Something Blue!

Rob and I just can't keep any secrets. Our wedding gifts to each other were no exception. I was ecstatic to get my "something blue" in a form of jewelry! In addition to the sweet blue stitched dress label sent to me by "Just Lovely", I will also be sporting some new bling :) I had the smaller version of this ring when I was in law school. I went the the bathroom to wash my hands and left it sitting on the sink. Literally 5 minutes later, it was gone :( I am so thrilled to finally have the ring again!

I would like to thank all of you all for your help and support throughout my wedding journey! You all are the best and I thank you for helping me make some decisions and giving your input on essential wedding details. Please pray for no rain on Saturday! The weather is supposed to be "scattered showers", which can mean anything. Hopefully everything will work out great. I know everyone is so excited to see pictures, so I am going to give you all the address of my fantastic photographer's blog so that when she posts some shots you all will have the first peek!

Allison Rodger's Photography

Steal of A Deal!

I really wanted this Ella Moss Maxi dress that we got in at the boutique last week:
Until Paisley & Pearl's found this one at

Do they not look identical? And at 27 dollars, you can't beat the Forever 21 price! Unbelievable! I think I'll be taking a trip to our Forever 21 today :)

Happy Birthday!

Today is Paisley & Pearl's 21st Birthday! Stop over by her blog and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Products Galore!

Last week I made a drastic change and switched hair stylists. I have to say my hair has never felt more healthy, silky, and manageable. My search for the perfect shampoo and conditioner is over. I had never heard of Nigelle Products before, but apparently they are made in Japan. I am currently using Nigelle DS shampoo and Nigelle DS Fluffy Feel conditioner. I am obsessed. Not only do these products smell amazing, they literally make your hair feel like pure silk!

Also, I have recently started trying Resvinatrol- a supplement that you drink twice a day that's packed with anti-oxidents and phytochemicals.
Read about it here:

If you were as obsessed with Ellen & Ollie dresses as I was, I would highly recommend calling "M Boutique" in Columbia, SC. I called them on Thursday and ordered two dresses. I am anxiously awaiting their arrival!

I am off this entire week before my wedding. It will be spent running errands, getting my house cleaned, packing for the moon and relaxing!

Sushi Bar and Other random things ...

I sent a finalized menu to my venue planner yesterday.

Our buffet stations will include:
- Sushi Bar
- Pasta Bar
- Shrimp & Grits Bar
- BBQ Bar
- Carved Marinated Round of Beef
- Marinated roasted vegetables
- Fruit & Veggie area
- Almond Roasted Green Beans
- Ham & Cheese Crustonis
- Honey chicken wonton cups
- Veggie Spring Rolls
- Three cheese quesedillas (to be passed out later, as a "late night" snack)

Do you all think this sounds like enough? You have to remember there will be enough servings for our total count.

The museum planner also showed me the "back-up" gallery in case it rains, WHICH IT IS NOT, so we don't need to worry about that.

One of my favorite stores where I used to live in Jacksonville, Clover, is going to start carrying the most adorable dresses I have ever seen. Looks like they're made by a college girl in Columbia, SC who named her brand, "Ellen & Ollie". They are absolutely adorable and I want every single one. She combines my three favorite things- shift dresses, ruffles, and bows! Here are a few of my favorites:

Final Countdown

Hey lovelies! I have just 10 days until my wedding! Crazy, I know. I am truly so excited and have not started stressing out at all. I am off all next week prior to the wedding, so I plan on dealing with any last minute escapades then.

I really thought I'd be too nervous to eat anything by now, but I was definitely wrong about that one. Paisley & Pearls came over last night and we made cookies and ate the whole plate ... oops. I know I said I stopped snacking on cookies, but I just couldn't resist. I've already told Rob that the second we are done with our wedding I want a whole roll of cookie dough and I plan on eating the whole roll.

I got 2 inches cut off my hair yesterday! I don't know what got into me, but my stylist was saying how any hair past your bra strap is useless hair anyways, so we cut about two inches off. I'm sure you can't tell at all, but here is a picture (it's about as long as the picture ends):

I arrived in Memphis from the weekend to find my AWESOME clarisonic brush sent from Bergdorf Blondes (good luck with your hair extensions, shasta :) ). I must say- I am obsessed. Seriously, this thing CLEANS your skin like nothing I've ever seen before. I love love love it!

Well, I meet with my venue planner this morning to finalize meal plans. I know some will be shocked, but I've changed my mind yet again. I have decided to go with the buffet stations. We didn't receive over 20 rsvps, so it's just too risky to try to do a sit-down dinner. Plus, I think it will give the reception a more relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, I won't have to worry about seating charts! I am just going to reserve a table for the brides/grooms party and our family members and that's it! Everyone else can just sit where they want. I think this will create a fun and stress free environment.

