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MARGARITA!!! Please email Jessica at to start working on your custom header!

If you didn't win, please stay tuned! I am going to do another give-away very soon so don't be discouraged :)

Goyard ... not so easy ...

I will admit it ... when I want something, I WANT IT NOW!

I have yearned for the Goyard St. Louis tote for over a year now. Question is- why are they so dang hard to find/purchase?

Do I want mine monogrammed? You better believe it!

Barney's used to sell them on their website. Not anymore.

Do any of the ATL girls know of anywhere (Saks/Neimans) that sells them in Atlanta? I'm planning an ATL trip soon, so I could easily purchase one there.

Paisley and Pearls? Am I going to have to have you purchase me one in NYC and bring it back to me?


xoxo- PIPM

Making a House a Home

Seven months after purchasing our house, I just now getting around to finishing up some decorating projects I've been meaning to do for a long time.

My main concern has been our dining room since every bit of the wall is empty. In the next couple of months I plan on purchasing an antique china cabinet to go on one side of our dining room. That leaves the other side completely empty.

A good friend of mine is from Atlanta and her mom loves to peruse Scott's antique market every month. I told my friend that I was in need of some plates to hang and some botanical prints to frame for my living room. She sent her Mom on a mission and her Mom did not disappoint! She brought back the most beautiful botanical prints, which are now at Michael's getting framed. She also brought some awesome antique plates that I did in a little montage on my empty dining room wall.

Here are some pictures:

I think it turned out well!

Not your average cup of joe ...

This will change your coffee ...

Behold, the MILK FROTHER ...

No kidding. Remember when I was in my coffee slump a few weeks ago? Not so much anymore ...

This is what I do to make the PERFECT cup of coffee ...

Fill coffee cup about 1/4 full of creme and sugar. Microwave for 15 seconds. Froth cream with frother. Add coffee and you have THE BEST cup of coffee ever.

I had never even heard of a milk frother before my friend Sara introduced me to one.

The best part is, they are pretty inexpensive. I found some on websites for only 2.99.

Let me know if you all try it, I am hooked!
Hey gals!

Just wanted to let you all know that Jessica at Front Porch Design Studio has offered my readers a special promotion for a complete blog makeover! If you would like a complete blog re-haul, including your own domain name, email her at for the special PIPM rate!

On another note, don't forget that my Ebay auctions end today! Check them out at:
PIPM Ebay Auctions

Okay, I am just curious ... for those of you that raved about the Mr. Clean magic eraser ... what is so special about it? I purchased one at the grocery on Sunday and I am not sure if I am using it wrong or something, but really it just reminds me of a sponge with soap. Am I missing something or not using it correctly? Tell me what it does for you all ... :)

My First Blog Giveaway!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you all like my new layout and new domain name! Remember, from now on type in! If you go to blogspot it will still direct you here.

I have been blogging since March of 2008 and have yet to do a giveaway! I am very excited to announce that my first blog giveaway will be a CUSTOM HEADER by the lovely Front Porch designs!

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Please tell me in your comment how many of these things you have done.

This giveaway will close on JUNE 29, 2009 at 8:00pm (CT)

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All comments MUST BE LEFT ON THIS POST. I will not count comments left on other posts.

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Happy Father's Day!

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Father's Day! A special shout out goes to the best Dad in the world, my Dad!

Yes, i have a bluetooth ...

While I got our new 3GS iphones today, I also got talked into getting a free bluetooth. Yes, I've always made fun of these, but srsly, they are such a good idea! Too bad they didn't have pink or sequined ones! LOL!

Rob found it funny to video the bluetooth in action ... i love how you can see the flashing light ... CLASSY!

Bonus Slideshow

Here is a bonus slideshow created by our awesome photog team at Allison Rodgers. I think there may be some pics that y'all haven't seen!

Megan and Rob from Jeff Rodgers on Vimeo.

Another dress on Ebay

Okay, yes, I have a problem with buying "just in case" dresses and never wearing them. So what? My loss, your gain. Bought this adorable BCBG dress as a back-up for my bachelorette party and now I just don't see myself wearing it anytime this summer.

Check it out on ebay HERE

So fresh and so clean!

