PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: January 2009

Many Thanks

Seriously- what would I do without you all? I was telling R last night that one of the things I love about having a blog is all of the creative people that are willing to share their ideas. Who needs a wedding planner when I have you guys?!

EXCITING NEWS! I am going to be a "Southern Bride Blogger" for the new bridal magazine "Southern Weddings". Their premiere magazine edition was out in January and might I say it is fabulous. They also have a really cool blog in addition to their magazine. I am joining the ranks of "Just Dandy" and "Bluegrass Bride" aka "Kentucky Katie" and I am super-excited. You all know my goal is to have my wedding on the cover of a wedding magazine. Let's keep our fingers crossed!!!

I hope that you all have a great weekend. No weekend events here which makes for plenty of lifetime-movie-watching, lounging, and hanging out with the dogs (and r of course)!!!

Little Details- I need your help!

Okay, what I failed to mention yesterday is my lack of planning with the "small details" of my wedding.

For instance:
- What farewell gifts do I want for my guests?

This is a tough question. I would probably want to stay away from a candy buffet or the "oh-so-popular" monogrammed coozie. What is something traditional, yet still memorable of our special day? Remember, I am from Kentucky and we are getting married on Derby Day. Would playing into a theme be too much and overly cheesy? One of my IRL (in real life) friends recommended doing a mini bottle of maker's mark with a derby pie recipe attached. Or how about these chocoalte horseshoe's from "A Taste of Kentucky". Perhaps I could think of a clever saying to put on the sticker? Or what about these horse chocolate suckers?

- Do I need table place cards? (aka sit down dinner or buffet style)

I have been struggling with this question. We are having a relatively small wedding (about 150 invited) so we are able to have a sit-down dinner if so desired. However, I have not heard good things about sit down dinners recently. People have to wait for their food, the food is cold, plates get mixed up, you have to have a seating chart, etc. etc. Our venue gives us the option to have partial buffet (ugh, i hate the word buffet, it's totally NOT the kind of buffet you're probably thinking), partial meal stations , which is sounding better and better everyday. This option gives guests the flexibility to eat what they want, sit where they want, and to go back for more if they wish.

All of the wedding updates you'd ever want to know!

First, let me dedicate this post to one of my friends, Katherine, who LOVES wedding planning and wanted me to write more about my wedding plans ... I think this post will accomplish just that :)

Yesterday I accomplished two daunting tasks on the never-ending wedding "to-do" list. First, I finally ordered my wedding invitations from a stationer in Memphis.

I decided to go with very simple and traditional wedding invitations. It's funny how when you first start planning your wedding you have all of these grand and elaborate ideas, but your ideas soon change with time. I'm glad I didn't rush to get my invitations a month ago because I would have ended up not liking the ones I had originally planned. I started out wanting the colored, flowery letter-pressed invitations. The more I thought about it I decided that going with a simple traditional design would be timeless and classy, unlike some of the more trendy invitations that are popular today. My invitations are very simple, yet very elegant. They are from the Crane & Co. Embassy collection and I couldn't be more excited about them.

Secondly, I finally booked our rehearsal dinner restaurant. Again, we decided to forgo the more trendy modern popular restaurants here in Memphis (a la Interim, Spindini, etc.) for the more traditional "Grove Grill" which is very nice and has been around for years (this is where R's sister had her rehearsal dinner as well).

I am thinking of booking a nice "tea room" for my bridal luncheon. I have ALWAYS wanted to have a bridal tea and I think the bridal luncheon will be the perfect occasion for the very prim and proper "tea room". Perhaps we can wear hats since my wedding WILL be on Derby Day.

Also, my bridesmaid's dresses were ordered a couple of weeks ago and should be coming in the next few weeks. I went with the Vera Wang cocktail length halter dress in WINTER MELON which is a very pale pink:

My dress is a Monique Lhuillier with an all Chantilly lace bodice and full tulle tiered skirt ... that's all I'm saying about that :) It came with a dusty rose sash, but I think I will either choose to not wear it or order a pale pink sash to better match my bridesmaid's dresses.