Bachelorette Weekend success!

The bachelorette day went great! The weather was BEAUTIFUL for Keeneland. After spending the day at the track we headed to one of our favorite seafood restaurants for some patio music and dinner!

Here are some pictures. Don't worry, I took a full body shot of my outfit for my loyal readers :) I felt like a tool taking a picture of myself in a mirror, but I wanted you all to see how well everything came together! I ended up not changing dresses. I decided to save the second dress for my bridesmaid's luncheon.

All About Skin Care

As you all know, PIPM is all about some skin care and skin treatments. I cannot rave enough about the intraceuticals oxygen infusion facials. I have noticed a reduction in fine lines, minimal scarring, and blemishes. Get one and you'll be hooked.

My estitician is all about the Clarasonic Brush, which you use in conjunction with your facial cleanser to achieve more results and better skin cleansing. Remember, the more moisturized your skin is, the less you have to worry about wrinkles.

At my visit to the estitician's office yesterday I learned about a new product that is gaining popularity. It is called the "nu face" and it shocks your muscles for 5 minutes a day plumping everything back into place.

Well let's just say that I was absolutely estatic to learn that I won "Bergdorf Blonde's" giveaway of the clarisonic brush! These retail for 195 dollars, so I jumped for joy upon learning that I won the giveaway! Shasta over at BB is oh-so-fabulous and such a cutie! We are both addicted to designer duds and she has an awesome job working at a Plastic Surgeon's office! haha ...

Honeymoon Essentials

Here are some items I've purchased for the "moon". As you all know, we are going to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Lilly Pulitzer Ruffle Bandeau:

The classic, Juicy Couture Shirred Terry Cloth Tube in Santorini:

Mint by Jodi Arnold Floral Maxi Dress:

Rachel Pally Bev Cotton Maxi Dress:

Alice + Oliva Strapless Tie Back Safari Dress:

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Strapless floral dress:

Have any of my readers been to San Juan before? If so, do you have any recommendations?

Dog Model

I have come to the conclusion that perusing Super-Target while bored is dangerous for me. This morning I was trying to waste time while our house was being cleaned; big mistake. I went in just to get a few items for dinner, then the inevitable happens. I think to myself, "ooooo, i wonder what bargains i could find in the clothing section". This has become a game for all of the girls that I work with. We are used to a top being over 200 dollars, so every time one of us finds a cute bargain at Target we all race over to purchase the find. I strolled on over to the ladies clothing section to find a steal of a deal: a black cotton maxi dress for only 24.99! All of our cotton dresses at work are like 150 dollars and up, and I refuse to pay that much for a cotton dress (even though I am guilty of doing so quite often). I think this dress will be super-cute with my TB thong sandals:

I am convinced that Miss P is cute enough to be on a dog food can, or perhaps a treat bag. I think she should be a dog model or actress. I mean, you can't get much cuter than this:

Don't forget the friends and family Saks coupon starts today. Here is the link:

Of course the list of exclusions is a mile long (it doesn't apply to louboutins... grrrrr), but if you're wanting a dress or some make-up, go for it!

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend here in PIPM land. Saturday night R's family threw us a small little wedding celebration/shower. It was very nice and the food was great! Paisley and Pearls stopped by to graze the food table (haha, just kidding), but seriously, her and I stood by the food table for a good 2 hours just sampling everything.

Sunday R and I tried a new church here in Memphis. They had a great Easter Sunday service. Afterwords we went to India Palace (one of our Memphis faves) for their Sunday buffet. So .... maybe I screwed up my diet this weekend. Oh well. At least I went to two classes back to back on Friday because I knew how bad I would be eating over the weekend. I am headed back to body pump today!

I am getting excited about Keeneland this weekend! The forecast says sunny and highs in the upper 60's which makes me so excited. If you've never been to Keeneland, it is imperative that the weather be cooperative or else your whole outfit/day is ruined. I have been a trooper several times in my college days and braved the cold chilly temperatures and rain just to partake in Keeneland festivities. I am so excited to see my friends (including the newlywed in KY) for my bachelorette festivities :)

Here are some pictures from the Easter shower this past weekend:

Paisley & Pearls and I:


Me a little too excited about tray tables:

Rob's Mom and I:

Fun Tag!

Not! haha ... just kidding :) I agree with Petunia ... this is what I get for reading blogs while lounging on a Sunday.

I was tagged by Petunia in Paradise for this fun tagging game :)

Here are the rules:
Take a picture of yourself RIGHT now.
No primping or preparing.
Just snap a picture.
Load the picture onto your blog.
Tag some people to play.