In my newly-wedded bliss, I have acquired quite the unnatural love for cleaning. Yes, I said it. Cleaning. People who know me IRL are probably laughing right now because I was that girl in college who would pay my friends to come clean my closet for me. I used to despise cleaning. I think having your own house changes a lot of things about your bad habits. I have now found a love for planting flowers, cooking and CLEANING of all things! Put a fork in me, I'm done! I might as well go get myself a sewing machine and start making my dogs homemade dog clothing.

In all seriousness, I now LOVE to clean. I thought I would kick off the weekend with a super-interesting (NOT) post about my favorite cleaning products. And of course, I want to know what cleaning products could you not live without?

First, my favorite cleaning product ... behold, the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.

I use these suckers every single day. Heck, I probably go through a whole roll in one week. Actually, I know that I do! I use these on countertops, floors, bathroom appliances ... pretty much everything!

Second, my swiffer vacuum. Since we have hardwood floors this comes in handy for everyday sweeping. Simply put your swiffer wipe on the bottom and it will vacuum the floor before swiffering to insure clean results!

And third, my dirt devil vibe. This is great for cleaning up the dog treat crumbs on the couch or little specs of dirt on the floor. I use this thing everyday as well!

What are some of your favorite cleaning products?

Ebay Listings

Hey everyone!

I listed a dress and the TB shoes on ebay this morning.

Please bid if you are interested :)

PIPM's Ebay Listings

iPhone News

I'm pleased to announce that Rob and I will now be getting the new iPhones since ATT has changed their upgrade criteria ... if you purchased your 3G between July 2008 - September 2008 you are now eligible for the regular price of the new iPhone.

Check out all the details here:
Iphone Upgrade Price

Aurora Slingbacks

For those of you that inquired about the Cole Haan shoes ... yes! they are still available online and in stores ...

Here is the link:

Cole Haan Shoes

If your size isn't showing up CALL THE 1800 NUMBER. My size was not listed, so I took it upon myself to call the customer service number and they were able to find my size at the Nordstrom in Miami and they were shipped right to my front door :)

Perfect Summer Salad

I discovered a tasty summer treat this past weekend while staying at my friend Sara's house. No, it's not a dessert ... it's a salad! Sara has no idea where the recipe came from, but her Mom has mastered the homemade dressing and it is simply amazing! Seriously, this salad beats any summer salad I've had at a restaurant or Panera, hands down!

First, you will need to put together the salad. You will need:
Praline Pecans
Crumbled Goat cheese

Put the spinach in a large bowl. Add fruits and top with pecans and goat cheese. Mix together and put in fridge until dressing is made.

Next comes the homemade dressing ... aka liquid candy ... this dressing is AMAZING.
You will need:
Vegetable Oil
White vinegar
1 Medium Vidallia Sweet Onion
Worchshire sauce

Pour 1 CUP Vegetable Oil in dressing vile. Add 1/3 cup white vinegar. Add 1 medium sweet onion GRATED (i used half the onion instead). Add 3/4 cup sugar. Add 1 teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon worchshire sauce. MIX together with stirring stick.

Voila! It's that easy. Who knew making homemade dressing was so simple? Seriously, this salad is so good, you have to try it!

No Power = Productivity!

I apologize for the lack of blogging as of late. We were without power from last Friday until 2 AM last night due to storms, tornadoes, and hurricane force winds that came through the area on Friday afternoon. We had no damage, but our neighbor did have a small tree fall on her house. Luckily, we were able to stay with our good friends Sara and Byron Friday and Saturday night. We roughed it and stayed at our house on Sunday and Monday- boy was it hot! I definitely took having power for granted! I was so bored ... it's amazing what boredom will drive you to do! I don't think I've ever deep cleaned my house as well as I did when we didn't have power. I also organized my closet and finished up some gardening projects I had been putting off.

A few things to share with you:
1) My Cole Haan's that I had been searching for were finally found! If you recall a past post, I was on the search for a pair of adorable Cole Haan slingbacks that my friend Claire wore to my rehearsal dinner. I did a massive internet search and even had my friend Sara check the Cole Haan store in Nashville, but I was unable to find them anywhere! Last week my friend Claire sent me a link to Nordstrom's where she had found the shoes ON SALE for 50% off! I was so excited and I immediately ordered a pair. I am here to report that Cole Haan Nike Air shoes are amazing! I wore them around doing housework (weird, I know, but it's how i like to break in my shoes) and they were so comfortable!

