absolutely no plans and don't really care? I have always found NYE to be sort of a hoax. Places charge you out the wall to come in and be in the midst of crazy skanky girls in gross outfits and spray tans smoking gross cigs. Personally, I'm over the whole NYE bar scene. I don't know what I'm doing yet. R and I might try to make dinner reservations or something. *Sigh* ... I guess I'm getting old!

We booked our honeymoon destination! We are going to:


Rob's dad is a world-traveler and just loves San Juan. Rob and I are both history nerds and San Juan is full of historic sites and neat places to tour. We are staying at a really nice resort so hopefully it will be great! Plus it was the easiest place to get to-- just one connection in ATL and we're there, unlike Trinidad, Belize, and Curacao where you have like 3 connections (no fun!).

I hope everyone has a GREAT nye -- whatever you may be doing :)

New Wedding Goal

I want to be on the cover of Southern Bride!!!!

Grits knows all ...

Okay, so Grits is my domestic role model. I've never cooked black eyed peas before on New Year's. I've had them before on ny's, but never attempted to cook them myself. Per GRIT's blog last week, she said to go get your peas now before they're sold out. I have to admit, I was like , "oh, surely they won't be sold out..." Umm... I'm here to tell you that yes, they were sold out at the Super Target and Super Walmart in Memphis. Much to my disbelief, someone had put a bag of black eyed peas over in another bean section, so I got THE LAST bag at the Super Walmart. Dang grits, where did you get your wealth of domestic knowledge?! Now answer me this ... will one bag be enough?!?!

On a lighter note ... check my new dining room set I got for Christmas from the 'rents. I love it! It has now officially become my computing work station. Rob has his "mancave" aka our second guest bedroom that he has so appropriately transformed into his computer room/mancave. Here is a new pic of the dining room set:

New Year Upon Us

This is a picture of Rob and I last New Year's at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas Holiday. It is so hard for me to believe that it is almost another New Year. Oh how a year flies by. So many things can change in a year. For me, I have moved from Florida, to Memphis, to another house in Memphis, to getting engaged, to finally getting our own home in Memphis -- All of this since last January 14th when I moved from Florida to Memphis with Rob. If I could describe this past year in one word it would be "whirlwind". It just goes to show you that life happens when you're busy making plans for it. If you would have told me a year ago that I wouldn't be in law school and that I would be living in Memphis, TN, (with 3 dogs I might add) I probably would have thought that you were crazy. You never know who you will meet in life, and for me, I met my special someone when I least expected it.

I love this time of year because it signifies renewal and our ability to let go of our old habits and start new and fresh again. For me, that means getting back into working out and going to yoga everyday. Also, I am going to try and live a more stress free and organized life. Currently, I feel like a chicken with its head cut off every morning when I'm running errands before work. The other day I thought to myself, "What is it that you have to be stressed out about?" ... absolutely nothing.

Also, this new year means getting ready for my wedding that will be in four short months. As of now, I have yet to have my bridezilla "freak out" moment. I hope to avoid this moment, as I pretty much have my wedding planned out. I still need to order my bridesmaid's dresses and invitations, but that is about all that is left to do for the big day. Rob and I have to pick our Honeymoon destination by the 1st of January, so we have narrowed it down to a few choices. Let me know if any of you all have any experience with these places:
- San Juan, Puerto Rico
- Maui, Hawaii
- Curacao

Tag you're it!

Pink Julep tagged me in the "six random things" post ...

First of all, here are the details:
1. Link to the person that tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

Here are 6 random facts about me:

1. I would like to think that I "love to read", but honestly, I have book ADD. I will start to read books and never finish them. I do the same thing with magazines. It takes a REALLY good book to keep my attention.

2. I love art. I was almost an art history major in college. I love analyzing art and I secretly wish I could paint.

3. I don't think this is any secret, but I am obsessed with watching Real Housewives ... of any city! I have seen all of the new O.C. episodes at least three times already and can watch them again and again.

4. I am a true homebody. I love staying at home with my dogs. The last thing that sounds fun to me is going to a crowded bar or concert. I know this sounds boring and may be shocking, but I really just love to stay home and be a hermit.

5. I loved living in Florida and would eventually like to live there again.

6. I do absolutely no physical activity whatsoever and I'm probably the skinniest I've ever been. Ironic, huh? I hope to get back into yoga and working out with the new year. *sigh*

Now, I tag:

ANYONE who wants to do this :)

New Obsession

Cera Ve. It is a face wash that is like putting lotion on your skin! It is awesome! What is even better is that you can get this at Walgreens or wherever. It is totally inexpensive and really works! It was recommended by a friend who's Mom heard great things about this face care line. Give it a try!

Christmas Spirit!

So we have been SLAMMED at work this week. People buying gifts and such. Some men are so funny that walk in the boutique and are like ... "uhhh I need a Michael Stars t-shirt" , not knowing that we have about 20 different styles and colors of Michael Stars t-shirts, turtlenecks, sweaters, etc. I love working at Christmastime because everyone seems to be in such a good mood ... So I thought! Yesterday I went to the PB outlet and the Target after work. There were SO many people out and people were mean! People fighting for parking spaces and driving like maniacs. I had a full cart at PB outlet, which the aisles are about the width of library bookshelves (NO ROOM) ... I was like, "excuse me ma'am , just trying to get through ..." She looked at me and said "maybe you need to go another way " .... I mean, what happened to the holiday spirit. Obviously some people will always be mean.

Calling all Lilly Lovers

Girls- if you love Lilly Pulitzer PLEASE check out my most recent ebay listings. I am selling a few Lilly things as well as some purses that didn't sell last week.

The new items are above ...