I feel like a wedding etiquette expert now that I have completed Emily Post's, "Guide to Wedding Etiquette". So many of my questions were answered with this book and I would highly recommend it to any bride-to-be. I simply could not put this book down yesterday. It covers anything and everything you would ever want to know about proper etiquette for engagements, wedding planning, who pays for what, proper ways to write thank-you-notes, groom's duties, and many many more topics.

Fine China

I have decided to go with Herend china. I absolutely love the timeless look of Herend. I love everything Herend- the figurines, the trays, the bon bons ... everything!

I initially decided on "livia" mixed with some "golden edge" pieces. Livia is a relatively new seller for Herend and I am worried it won't be easy for people to get ... even Babcock's here in Memphis said they don't keep a stock of it. I am wondering, should I go with something more well-known such as the Herend "Queen Victoria" pattern so that it's easily accessible for people -- don't get me wrong, I like it just as well as "Livia".

I went with La Maison's "Ondine" for my stemware and Gorham's "Melrose" for my silver.

Here is my formal place setting with the "Livia" pieces(several pieces weren't available):

Here is "Livia" mixed with "Golden Edge"

Here is "Queen Victoria":


Ask and you shall receive ...


What a difference a day makes ...

I cannot thank you all enough for your comments regarding my decorating dilemma. I am so glad I have so many knowledgeable blogger friends who keep me in check. While I agree that the TV should be moved to the corner, there is just no way to do it with the antique console that I have. I have tried to move it to the corner and angle it, but it's too long. I think in the future I will probably get an armoire or something of that sort and put the tv in that, and angle it in the corner.

Here is a picture of what I ended up doing with the corner.

1) I hated the orange pottery barn chair, so it is now sitting in our guest bedroom. I felt it no longer went with my color scheme and it just looked out of place.
2) I found this two awesome patterned chairs and fell in love
3) I got a tall lamp to put in the corner
4) I am looking for something I can do an etage with on my wall space ... perhaps three small pictures or small framed artworks?

How great is my new bedding? Mom went on a massive search for a quilt set that would match our robin's egg wall color, and I think she found the perfect bedding!

Calling all decorating experts!!!!

As I said in an earlier post, we are hosting a little housewarming/engagement soiree this weekend for my bridesmaids and a few of our Memphis friends. In true PIPM fashion, I have waited until this week to finish decorating my house. I blew out TJ Maxx the other day (their home section has some reall good finds!) and I'm headed to some antique shops today.

My couch FINALLY came yesterday. I ordered it in October. Imagine my excitement. Apparently when you get a couch custom made it can take up to three months ... add in the holidays and you get delays galore! I'm just glad it arrived before our fete on Saturday.

Here she is:

I am still perplexed on what to do with a random corner in my living room. We were going to get a bookshelf, but honestly, our living room is small and I feel like it would make it look too crowded with a bookshelf.

My second option is to find a tasteful "Tree" of some sort. Fake or real, that is the question. What do you all think? Some sort of tall plant that will make the corner pop. Should I just get one of those fake ones? What about a tall lamp? Please tell me y'alls opinions because I have ONE day to find what I'm looking for ... here is the corner:

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and do you think the plantation shutters are enough or should I get drapes as well?

Wedding Registry FUN!

So I have to admit how much FUN registering for wedding gifts can be! Last week I hit up Babcock's in Memphis to register for my everyday & formal china, flatware, silver, serving pieces, and other fun things.

I am most excited about my everyday china, Juliska's "Berry & Thread" collection. I am going to do white and cappuccino:

I am still deciding on my formal china ... any suggestions? I want something neutral that will go with our mustard yellow dining room colors.

I want a SNUGGIE

I am so excited because one of my friends got a free snuggie with her purchase of a snuggie and she is going to sell it to me!!!!!

Have you all seen the commercials for the snuggie, aka the blanket with sleeves?!?! Everytime the commercial comes on Rob and I will laugh because we're like, who would buy this ... well, I have secretly wanted one for a long time! When it's freezing in our house a snuggie would really come in handy!