Here is a picture:

2) PIPM has acquired quite the "green thumb"! I have always been fascinated with gardening and flowers. I was so excited to start planting when we got our house! Recently I have been working on our back deck that was completely boring before I started working on it ... now I am happy to say that I enjoy my morning coffee on our deck and think of how cute and "homey" it has turned out to be!

Here is a mini-tour:
I am obsessed with hanging baskets ... I have several hanging from our porches:

I also love flower baskets ... and petunias! They are one of my favorite flowers to plant:

How awesome is this braided hibiscus tree? I love the blooms!

More petunias and a tropical assortment planter:

Even more petunias! We got this table & chairs set at Costco for under 100 dollars ... it's perfect until we can afford a true patio set:

3) The belt that I ordered Rob came in last week! I also received an adorable Tucker Blair Headband that is SO comfy! I have trouble with headbands because they are normally too tight on my head, hence why I never wear them. This headband is perfect and I am pretty sure that they are all on sale on the Tucker Blair website.
I could only do a half head shot considering the massive zit that decided to park itself on my chin:

It's Friday!

Well! It's finally Friday!

You all will be happy to know that I finally used my NM gift card last night. After debating for a week over what to order, I finally decided to just get some make-up since I have my fair share of Tory Burch shoes!

I ordered the Cle De Peu concealer in beige. I have heard rave reviews about this concealer for years, so I am so excited to give it a try! I will have a full report of how the concealer works as soon as I get to use it!

Next, I ordered my most favorite mascara, Diorshow Iconic! If you have yet to try Diorshow Iconic, I highly recommend getting a tube!

Do I have anyone who would be interested in purchasing a pair of brand new Tory burch Miller Sandals in white patent leather? I purchased these a couple of months ago and have yet to wear them. I don't know if it's the white color or what, but I am really wishing I would have purchased the black patent. They are a size 6.5 and are adorable, but they need a new home where someone would actually wear them!

A Preppy Must ...

Okay, so I will be the first to admit, when I heard the buzz of viral marketing through twitter, I was like, "ummm sure." I really didn't think that twitter marketing would work. Yesterday, I was added on twitter by "Tucker Blair". I was interested as to just who "Tucker Blair" was, so I went to my twitter and checked it out. From there, I saw that Tucker Blair is an up and coming needlepoint company that produces very classy and preppy needlepoint items for men, women, and dogs too! As someone who has ALWAYS wanted to sew hubs a needlepoint belt, I jumped on this opportunity to just buy one already made (how simple and easy, right?).

Seriously though, Hubs has wanted me to needlepoint him a belt since we met. Since his days at the University of Alabama, hubs has a love for all things southern and fratty, needlepoint belt being on the top of his list ... behind sperrys and bowties, that is!

How great of an idea is Tucker Blair? They offer the same adorable needlepoint belts, already made! They also offer cute key fobs, headbands, and DOG COLLARS! I can't tell you how excited I was to see that TC will be offering dog collars in the fall.

Here are a few of my favorite items:
This is the belt I bought hubs since him and his father love sailing:
Nautical Flags Belt:

How cute is this headband? I would totally rock this:

And a key fob:

Lovely Flip Flops:

DOG COLLARS! I'm obsessed with these!

Check out the TUCKER BLAIR website, I think you gals will be impressed :)

To upgrade or not?

Are any of you current iPhone 3G peeps going to upgrade to the 3GS on June 19th? Rob and I desperately want to upgrade, but we think it's bogus that ATT is charging existing cutomers 200 more dollars to get the new phone than a new customer.

I know the new software release will give us certain features that will be on the 3GS, but I want the faster application loading, 3mp camera, and I would love the video feature!

What are you all doing?

What Kind of Coffee are You?

Rob and I are self-proclaimed coffee addicts. It's like clockwork ... we get up, I make the coffee, we shuffle to the coffee-maker and get our daily fix. I feel like I have tried every kind of coffee.

I have been on a Starbucks coffee kick recently, well, more like for the past year. We are fans of the Starbucks whole bean "House Blend" .... sometimes we branch out to "Sumatra" or other darker blends.

Recently, my morning cup of joe just isn't kickin'. I don't know why, but the Starbucks house blend just hasn't tasted good lately. Which begs me to ask the question-

What kind of coffee do you like?

How was your weekend?

I have really started to covet the peace and serenity that comes with an uneventful weekend. Rob and I are at that age where it seems that everyone is getting married or having events. These events quickly fill up our weekends and it's nice to just have a weekend full of nothing to do. This past Saturday was the first Saturday I've had off in a long time that wasn't occupied with a wedding or driving to another state for an event.

