PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: August 2009

New Yardsale listings ...

Including these beauties-

Head on over to the YARDSALE BLOG to see what's new- and don't forget about previous listings- that stuff is still for sale!

A Few of my Favorite Things ...

1. Fall! This should come as no surprise since I am a scorpio- born in Novemeber. I love everything to do with fall. Fall is hands down my favorite season. I love the clothes, I love the chill in the air, I love my Birthday! I covet the ability to throw on a turtleneck dress and tights and not have to worry about putting on sunless tanner ... ahhh yes, the little things!

2. Aveda Blue-Oil Rollon - this little vile of goodness is an instant stress reliever. I have been using it for YEARS. You roll it on pressure points, or the back of your neck, and it instantly feels like a mini-massage has just taken place.

3. Kai fragrance - I am a loyal Chanel fragrance girl, but for days when I'm just not feeling like wearing something heavy I reach for my little Kai roll-on. It's such a light and airy scent- perfect for days when you are just running around. Kai also makes candles in the same scent.

4. MAC Products- I have used a MAC computer since freshman year of college. It started out with Carrie Bradshaw's colored laptop that I just HAD to have. When I found out those were already outdated, I got the g4 Powerbook. That little jewel lasted me until the start of law school. Last summer I upgraded to the MacBook. Now, I am wanting the new Macbook Pro- I am such a gadget nerd, I always have to have the newest and latest stuff! And you all know I'm addicted to my iPhone!

5. Printed Dresses- This should come as no surprise- I LOVE prints! That would explain why Milly and Tibi are at the top of my favorite designers list. I love anything with a fun and funky print. One day I will have an Emilio Pucci dress, one day!

6. Candles- I am a candle freak! I love scents and love to burn candles while working during the day. A few of my favorites are Seda France Japanese Quince, Paperwhites, and Jo Malone white jasmine.

7. Fun Jewelry- This is a relatively new favorite thing for me, since I have always been more of a minimal jewelry girl. I am loving this Krystal Sasso fun jewelry. It's nice jewelry- made with real stones and hand plated gold! I love it! Especially this fun koi necklace:

What are some of your all's favorite things right now?

Bedding & Decor

Recently, I have been perusing Jessica's blog at The Love List for some decorating ideas. We have the same decorating style (as well as taste in clothes), and I was looking for some bedroom inspiration. She loves the bold and fun patterns of fabric designer and interior design guru, Rubie Green, who once worked for Domino and now owns her own design business.

Rubie's fabrics are brilliant! They are all so fun and perfect for my taste! She also has a line of bedding in addition to her fabrics.

I was thinking of doing her "Classic" Duvet Cover while adding some spice with her "East Village" Sheet set.

It would look similar to this:

And for a desk chair, how about this Chippendale chair? Adorable!

Rubie designer, Michelle Adams,also maintains an adorable blog, M-A Belle.

All images are courtesy of M-A Belle design blog.

Home Office

All of my office supplies were delivered on Monday, including my "office-in-a-box" set, which included a desk, hutch, and rolling chair.

Rob was kind enough to assemble the desk for me. I think I have decided to go without the hutch. It took up too much space and was in my way.

I am now on the search for cute office items like a tasteful, but fun memo board. I am also looking to either recover the rolling stool that came with the set (it's BRIGHT red- obv doesn't match anything in my bedroom), or get an antique chair that I can recover in a fun print. Any suggestions?

Here is what I have so far- I know a lot of stuff doesn't match, but I was just working with what I had at the time. I am not a big "items exposed on desk" kind of person, so all of my office supply items are hidden in baskets. I am not a fan of the file cabinet to the right of my desk, but I have to have it for work purposes. I also hate all of the exposed cords; I'm going to have to find a solution to that because cords drive me crazy since I am slightly OCD.

Any suggestions from my decor gals would be greatly appreciated because I am a novice at this home office stuff.

Mini Shopping Trip

Yesterday, I went on my first "work assignment" in Oxford, Ms- home of Ole Miss (or University of Mississippi for you non-southerners). It is just a short 45 minute drive from Memphis. I arrived two hours early because I over estimated for traffic and had a little time to waste.

I had always heard about the great shopping in Oxford, but wow! I was blown away! I tore it up at a super-cute boutique called, "Village Tailor" ... they carried everything from Milly to Tory Burch Apparel- and what a great selection they had!

This is what I left my house wearing for my first work assignment:

And this is what I left the Village Tailor wearing:

haha! I just really did not like the dress I was originally wearing. It was too tight in the top, too loose and big in the waist, and just uncomfortable- not to mention it was giving me pit stains!

My renovated outfit was an adorable skirt and top by Theory- much better in my book!

I also scored an adorable Milly cowl sheath dress- perfect for throwing over a turleneck in the fall with tights and boots. And a lovely Tory Burch blouse!

I will definitely be going back to Oxford!

I DIE! Rachel Zoe is back with a bang!

Last year I was glued to my TV every Monday night to watch my role model (haha), the fabulous Rachel Zoe- celebrity stylist.