Check out the informercial via this website:


Hopefully I will have a snuggie of my own by the end of the week!

Louisiana Weekend

I really do love Louisiana. This past weekend was spent in Shreveport where one of my best friend's, Claire, lives. Her and I met when we both studied abroad in Paris and lived in the same apartment building. We were both from the south and bonded very quickly. She went to college in Texas and after we got back from Paris we both visited each other each year. I am a bridesmaid in her wedding on February 21st and I am so excited! She moved back to her hometown of Shreveport. We had so much fun this weekend shopping and perusing stores. Also, coincidentally we are registered for the same everyday china! Great minds think alike!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend and hopefully you have today off!

Casa de PIPM

I just wanted to share a few photos of our new plantation shutters ... don't they look awesome? I am so excited about them. I think they really make our house complete.

This is a sweet entry-way table I scored at the Pier 1 sale for 59.99:

Hot Messness

Does anyone ever have those days or weeks where you just feel gross and disgusted with yourself? For me, this is that week. It's always around the week before I need my hair highlighted. Also, I feel like I look Albino. I made an appointment to get airbrush tanned yesterday and I canceled it because I was too lazy to go (and I may or may not have forgotten to shave my legs). I also didn't want to get out in the cold, but come on!!! I used to have standing weekly appointments in college and law school for spray tans and now that I have all this free time I can't even manage to make it to ONE! I think the last time I got a spray tan was like, last April or May?! EEKK!

Also, I am a hot mess. I lost my top retainer and I'm convinced my teeth are moving. I would hate to have to get braces again! I also lost my whitening trays and haven't whitened my teeth in months. I haven't worked out in ages and I feel like my jeans are fitting tighter. I need to step it up if I am going to look like a million bucks for my wedding!

What is it about moving three times in one year that makes you feel like you are losing your mind?

Revitalash Update

Okay, so everyone knows my obsession with Revitalash ... I mean, it just keeps getting better. LOOK at my eyelashes now ... they are freakishly long. So long that I decided I just had to share a picture so that I could convince others to get revitalash. I get asked all the time if I'm wearing fake eyelashes ... this is insane!

Chilly with Chilli!

As many of you in the South know, we are getting an artic cold front tonight! Temperatures are dropping and I am going to celebrate by trying a new recipe from "Cooking Light" that a friend recommended.

Cajun Red Beans & Rice:


* 2 tablespoons olive oil
* 2 (3-ounce) chicken andouille sausage links, chopped
* 1 (8-ounce) container prechopped onion, bell pepper, and celery mix
* 1 1/2 teaspoons salt-free Cajun seasoning
* 3/4 teaspoon salt
* 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
* 2 garlic cloves, minced
* 1 (15-ounce) can red beans, rinsed and drained
* 1/4 cup water
* 1 (14.5-ounce) can no-salt-added diced tomatoes, undrained
* 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
* 4 cups hot cooked long-grain rice


1. Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add sausage and onion mix to pan; sauté 4 minutes. Add Cajun seasoning, salt, oregano, and garlic to pan; cook 1 minute, stirring constantly. Partially mash beans with a fork. Add beans, 1/4 cup water, and tomatoes to pan; bring to a boil. Reduce heat, and simmer 10 minutes or until thickened. Remove from heat; stir in pepper. Serve over rice.

Stay warm my blogger friends!

Almost done!

Okay, I've almost finished season three of nip/tuck ... Yes, I've been in my house for three days (besides the unsuccessful kroger debacle) and I am determined to finish season 4 by tomorrow night, just in time to catch the season 5 premiere and second episode.

Is it just me, or is season three boring? The only part about season three that I have liked is that Christian proposed to Kimber, my favorite character.

I just love Kimber's character and I think she's gorgeous. I wish I could pull off the short curls like she does. She makes me want to get my hair blonder ...

This is reminding me of a Ben Stiller movie where everything that could possibly go wrong does ... does it get better?

I am LOVING the music that is played during this show. I have already downloaded the NIP/TUCK soundtrack and several songs that are played in the episodes.


