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Busy Girl!

I apologize for my lack of posting as of late. I have been in Atlanta with a girlfriend ... we are staying at her parents house and have been shopping it up every day! If you follow my tweets, you know that I had some good luck with shopping today! I got several things at Anthropologie, including this adorable dress:

I also got some other items at Saks & Nordstrom's, but you'll have to wait to see what those were :) Atlanta has some good shopping!

I drive to a certain southern state tomorrow to start my job orientation, training, and staff retreat. It should be a busy and challenging time, so I'd appreciate y'alls kind thoughts!

I promise I will have something more entertaining to write about tomorrow, but until then, goodnight!

Introducing My Online Yardsale

Introducing, Pretty In Pink Megan's Online Yardsale!

With one easy click, you will be able to view all of my listings from a new blog used strictly for selling my items. I figured this would be easier ... I didn't want to keep bombarding you all with tons of listings each week. Since I will be switching to wearing mostly career clothes, I thought it would be best to sell some of the items I have that I probably won't be able to wear to work.

I listed some good items this week. A couple of Milly dresses, some Lilly stuff. Be sure to check it out!

This is my favorite item in the bunch:

Unfortunately, I ordered this from Saks and it just didn't work out. It has never been worn.

Here is the link to the online yardsale: PIPM Online Yardsale

There will always be a link in the sidebar to the yard sale.

Remember to EMAIL ME if you'd like one of the items :)

A little obsessed with skin care ...

I will be the first to admit that I am obsessed with skin care. I have tried it all, forking out hundreds of dollars on face creams, eye creams, oxygen facials, etc. I am currently using the Obagi C-Rx system, which I actually like, but it was quite pricey.

I went to the dermatologist yesterday for my annual "mole-check". My dermatologist commented on my skin and said, "Wow, you have great skin, what do you use?" When I told him that I used Obagi he replied, "Oh, around here we call that stuff JUNK." I was a little taken back until he handed me an article written by the New York Times entitled, "The Cosmetic Restriction Diet". Basically, it's a movement by dermatologists to promote cheap skin care products, because they claim that they contain the exact same ingredients as the pricey products. He told me that Oil of Olay regenerist has the exact same ingredients as expensive creams and that if looked at under a microscope, they look identical.

This was my favorite quote from the entire article, because I am fascinated with foolish claims, such as exotic cremes or oils:

"THE back-to-basics skin-care regimen is based on practicality rather than marketing claims. It does not rely on exotic ingredients grown on far-flung islands hand-picked by natives only under a full moon."

I still don't know if I but into all of this, but I thought you all would want to read the article. It's actually quite interesting.

Here is the link: The Cosmetic Restriction Diet

On another note, he was more than impressed with my eyelashes and immediately asked me if I was using Latisse. He made all of the nurses come in and look at my lashes. :)

Did you like my bridesmaid's dresses?

If so, one of my bridesmaid's and bff's, Ashton, is try to sell her size (2) Vera Wang Maids dress that she wore in my wedding. The color is winter melon and they are silk. It is such a pretty dress and would be perfect for a cocktail party.

Here are the dresses in case you don't remember:

They were purchased for 300.00.

BIN is $200.00 or BEST OFFER. Please email me at PIPMblog@gmail.com

Cameron Diaz, meet PIPM

Took in these pics to get my hair cut:

Came out like this:

I'd say he got it spot on, wouldn't you?

Updates Galore!

If you follow my twitter you should know by now that this past weekend has been full of eventful updates!

First of all, I got a new job! I have been searching for months (ahem, 8 to be exact) and really got discouraged for a while after a couple of letdowns, but I kept applying. In February I was told that I was selected for a campus recruiting position with one of the "big" accounting firms, but was soon told that they were going on a "hiring freeze"and that they would no longer need the position. I was bummed and went on a job rampage. Basically, I was applying to anything and everything and soon realized that I needed to chill out and wait for the perfect job to come along. Finally, I saw the perfect job opportunity for a position that I have past experience with and really enjoy doing. I went into this interview prepared, poised, and on a mission. I though positively about acquiring the job and voila, it happened! My first "big girl" job will start July 29th. I don't want to say a lot about it, but it will be exciting and require a lot of travel!

In true PIPM fashion, I went shopping for career clothes as soon as I accepted the job offer. I had great luck at Jcrew and even got some cute things at Banana Republic as well.

I am going to Atlanta next Sunday with my friend Sara to do some hardcore shopping, so look out!

I have an appointment to cut my hair this Tuesday. I was so fed up with my tangled rats nest this weekend that I cut three inches off myself! I felt the urge, so I did it! At least now I can't back out of my hair appointment, right?

This is how I'm getting my haircut:

Lastly, my Mom and cousin came down this weekend to bring me a beautiful antique china cabinet that Mom acquired at a "Peddler's Mall" for a super-cheap price. It is so pretty and I am so glad that all of my fine china can finally be displayed!


I have now termed selling things on my blog as "blogbaying" ... doesn't it make great sense? haha ...

I am going to try and sell a handbag on my blog ... so here goes!