Seriously, how can you not love her? Last night's episode consisted of me lusting over her collection of Louboutins and the Pink Chanel gown for Cameron Diaz. I love it!

On a separate note, I also DIED when I saw the new Kate Spade clothing collection. This is a first for Ms. Spade, who has stuck to handbags and accessories in the past. It was about time for her to unveil a clothing line.

I am obsessed with every piece. I've already ordered the polka-dot Madeline blouse below. I'm on the "call list" for the yellow embellished Gail dress- It will be perfect for the opening weekend of Keeneland with some black tights and black simple 100's. Don't even get me started on the fur chubbie- WANT IT NEED IT NOW!

Check out the Kate Spade clothing collection HERE.

If you are lucky enough to live in a town with a Kate Spade store, please see the coupon below and save 20% when you stop in before September 30th:
Kate Spade Coupon

Weekend Update

Happy Monday, everyone!

We had a great weekend here. My parents came in town to bring me my new vehicle. We shopped, ate out, and explored Memphis!

Here are some pics from this weekend:
A Lovely Crane Myrtle arrangement I made for our entry-way table:

An orchid arrangement my friend Sara gave me for watching her dogs:

Eating at the famous Rendezvous BBQ:

Walking on Beale:

Headed to church:

I don't normally peruse TJ Maxx because it stresses me out too much, but Mom is an avid "TJ Maxxer", so we went to the Memphis store. You all will not believe what I found! Oliver Peoples and Chloe Sunglasses for only $79.99! These are the exact Oliver Peoples I looked at in Saks not too long ago!

I have a busy day ahead of me assembling my "home office". All of my office supplies were brought today and looks like I have my hands full:

In Need of new Bedding

When we first moved in our house last November, we got some pretty inexpensive bedding just because of our dogs and knowing that it would get dirty. We've now had that bedding for nearly a year, and it probably gets washed at least once or twice a week because of our dogs. We are now ready to "step-it-up" a little bit in the bedding department.

Our bedroom walls are "tiffany blue", so I am thinking we will have to go with all white bedding (even though it makes me want to shreek at the thought of our dogs being on white bedding). Right now we have a really pretty light blue and green paisley design:

I love this "Crowned Crane" bedding from Anthropologie:

And this "Bow-tied" bedding, also from Anthropologie:

Do you all have any suggestions for what would look nice with my bedroom?

Have a great weekend!

Closet Diaries

I am sure that most of my readers probably think that I am very organized and put-together. Well, I'm here to tell you that most of you all are wrong. I, my friends, am a hot-mess.

I am very very organized with tasks that I perform. Take work, for instance- I am very organized and keep well-documented excel sheets, emails, etc.

My closet, on the other hand, is a complete disaster. Clothes are everywhere. Shoes are everywhere. Clothes are piled on top of each other in "organized clutter". Multiple shirts hang on "one" hanger because I ran out of hangers a long time ago.

Don't even get me started on our attic. Our attic is basically our "storage unit". I realized I was crazy when I listed a purse on my blog yardsale that I thought I still had ... turns out when someone purchased it from my blog yardsale and I went to look for it, I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. I had sold it on Ebay months before and just failed to remember because I thought it was in my attic. Yes, I know that is bad.

My gmail inbox is atrocious. I don't know what I would do if gmail weren't able to perform "search inbox" functions. My inbox number stays at "85" ... if it hits "86", I know I have a new email. Yes, I am one of those people.

Also, I keep ALL of the mail we get delivered to our house. They are all in a pile on my entry-way table. Why do I have anxiety about throwing away mail that we don't need?

Reality-check: I need to organize my life. I have been a hot-mess for months: moving 4 times last year, getting engaged, planning a wedding, getting a house, getting a new job ... all of these things are now in place- now I just need to get with it!

I have found this website to be of much help:


With tips anywhere from organizing your inbox to organizing your closet, this website is great!

Unveiling a Secret

I have been keeping a secret from you all for a while now. I have been using an extraordinary face care product and haven't blogged about it. For once, I wanted to try something for a couple of months before I actually blogged about it to insure that it was the "Real deal".

I have been using the Nu Skin's "Galvanic Spa" for the past two months. It is a device that you use with Nu Skin's treatment gels for radiant, glowing, and wrinkle free skin. You do the treatment twice a week in conjunction with your regular skincare routine. I will say that I was a skeptic at first. I wasn't sure what in the heck it was and was really curious about it. Now I am obsessed. I ran out of gels a couple of weeks ago and emailed my friend Amanda (who sells the galvanics) and had her rush ship me some more gels because I was having withdrawals.

This thing is amazing. There is just too much to say about it to just write a review. Of course, I wanted to vlog about it, and i did! I really want you all to read about it and watch some videos on the system, because it truly is amazing!

Here are some pics of my face minutes after doing the treatment. It seriously makes my face glow:

Please watch both of the videos to get the full effect :) The second one is VERY informative, probably much more informative than my vlog.

My Vlog on the Galvanic:

Galvanic on Good Day LA:

If you are interested in ordering a Galvanic System, please email me at PIPMblog@gmail.com.