Here is the LINK to my Auctions

Just tryin' to stay warm ...

Just wanted to post some pics of the girls in their new cold weather sweaters. There is an ice storm on the way tonight!

Also, thanks to everyone who helped me with the recipe. Here is my HUGE batch that I made tonight.

I need to know how to make THIS:

Our sweet neighbors left us a little treat last night! I have never in my life eaten a whole bag of something like I did last night. This mix is LPOH status. It had pretzels, chex, m&ms, and some sort of something holding it all together. IF anyone has the recipe for this I would HIGHLY appreciate it. I am going to immediately make more and eat it today.

New Kitchen Color

I went with Olive ... I think it looks a million times better than the gross hot dog mustard yellow!


The latest LPOH (little piece of heaven) was found yesterday at the Memphis Whole Foods. It is called a non-dessert cheesecake and it was probably the best thing I've ever eaten in my life. The creator was there passing out samples. She is from Nashville and started the Savory Secret brand on her own. She is now the only person in the whole world who makes and sells these non-dessert cheesecakes. We were OBSESSED with the Gorgonzola and pear one. We chose to dip crackers in it, but she says there are several ways that you can eat it. We always stop for free samples, but never seem to buy anything. Today was different. I am already wanting to go back and get another flavor!

Savory Secret


Okay, so I am selling a used gucci signature print tote on my ebay account, but, since I sell so many designer items on my account ebay has put a limit on the amount of things I can sell!!!!!! B-O-G-U-S .... Anyways, I got creative and decided to list a bunch of stuff on Rob's ebay account, so here it is:

Ebay Auctions

These are several old purses and jeans from when I was on my heavy side (heavy for ME, not heavy in general)

If anyone is interested in the gucci purse let me know. I purchased it for 850 dollars in Paris, France. Here is a picture:

I am also selling this Prada Nylon tote if anyone is interested ...

Leave your bids in my comment section.... Also, check out my items on Rob's ebay account.

Sidenote: all of my items are 100% authentic and come with dustbags and authenticity cards. PIPM does NOT carry fakes ... yuck!

Blog MIA

Sorry I have not posted in a while ... moving into a house is stressful! I swear, every day this week we have had comcast, heating & plumbing, alarm people in our house! The best part is they give you this random time frame that they're coming (aka 10-2). I'm like, why can't you just tell me exactly what time you are going to be here?

I am VERY pleased with my living and dining room colors ... not so much with the kitchen. It is currently half painted because I did not like the color that I chose for the kitchen. I have included pictures. I need help. What color do you all think? I was thinking maybe an olive green color. VERY deep and dark. Obviously the mustard yellow did NOT look good. Especially with the mustard dining room.

I also included a pic of the GREAT console I got at the pottery barn outlet a while back. This thing was HALF off. I just love its rustic look.

Also, does anyone know of anything that cleans hardwood floors? Ours are tracked up with paint, grout, dirt, etc. and I want to get something before the housekeeper comes tomorrow.

Happy Friday

Does anyone else out there ever have mullet-bang days? I swear, I don't know if it's the way that I sleep or what, but EVERY morning I wake up with my bangs sticking STRAIGHT up in the air. Recently, I have had no shame with my mullet-bangs as I have gone to target, starbucks, whole foods, etc. with them sticking up loud and proud. I mean, what do I do? They won't be tamed! (see picture above sans make-up)

Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to share a picture from this morning's trip to Starbucks. The barista's at the drive-thru always love Miss P and Apple, and this morning they got a cup of whipped cream! I don't know if this is safe for dogs to eat, but they ate the whole cup!!!

Also, I know that I am wearing my PJ's in these photos, but if you can tell, this is the Milly faux-fur jacket that I got on neiman's last week for a mere 175 dollars (originally 600) ... can we say DEAL?!!?!


Did anyone watch the VS Fashion show last night? Barf. I mean, if this isn't inspiration to start working out, I don't know what is!

I thought this year's show was very creative and I LOVED their choice of music. I particularly liked this song, called "it's not my name". You gotta give it to Heidi Klum who is still rockin' it at age 35. Also, can we all just not look like Marissa Miller? I mean, she is the most beautiful person I think I've ever seen (see picture above). And I loved the part of the tape that showed her "calming down" before the show by eating doughnuts. Nice. Really nice.

A Few Pictures

Just wanted to include a few pictures from the new house. We started decorating our tree last night (even though we don't officially live there yet). Also, Rob got his Alabama yard flag as part of his Birthday presents. The last picture is of me getting ready to leave for the Junior League Provisional Holiday Party. I wanted you all to be able to see the color I chose for the living room. I love it! It's called something "toffee" and I think it will be fabulous.
Mood: Happy and frustrated all at the same time!

DiorShow Iconic Mascara in Black

Last movie I watched:
Some lifetime movie called "cyber crimes"

Lipgloss or Lipstick:
Trish McEvoy lipstick in Sparkling Plum

Long-sleeved ribbed shine Michael Stars turtleneck in "heart" color with a gray tweed cape layered over ... 912 skinny JBRAND jeans in "birdie" color with Tory Burch black Jackson riding boots. I am obviously going to work and not going to ride a horse. Haha!

Tory Burch Riding Boots!

Trish McEvoy "perfect blush" in "perfect 1" color

Trish McEvoy "lava" shadow applied with liner brush and trish liner liquid

Breakfast beverage:
Grande non-fat Pmint Mocha no whip ...

Goals for the week:
- List a bunch of crap on Ebay
- Get my clothes transferred from my current house to our new house
- Order my bridesmaids dresses

I tag anyone who wants to do this. I got this from Think Classy's blog ... so cute!
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