Up for auction is a vintage Gucci Dr.'s bag, "boston satchel"
This is an authentic vintage Gucci doctor bag or Boston satchel. Done in their tougher canvas, it has navy blue interlocking GG signature monogram throughout. The leather trim and handles are navy blue as well. The classic red and blue racer stripe is present and there is a silver and gold GG medallion on the front of the bag. The original zipper pull is still present, is gold, and reads GG.
Overall, the bag is in good vintage condition. The canvas shows some fading and discoloration, as does the leather.

The interior is lined in blue and has some flaking and wear. This is to be expected with any vintage bag. There is a smaller interior zippered pocket. The Gucci Accessory Collection Made in Italy leather tab is present, although the original golden embossment has worn away. The controllato paper card is still attached and has the bag’s serial number.

Measurements are L 11” W 5” H 7”


Product Reviews

Well, it's about time I did a couple of product reviews since I haven't done any in a while.

As you all know, I got latisse from my local medspa three weeks ago. Seriously, I can already tell that my lashes are thicker and darker. I haven't noticed a lot with the length yet, but I'm sure that will come with time. I believe Latisse is DEFINITELY worth the money ... and if you check around at your local medspas you're bound to find a deal ... I got mine for around 30% off.

Here are pictures that I took before I started latisse, one week after, and two weeks after ... you can definitely tell that it's starting to fill in the spaces that weren't very thick ... I bet y'all didn't know I was a freckle girl! Always been, always will be!:
Before starting:

After one week:

After two weeks:

Three weeks w/mascara:

I am sure you all have been wondering how I liked the Cle De Peu concealer that I purchased a few weeks ago. I really love this concealer, don't get me wrong, but I honestly don't see why it's 70 dollars. To me, it is very comparable to other concealers that I've used. I will say that the coverage is great. I do find that I have to add a little moisturizer to it to get it to spread evenly. PIPM concludes that you probably shouldn't waste your money on this one.

MBR Giveaway

RUSH over to Shasta's blog, My Blonde Reality, and enter her awesome giveaway! She is giving away eye creme, facial lotion, and sunless tanner!

Trying Something New ...

Instead of listing things on Ebay today, I am going to try and sell them on my blog first to see if I can get any interest. Ebay has gotten to the point where they take such a large percentage of your total ... it's getting ridiculous!

Here are the rules:
If you see an item you'd like to bid on, please email me at PIPMblog@gmail.com your offer. Do not leave your offer in comment form. You can either take the item for the "buy it now" price or you can offer a lower amount and I will take the best offer. If you win, I will send you an invoice via paypal or google checkout.

(2) Nanette Lepore Silk Kaftan sleeved dress size 4 BIN Price $60.00 or best offer

(5) Tibi Pink/White/Blue Polka-Dot Dress Size 4 BIN Price $60.00 or best offer
- NOTE: this dress has small area where seam has come out, could easily be fixed
- NOTE: this dress has a small black spot on side as noted in picture, has been dry-cleaned and spot did not come out ... very small, not noticeable

(8) Milly Spaghetti Strapped "Marker" Print Dress Size 2 BIN price $120.00 or best offer

Thinking About taking the Plunge

This is a pic of me taking my short layers forward to make it look like short hair ...

So, I've been wanting to cut my hair for, oh ... a year or so now?

I have no big events or anything in the next few months, so if it looks jackedup.com (grits' signature word) then I can always let it grow out, right?

Here is my beef with my hair, it's too long, takes way too long to dry, and has absolutely no body or volume. I feel like I would be able to do more with a shorter haircut. I'm not talking short short, just below the shoulders.

What do you all think?

Giveaway Winner!

Please email me at PIPMblog@gmail.com to set up your stationary :)

New Month, New Giveaway!

I am happy to announce that I am doing another blog giveaway for the month of July :)

One of my dear friends from studying abroad has started her own Paperie and contacted me about doing a giveaway.

Her name is Kimberly and she attended UCLA and Pepperdine. I went out to LA to visit her a couple of years ago and we had a blast! She is so sweet and I am excited for her to start this venture.

Here are some pics of us in Paris, France:

Her Paperie is called Walnut Paperie and you can see her website by clicking HERE.

In this giveaway, you are entering to win a FREE SET OF PERSONALIZED STATIONARY.

Here is some of her work:

To enter simply go to www.walnutpaperie.com, click stationary on the right-hand side and tell me which personalized stationary design is your favorite! Each comment will be given an entry (one comment per blogger). Winner will be chosen at random and you can guarantee another video :)

This giveaway will end at MIDNIGHT TOMORROW NIGHT, so enter quick!

Have a great day!

Wedding Re-cap

Well, the wedding in Kentucky went great! Just a few minor mishaps that the bride handled perfectly.

First, a bird ate her reception cake. They sat the cake out the Friday before and when they came in to finish decorating on Saturday, the cake had been attacked by a bird! Fortunately, they were able to get a new cake made on Saturday!

Second, it rained all day on Saturday! She made the decision to move the ceremony inside and it turned out perfectly :)

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

The coral Milly dress turned out GREAT!

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