Absolutely no make-up on. woof.

I tag:
Paisley and Pearls
Just Lovely
Le Petite Blog
Puttin' on the Grits

Happy Friday

I just wanted to share a sweet picture of Apple and Georgina laying on the back of the couch. We didn't even put them this way. I just walked in and they were chillin' like this:

Do any of you once wed girls out there have any advice or tips for the few weeks leading up to your wedding. We have three weeks to go and I am getting really nervous/anxious. There is really nothing left for me to do, but I constantly feel like I am missing something. I am starting to think I'm going to need some anxiety meds before I drive myself crazy!

Once a week meal

Rob and I are obsessed with Domino's thin crust bbq chicken pizza which we get with NO cheese and pineapples. This is seriously the best thing in the world. We order it at least once a week and Domino's thinks it's hilarious that we order it with no cheese. They always call us back and say, "did you know you ordered no cheese?". It is pretty low-fat without the cheese and excess crust. I highly recommend you all trying it!

On another note, my ebay listings have one day left! Looks like the marc jacobs bowler is getting no interest, so it might have to go back in the ole closet collection.

Wedding Update Tuesday!

I had my final meeting with my florist yesterday. Uhh that total was a little shocking, but I guess flowers are an important part of the ceremony and reception :)

Our ceremony is taking place in the museum gardens, so we really didn't have to get too crazy with the flowers. The main focus will be the jackson vine and floral archway, a few large arrangements and the floral stakes that will go on the end of each row of seats.

Here are some venue pictures of the courtyard and then the restraunt looking out to the terrace:

The reception is where most of our floral budget went. We are having the hors d'oeuvres and mingle area in the actual museum restaurant. The main reception will take place under the restaurants tented terrace which will be lined with a silk liner. This is the look I'm going for with the tented reception:

Here is an example of what most of my tall table centerpieces will look like (just not quite as elaborate at the picture, but similar style and color scheme):

Keeneland Outfit = Day 2 Nite?

Hey Everyone! I am having my bachelorette party in Lexington, KY since that is where I went to college and it's where most of my friends and bridesmaids live now. Keeneland is a big deal in Lexington and is so much fun! We're going to Keeneland and then out to eat and out after that. My question is ... should I wear the same outfit all day or change to go out? Is my dress "day to nite" appropriate or should I get a fun dress to wear at night? My Keeneland dress is pretty classic so I feel like I need a fun dress for night. What do you all think? Have you seen any really unique fun dresses perhaps with big bows or fun prints? If so, please share!

Here is my Keeneland outfit:
Find me on Polyvore


okay, i have been looking online and found this adorable French Connection dress. I love yellow and the bow makes it fun. Thoughts?

A few Updates

We have 29 days until the wedding!!

Attention Wedding Guests: Please send in your RSVP's if you haven't yet. We are trying to get a final number for our venue.

Also, if you are planning on coming from out of town and you haven't booked your room yet, you have until APRIL 9TH to book with our block at the Hampton Inn on Poplar Avenue. This hotel is in a great location and is close to several restaurants and shopping. The number is (901) 683-8500 and refer to the wedding for our special rate.

How cute are these luggage tags my dear friend, bridesmaid, and recent newlywed, Claire, sent me for my shower gift that was this past weekend:

I love them and they will be perfect for the luggage on our honeymoon ... the back has my new name and address!

Also, I am listing some more items on ebay today! I will post a link and tell more about them in a later post this afternoon :)

Have a great friday everyone!

Random Things

Okay, does anyone else's Starbucks drive-thru ever look like this:

I am telling you what ... EVERY single day when I go to this Starbucks the line is wrapped ALL the way around the building and most of the time into the street where cars are turning into the Starbucks. Am I the only one who's 'bucks is like this everyday? It's so annoying!

On another note, Paisley and Pearls and I are noticing a very disturbing trend on the horizon ... behold, the shaper shoe ...

What is this? A quick google search told me they're called "shape up shoes". We are seeing more and more women that wear these things to aerobics. I actually heard a doctor once say that these shoes are not proven to do anything to your legs. Apparently they're supposed to shape your legs while you walk. I am less than convinced. What do you all think?

Alas, the wedding update!!!

I am now struggling with the idea of a sit-down dinner instead of a buffet type deal. We have been getting back rsvp's now for a few weeks and it appears less people are coming than originally thought. My event venue planner said that believe it or not, for less people a sit down dinner is actually less expensive than a buffet deal because most carving stations, etc. are made to feed over 100 people.

What do you all think? Any experiences with both?
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