Rob and I love weekends (Sundays especially) because we can enjoy doing things that we truly love like spending time with our dogs, walking, going to our favorite places, and just being us.

Saturday we started out our weekend by taking our dogs out to a local park for a walk. Unfortunately for Miss P, this park was full of strollers, bikers, other dogs, and geese (have I mentioned that Miss P has anxiety attacks at bypassers?) This made for an eventful walk.

We then headed over to our favorite Indian restaurant that we tend to frequent quite often. Their daily buffet is to-die-for, right down to their traditional Indian dessert of kheer (rice pudding) and Indian bread balls (not sure what the proper Indian name is, they're dipped in sugar syrup and are amazing). I am also addicted to the Chai Tea ... mmmmm ....

We ended Saturday night by grilling some salmon and steak that we got at Fresh Market. We have really grown to love eating out on our deck.

Today we had our weekly trip to the grocery store, where I just had to have a little treat for myself, which I promptly made as soon as we got home:

That brings me to tonight, where I am writing to you all with a lovely cup of coffee to awaken myself at this late hour. I have been going to bed sooo early lately. It's almost depressing going to bed so early. I have decided to intervene tonight by having coffee ... hope it doesn't keep me up too late!

Did I mention that you all are amazing? Seriously, I was so torn between those two dresses and honestly, I was this close to ordering the long maxi dress until I saw y'alls overwhelming vote for the ruffle dress. Look what I picked up this weekend:

So glad I asked everyone ... I love this dress :)


Blogger sHw said...
Hi, PPM - I just love your blog, and your style :) I was wondering if you still use the lash enhancer (I think it was RevitaLash, or maybe it was Latisse). If so, is it still working? Also, what is your favorite perfume? And lastly, have you ever mystic tanned? I really want to start tanning, but don't want my skin to age, so I'm thinking of going the alternative route.

Blogger The Forsyths said...

I also have a question about Revitalash. Is yours the new improved version or the now discontinued version? Did it make your eyes change color? I also hear that if you stop using it your lashes will go back to normal. Really curious about buying it so wanted to know how you feel about it now that you've used it this long. Also what is the one moisturizer that you use every day? Thanks !

I have been using the same tube of revitalash since LAST May ... that's how long one tube will last you. This is proof that it's worth the investment. I don't see as many results anymore, but I feel like once your lashes reach their maximum length, they're not going to grow anymore. I've had a great experience with revitalash. It has never made my eyes change colors, nor my lids. I got ALL of the girls I work with using it as well and I have been able to see amazing results with their eyelashes. I have heard from several people that latisse does not work as well as revitalash. One of my friends got a tube of revitalash off of Ebay for half the price and she said it worked just as well, so if you're worried about the price you may want to check ebay for a seller that has 100% feedback to purchase a tube from.

Also, to answer SHW's question about mystic tanning- I got my first mystic tan when I was a senior in High School and have been sunless tanning ever since. I did the mystic tan for a couple years and in college I discovered the luxury of someone actually spraying you with an airbrush gun (looks a lot better than mystic). I went on a kick where I had a sunless tanning package and would get a spray tan every week, but in the past year I really haven't been big on getting it done once a week. Now I will just wait until I have a special event (wedding, party, etc.) and get one before the event. Normally, I just use sunless tanning lotion or foam every other day. I am really big about not using it every single day because your skin will start to look uneven, so I alternate using regular lotion and sunless tanning lotion.

Blogger Red and White Preppy said...

How did you and Rob meet, and how did you know he was THE ONE? :)
Rob and I met during orientation in Law School. Law school is divided into sections and Rob was in my roommates section. We all went out one night and I drove Rob and my roommate. I knew he was something special when he could sing along to my cheesy 80's pop CD that I was playing in my car. When we arrived at the bar, I noticed that Rob had a smart phone and we started talking about smart phones and how cool they were. Then Rob talked about all of the places he had traveled and how he loved international travel. We seriously didn't stop talking the WHOLE time we were there. I was just amazed that I was talking to someone who had so many things in common with myself. Then I noticed that Rob was madly texting someone and looked a little frusterated. Oh, he was texting his girlfriend of THREE years, which was fine, because I currently had a boyfriend of SEVEN years! We then talked about long distance relationships and how hard it was because the other person always gets upset when you're out with other friends. That night, Rob added me on facebook and we were instant AIM friends.