Update on Tassimo

Yes, there is a BBB Rebate out right now for the Tassimo. You get 25 dollars back and 2 free packages of t-discs (the inserts) of your choice. I just sent my rebate in today!

And yes, you can use your 20% off coupon, but make sure you HAVE your coupon with you. I made that mistake yesterday and I bought it anyways since I was craving the latte. I am going to take my receipt and coupon back tomorrow for a price adjustment.

Here is the instructional video that I promised. The thing is SO easy to use. Sorry the video is not very exciting. haha.

And for a more professional review with cheesy background music, check this out:

Introducing, my new best friend ...


As you all very well know, R and I are coffee addicts. Admittedly, coffee (ahem, Starbucks) had an integral part in the forming of our relationship. We would take turns bringing each other Starbucks to the law library every morning at 7 am. That's another story, but honestly, we are mean people without our morning coffee/latte.

Why did no one tell me that we needed to register for a Tassimo!?! I have heard Nicole at Puttin' on the Grits rave about hers. Finally, I gave in and bought one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and it is FABULOUS.

What a great invention! A single-cup brewer that makes all kinds of fancy schmancy things like lattes, tea, hot cocoa, coffee, flavored coffee, etc. And the best part? They are all in little single discs that you just pop in the Tassimo and close the top and voila, instant drink!

This thing is amazing and well worth the bucks.

Don't worry- instructional VLOG to come later this week on how to use the Tassimo.

Until then, I will leave you with some pics:

First Vlog

Hot Mess-ness

Oh, wow ... Who all is addicted to Real Housewives of Atlanta like me?

If you all have read my blog for a while, you will know that I was obsessed with the Atlanta housewives during their first season. The second season is back with a bang, bang POW!

First, here are some of my most favorite quotes from the new season:

"Don't make me get on the phone and call POOKIE-N-DEM!"- Sheree, fighting with her gay party planner, Anthony.

"Who gonna check me, boo?"- Sheree, again talking to Anthony.

"I wasn't trying to pull her wig, I was just tryin' to shift it a little."- Sheree, after she tugged on Kim's wig.

"I don't care if I have to work three jobs, I would shovel s*** for Dolce & Gabbana." - the lovely Kim, when being asked what she was going to do without the financial support of "Big Pappa".

In case you missed it or just haven't watched (gasp!), here is a clip from RHOA when Sheree is getting in a fight with Anthony, the gay party planner:

How can you not love this stuff? I will be the first to admit that Kim is my absolute favorite character ... she is such a trip! We feel the same exact way about designer duds. When I was in Atlanta I was hoping to run into Kim at Saks or Jeffrey's!

And Ne Ne ... she is too much! She cracks me up with her water in a wine class and "tardy to the party".

How Time Flies ...

It was two years ago today that I met R at law school orientation.

Isn't it amazing how time flies?

A pic from the first weekend we met:

First date (watching the UK/SC game):

First outing (FL/GA game):

You all can throw up in your mouth now! haha ...

I've always been in sales ...

My Dad found this hilarious picture of me last night. My uncle "Sneaky", as we called him, used to have a full farm in Kentucky. My Dad used to help him pick the corn and I would sell it on the "busy road" in town!

Check the permed bangs, please! This was right after my Mom took me to get a perm because I was jealous of all my friends with naturally curly hair!

The best part about this photo is that I used to LOVE to sell the corn. I would get really involved and make signs and make-up things to tell people about the corn. I guess I should have known at an early age that I liked sales and recruiting!

On Sunday our church gave everyone in the congregation real money as we left. The money was in envelopes and the amounts varied in each envelope. The purpose and message was to use it to better our community, help someone in need, or use it as a random act of kindness to someone. Our envelope contained 15 dollars, and today as I was in the Starbucks drive-thru I thought it would be nice to pay for everyone's drinks behind me in line! I know it would have made my day if someone did that for me :) Point of the story is don't forget to be kind! It shouldn't take my church giving me money to be kind, so I am going to try harder to do random acts of kindness like this all the time.

New Handbag For Fall

Which of these beautiful bags do you all like the best for a new fall handbag? There are so many to choose from! They are all in the same price range.

1) Gucci "Joy" Medium Tote

2) Prada "Cervo" Tote

3) Yves Saint Laurent "Downtown" Tote

4) Yves Saint Laurent "Muse" in beige (I have the black)

Cupcake Coma

We had an eventful weekend that involved several cupcakes. My friend Sara (whom I went to Atlanta with and used to work with) turned 25 this weekend! We celebrated at work (I worked for tax free weekend) with a box of 14 cupcakes from the yummy "Muddy's Bakery". I probably ate 4 of the 14 cupcakes. After work, we all went out to eat and proceeded to go to Muddy's AGAIN, where I bought a box of 5 cupcakes and ate every single one of them.

I have told you all before, I have a serious addiction to sweets. I could go all day and not eat "regular food" and just live off of cookies and cupcakes.

I have self-diagnosed myself as being in a "cupcake coma". I feel disgusting and gross for eating all of those cupcakes. I am thinking about doing a 2-day juice cleanse to clean out my system.

Here are some pics from the weekend:

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