Oh, and PS- Petunia in Paradise ... can I get an invite to your blog? I kept meaning to post my email address, but I waited too long! What email address can I reach you?

Attack of the Crazy Old Lady ...

I have had a cold/sore throat for the past 3 or 4 days. I have not wanted to leave the house and have found solace in watching Nip/Tuck for hours upon hours every day. I am finally almost done with season 3.

Last night, I thought going to the grocery and getting out of the house would make me feel better. I almost always prefer Super Target over Kroger, but Kroger is closer and we just wanted to get in and out. Please note that I hate shopping in Kroger. The aisles are too small, the parking lot is always crowded, and there are almost always crazy people there on a Sunday afternoon.

After packing our cart we rolled in a short line, only to get behind the crazy older lady who was arguing with the cashier over a 30 cent dunkin-hines cake mix coupon ... "what do you mean i can't use this coupon, I'VE ONLY seen ONE kind of cake mix EVER by Dunkin-Hines...get your manager!" She then proceeds to get the manager, the manager has to go look at ALL the different kinds of cake mixes, comes back, talks some more, and finally just gives the crazy woman 30 cents off to satisfy her, 10 minutes later. Please note that all the people in the aisles beside us have already checked out and are well on their way out of crazy land. This is after the fact that last week, we got behind a crazy old couple who were arguing with the cashier about whether something was parsley or italian spinach.

To top it off, we go out to my car only to find that we are blocked by some crazy old lady who is trying to get in our parking spot, yet she hasn't left us enough room to get out. I had to physically get out of my car and yell to her that if she didn't move there was no way that I could get out of my parking spot. Do you know what she did? Just sat there while cars backed up behind her and were honking and going crazy. I had to get out again and motion for her to BACK UP or else. She still sat there adamantly with her blinker on. Finally, after I had enough of the crazy people at Kroger, I yelled in my psycho "I don't feel good so get the hell out of my way voice" ... "MOVE IT OR ELSE LADY!" She backed up maybe three feet. I had to risk almost hitting about six cars to back out of my parking spot, all because some crazy lady who probably shouldn't be driving was blocking my parking spot, only to pull right in after I had finally gotten out. What's with old people today? Are they all crazy? I am starting to think so. Needless to say, I will never be going to Kroger again on a Sunday afternoon.

Spring Trend Alert: The Maxi Dress

Okay, so we've all seen the celebrities wear them. Now it's time to bring this fun trend to reality! The long summer dress! We have already gotten TONS of long dresses in at the boutique, and they are adorable!

I got this mint by jodi arnold one and plan to wear it with espadrilles:

The good thing about the long dress is that you can dress it up or down, with flip flops or espadrilles.

Now it just needs to get warm!!!!

I heart La Mer

Okay, so I know I said a while ago on my blog that I didn't think La Mer was all it's hyped up to be. Well, considering I tried it when I was 18 and immature, I am here to tell you today that I'm a changed woman.

Rob got me the 2 oz. creme de la mer for Christmas because he had heard me talking about how dry my face was and how I wanted to try La Mer again. Okay, after ONE time using it on my skin ... ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. My face has NEVER felt this soft. I have already noticed a difference in my sun spots, dryness, and several people have told me that my skin looks great.

I ordered a Loeffler Randall dress on Neimans last week and was suckered for the "spend this much get free shipping" gimmick, so I thought, "Why not add some more la mer products to get to a certain amount ..." So, I added the cleansing fluid and tinted moisturizer. I did not, however, spend enough to get the "free la mer goodie bag" filled with a dozen la mer samples. I was bummed, but I couldn't justify spending so much on la mer just to get a free gift.

To my surprise tonight, I came home to my fed ex box from Neimans. I open it to find the dress, which I plan to wear to a wedding shower in a couple of weeks. I also see my two la mer items AND.... VOILA!!!!! They mistakenly put the la mer goodie bag in my box!!! I mean, DAMN, I got LUUUCCKKKYYYYY ... there were seriously about 12 samples including THREE samples of the eye concentrate, two of the serum, hand treatment, and a few samples of the creme itself. I mean, I could seriously sell this loot on ebay and make some moolah. I don't know who messed up at the shipping center, but I don't really care. I am blogging tonight with silky soft skin thanks to my free samples :):):)

If you don't know the la mer story, click here to watch the informative video:
Creme De La Mer

Tell me what you don't like about yourself?