Rob and I were really good friends for the next week, making jokes in the library and cracking up at each other. Next thing I know, Rob just up and dumps his long term girlfriend the very next week! I was beyond shocked, and everyone was telling me that it was because he had a huge crush on me and that he knew his ex-girlfriend was not "the one" anymore. I was touched and secretly had a huge crush on him, but honestly, we remained really good friends for the next couple of months because I knew that I still had a boyfriend and I wasn't going to lead a double life. In the mean time, my own long-distance relationship with my ex-boyfriend was not working out, and I knew that I'd be happier if I were able to enjoy my time in Florida without worrying about someone hundreds of miles away getting mad at me for having new friends. When I broke up with my BF, Rob professed his love for me and we were immediately dating! I know that moving on that fast is not recommended, but seriously, when I first met Rob the night we talked about our similarities, I knew he was the one. I had a thought in my head that he was something special and out of the ordinary and I will admit that I was a little upset when I found out that he had a long term girlfriend (even though I did too!) the first night I met him! It was the first time in my life that I felt like I was with the person that truly cared about me and my interests and we had SO much in common, it was scary.

It's funny how things work out with meeting your soul-mate ... there were so many circumstances that could have happened for both Rob and I that would have prevented us from meeting. About a month before I moved to Florida for law school I was dead-set on not going. I thought that I would just stay in Lexington for a year and work, while deciding if I really wanted to go to law school. Seriously, a wild hair took over and I hastily signed my lease for Florida on a whim. In Rob's case, he really wanted to go to another law school in Florida and he actually got accepted, but his acceptance letter got LOST in the mail and he got it after accepting with the law school we both attended. Just think, if he would have gotten that first acceptance letter we probably would have never met, but it got randomly lost in the mail. It's really funny how things happen, and I am thankful every day that I found Rob!

Blogger C in VA said...

I see that you have three wonderful puppies; how did you come to be their mommy?

When Rob went to the University of Alabama, he had a brussels griffon named Tara:

When Rob knew he was going to attend law school, he had to get rid of Tara because he knew that having a dog in law school would be impossible.

Once Rob and I dropped out of law school, he was deeply saddened because he missed his old dog, Tara. His parents had a brussels named Max, so we definitely knew that we wanted a brussels griffon because of their small size and spunky personality.

We looked into breeders near Memphis, and found one in Little Rock, Arkansas who had just birthed a litter of brussels' puppies. The lady told me that the litter was all boys except for one "little scrappy" girl puppy that would constantly beat up and fight with her brothers. She then sent me this picture, and I was sold:

After having Miss P for a few months, we discovered the National Brussels Griffon Rescue Association. Rob and I both have huge hearts for animals, and we wanted Miss P to have a playmate, so we found Apple on the rescue website. Apple had been abused by her previous owner, who operated a puppy mill. We got sweet Apple and became actively involved in the rescue association.

We actually were fostering Georgina when we decided to keep her. Georgina had been abandoned on the side of an Arkansas highway and had a horrible skin condition due to lack of care. Georgina was taken in by the rescue association and we fostered her and fell in love with her goofy personality.

Blogger Belle of the Ball said...

What are your staple nail polish shades? Have a fabulous day!

Blogger Olivia C. said...
What is your favorite nail polish brand and why?(I'm addicted to all things "nail-related" haha)

I tend to always get Essie neutral polishes in the spring and summer. I currently have on Essie guchi muchi puchi. I also love Essie Ballet Slippers and Mademoiselle. Occasionally I will get a color ... last time I got OPI on Collins Avenue and really liked it!

Blogger Kate said...
My question is a little random, how tall are you? I ask because I really loved the pink dress you wore to Keeneland. However at 5' 7" I think it might be a bit short on me, hence my reason for asking.

I am 5'4" ... The ADAM dress that I wore was a little short, and I could imagine it being short on someone who is 5'7" ... it was absolutely adorable though, and I would get it anyways, despite your height :)

Blogger Kristen said...
I am absolutely in love with the Vera Wang dresses your bridesmaids wore in your wedding! Absolutely gorgeous. Why can't I find them on the website? I just got engaged and would love to find them for my girls, but I don't see them on the site. Your taste is impeccable! Thanks!

I just went to the Vera Wang On Weddings website, and it looks as if she has phased out my bridesmaids dresses. I am pretty sure you can still order them, though. I would highly recommend Pearl's Place in New Orleans. Call them and they will be able to order it for you ....

Also, BIG NEWS! My bridesmaid's have all agreed to selling their Vera Wang Maids dresses. So, if you are planning an upcoming wedding and you liked my bridesmaid's dresses, PLEASE contact me. I have 5 girls that want to sell their dresses for a reasonable price.

Blogger Becky said...

Where do you get your doggy clothes?

Mostly, I get mine from a small dog boutique here in Memphis, as well as Petco. Sometimes I am able to find cute dog clothes at Target.

Blogger Southern Belle said...
How do you afford to buy such pretties all the time??? Tell us your secret=)

Well, I work as well as sell a lot of things on Ebay. Also, I have great parents who still help me out and since I'm an only child, I am the only kid they have to worry about :)

Blogger -Lindsey- said...
Hi Megan! Noticed in your honeymoon pictures you have a six pack... what kind of workouts do you usually do? Do you watch your diet?

I love to work out. I take my dogs on two walks a day. I do a spinning/body pump combo Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday I will either do spinning alone or just walk my dogs.

I pretty much eat whatever I want. I have NEVER been one to love fattening foods. I typically skip breakfast, have Starbucks on my way to work, eat a small lunch or snack for lunch (i.e. wheat thins, granola bar, etc.). I always eat a big dinner ... Rob and I love pasta, turkey burgers, turkey tacos, etc. I do, however, totally indulge on sweets. I make cookies, brownies, cakes, etc. ALL the time and munch on these throughout the day.

Blogger Miss. Pretty said...
How long have you and Rob been together?!?!? Do you like living in Memphis--what are your favorite things to do around town?

Rob and I have been together since October of 2007. Rob is from Memphis, so that is how we ended up here. We both really like it. Honestly, we are both big homebodies. We like to go out to eat with friends, but normally you will find us at home with our puppies.

Blogger Marissa said...
What was your favorite moment of your wedding?

I think my favorite moment from my wedding was at our reception when I realized that everything worked out fine and that all of my friends and family were all together and everyone was having a great time. It is such a feeling of relief to know that everything you had planned worked out and that everyone is just having a good time. I will say that the first day of the honeymoon was great as well. We were both laying out and it was such a great feeling to know that while the wedding was amazing, it was all over with and we could resume our normal life!

Blogger blondey14c said...
*what kind of car do you drive?*what do you typically order at starbucks?*what are your future plans? (children etc)

I drive a BMW.

I order a grande non-fat vanilla latte EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. sometimes I will add a piece of reduced-fat blueberry coffee cake (aka crack) ... it is so so so good!

Rob and I are so content with our life right now. We enjoy spending time with our dogs and living our happy little life. We both agree that we may want ONE child in our future, but not anytime soon. I am thinking I will be at least 29 or 30. We are both big travelers and we want to go on trips and save money before we even think about having a tot. No thanks.

Blogger Pink Julep said...
What is your favorite brand of shoes and purses and why. I know you love them all, but what are the HANDS DOWN best in your opinion for style, comfort, function and fashion all rolled into one???

Blogger Jessica said...
you've talked about wearing skinny jeans with tory burch reva flats - you finally convinced me to fork over the money for a black patten leather pair - and they kill my feet! do you have a secret - lots of bandaids or something? or do i just have wimpy feet?

I would say that my favorite brand of shoes are Tory Burch and Manolo Blahnik. While I have my fair share of Louboutins, they are honestly pretty uncomfortable. I have my special occasion Louboutins, and that's about the only time I wear them. I wear Tory Burch shoes every single day. Whether it's her reva ballet flat or thora flip-flop, I am always in some TB shoes and with my job, it's a lot to say that shoes are comfortable! I am on my feet all day and I have never had any complaints with TB.