Okay, so I know you all will be astonished, but I watched Nip/Tuck for the very first time this weekend and let's just say ... I'M ADDICTED. I finished the first season last night and will probably finish the second tonight.

First of all, I am a sucker for any TV show that takes place in Miami. My love for Florida is what prompted me to move there. Second of all, I love that the show deals with a plastic surgeon's office! I was so surprised when Rob told me that Nip/Tuck is on FX ... I was sure it was on showtime or HBO with all of the risque scenes and such. Yikes!

I have talked to some people who have said that the show gets really weird and bizarre as the seasons go on ... is this true?

Pretty Pretty

Don't you all just love the table decor in this photo from Southern Weddings? My colors are pink and ... PINK, so I think it would look great!

I am guessing that my florist can get these beaded glass candle thingies for me? Should I tell her now that I want them? I think this table is EXACTLY what I want. I love love love it.

I promise I will find something more interesting to blog about tomorrow. I know you all are probably almost puking in your mouths now with all this wedding stuff.

New Year = busy, busy , busy!

Events in the new year are creeping up so fast! January is already all filled up for us as we have some events to attend for my friend Claire that is getting married in February. February is already filled up with events for her wedding and ours. Don't get me started on March ... showers galore, plus I am going to Atlanta to see Britney on Tour!!!! My bachelorette party will be in April and May 2 will be here before I know it!

We are hosting a little housewarming soiree in a few weeks for all of our friends to see our new home. I have forgotten how much is involved in decorating a new house. It seems that most of these petty items come with time, but when you're having your home showcased to several of your friends, you want everything to look and be perfect! I have three short weeks to find window treatments, bedding, and a pull-out sofa for Rob's mancave! I think my day off tomorrow will be spent trolling Memphis in hopes to find some good deals.

On a lighter note, I think I have found my wedding shoes! I will, of course, wait until I am at the Saks in ATL to try them on with Glenn (ladies shoe salon), but I think they will be perfect! I think the colored shoe option is a no-go ... it will be too hard to either find the perfect matching color or dye a pair of manolos (disaster written ALL over it!) so I think I will opt for this beautiful metallic color d'orsay jeweled heel from the spring '09 collection:

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! I can't wait for everyone to start blogging again. I have missed reading everyone's blogs that fell off the bandwagon for the holidays!

First Wedding Disaster Dream

I awoke this morning from my first wedding disaster dream. My BFF Sarah and I (who is recently engaged) were talking about this the other day. She already had her first wedding disaster dream and I thought I was the only one who hadn't had a dream about my wedding yet.

Well, last night in my dream I was wearing BLACK tights with my wedding dress and black shoes, rushing at the last minute to find wedding shoes about an hour before my wedding. Then I learned that Rob and I had forgotten to get our wedding bands made. Someone proceeded to yell at me and instruct me to just get them later. All I could think about was the infamous wedding picture with the rings and bands. People were streaming in late and there were many crashers that I didn't recognize.

That was about the extent of my wedding disaster, but at least I had my first wedding-related dream! I'm sure there are plenty more to come, as I often dream about things that are either stressing me out or taking up all of my time.

Wedding Shoes

I've always LOVED the concept of colored wedding shoes. Of course, I am on the mission for the PERFECT pair of pink heels. I would like to stay true to my man, Mr. Louboutin ... but I would be willing to branch out to Manolo, Choo, etc.

Has anyone seen any good looking pink shoes lately? It will be difficult trying to match my shoes to my pink SASH that goes with my Lhuillier gown.

Check out this bride featured in a NEW southern magazine called Southern Weddings. They even have a super-cute blog.

Anywho, this bride had Louboutin himself autograph her shoes! Amazing!

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