Jessica- It's totally normal to hate your TB flats the first week that you wear them. The elastic band in the back will bug the heck out of you for the first week, but you seriously just have to break them in for the elastic to stretch out. All of the girls and I at work will sometimes put a band-aid on the back of our heel the first week we wear a new pair of revas. I promise they will stretch out and you will love them :)

Blogger Lis said...
I would love to know your can't go through the day with out list - such as certain water/tea/soda, lipgloss, hair product, etc. :)

I am addicted to coffee and Diet Cokes, as well as Diet Dr. Pepper. I hate water and only drink it during spinning class.
I really don't wear a lot of make-up. After I put on my moisturizer I apply concealer and mineral powder, then blush, eyeshadow, and mascara. I have to have mascara though, or I look scary. I only use Diorshow Iconic.
I am really bad about buying 15 million tubes of lipgloss and throwing them all in one purse. I randomly pick out one each day to wear. Sometimes I don't even put on lipgloss and I will just wear chapstick.
I ALWAYS have to have my hairbrush at all times.
My signature scents are Chanel Chance, Chanel Mademoiselle, and Versace Bright Crystal, although I will use others as well:

Blogger Jeslee said ...
Hey PIPM, just curious to know, now that you decided law school is not for you what career direction are you heading in?

Honestly, I have no idea. I am considering going back to school to get my master's degree. The job market sucks right now and I don't want to take a job and be miserable, hence why I am still working at the boutique.

Blogger Jenna said...
where is your skirt with the horses on it from? What website does Rob use to get all of the movies and shows???

I am assuming that you are referring to the skirt I was wearing in a picture I posted from a previous year at Keeneland ... if so, that skirt was from J. Crew in the fall of 2006. I still have it if you're interested in buying it from me ;)

I have no idea where Rob dl's from ... he is so technologically advanced that half of the stuff he does is beyond my comprehension.

Blogger Laura said...
Are you watching Southern Belles Louisville? If so who is your favorite so far (I know its just a few episodes in...) Its my new guilty pleasure for sure!

Yes! I am watching SB's Louisville. I really don't have a favorite. I actually went to college with a couple of the girls on the show. I do watch the show, however, I think it's a little fake.

Blogger Rosa said...
Now, be honest, how many pairs of shoes do you have? Do you have any favorites?

I don't keep count! This is a picture from my closet in Florida. I have now started to store the shoes I really don't wear and I only keep out the ones that I wear on a regular basis. I would say that all in all, I have well over 100 pairs of shoes, but I rotate between wearing maybe 5 pair that I really love.

My favorites are all of my TB flats and my Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes!

Blogger emilia said...
You seem to be fairly health conscious so what is the one food item that you just can't get enough of and if calories didn't count you wouldn't stop yourself from eating.....And, how are you doing getting your house set up? Having any problems combining your style with Rob's??

I can't get enough of chocolate. Seriously. I keep a bag of chocolate chips on hand at all times and I will munch on them throughout the day.

We had no problems combining our styles :) Rob pretty much let me do whatever I wanted with the decorating, so it all worked out great!

Blogger kelli said...
what did your invitations look like? i am having the hardest time finding invitations i love for my wedding.

I used Crane & Co's Embassy White Pearlized Triple Panelled Invitation Set (pictured above). I decided to go with timeless classy invitations and I am so glad that I did ... I loved my invitations! They were quite pricey, but well worth it in the end!

Blogger Elizabeth said...
what is your favorite brand of jeans? do you still like your couch? would you order from them again?

I am a big fan of J Brand jeans. I love how the pockets have no embellishments or labels, which makes it easy to pair them with any kind of top. I probably have 10 pairs of J Brand 910's and 912's. They are hands down my favorite kind of jean.

I really love my couch from, but I wouldn't recommend ordering the "basketweave" material. Our couch gets dirty so easily and with three dogs this tends to be a never-ending problem!

Blogger Natalie said...
What is your skincare regimen and how do you stay so toned?

Here are the products I use: La Mer facewash, Clean & Clear blackhead clearing scrub, Clarisonic Brush, La Mer eye treatment, La Mer creme, and revitalash.

I will wash my face with either the La Mer wash or the Clean & Clear ... I typically alternate between the two because the Clean & Clear is a little more abrasive.

Next, I apply the La Mer eye treatment creme around my eyes. Next, I apply the La Mer creme all over my face and neck. Lastly, I apply the revitalash to my lashes.

I would say that Body Pump has made me so toned. That class is amazing!

Blogger B said...

This might be more of a suggestion than a question, but have you ever thought of doing more fashion 'advice' on your blog? Like how to wear certain trends, like how to accessorize things or what to wear different things with? You have such great taste :)

Funny you should say this because I have exciting news! I am launching a whole new website that will be!!!! I currently have a graphic designer redesigning my whole blog which will offer a fashion advice, ask megan a fasion question, and several other features :) I would love any recommendations you all might have for my new website! It will still be like my blog, only a little more user-friendly.
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