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The 46 Stages of Twitter ...

I will be the first to admit that when my techy husband told me he joined twitter back in April I said, "PFFFFTTT ... You've got to be kidding me, twitter is so stupid ..."

Not long after that I joined myself to see what all the hype was about. I joined in early May. I began following celebrities and some blogs friends.

Fast forward to now, 5 months later. I.AM.OBSESSED.

Really- twitter is SO fun and I am completely obsessed with it. I tweet all day long. I think in tweets such as, "Oh, I should tweet this outfit." I have twitterfon downloaded on my iPhone and refresh and check tweets all day. The chirp of the tweetdeck notification on my Macbook is like Christmas morning!

Jessica over at "The Love List" shared this funny list she found about the 46 stages of twitter. I laughed out loud reading it.

The list is courtesy of www.shanenickerson.com

the 46 stages of Twitter

1. Hear the word Twitter. Scoff.
2. Hear it again from someone else. Scoff again.
3. Hear about famous celebrity who is apparently "On Twitter." Scoff, but make mental note to check it out.
4. Log into Facebook to comfort self.
5. Sign up for Twitter.
6. Give up because it seems dumb.
7. Loudly criticize others on Twitter.
8. Follow @johncmayer, @aplusk, @rainnwilson, @wilw, @mrskutcher, @oprah, and one other person you actually know.
9. Post tweet that is a variant of: "Trying out this Twitter thing."
10. Attempt to dig a little deeper into Twitter.
11. Notice rampant usage of words: "Tweet," "Twitter," "Twitterverse," "Tweetie," "Tweetdeck," and something called "RT."
12. Scoff again, this time in confusion.
13. Tell friends you "tried that Twitter thing, but didn't get it and it's stupid anyway."
14. Log into Facebook because that site at least makes sense.
15. Read story about Twitter somewhere.
16. Log back into Twitter.
17. Try to avoid saying Tweet, Twitter, Twitterverse, Tweetie, Tweetdeck, and ReTweet.
18. Respond to @rainnwilson.
19. Curse self for fanning out.
20. Log off for 4 months.
21. Come back, just to see.
22. Post something relatively funny.
23. Get RT'd.
24. Discover that RT means ReTweet.
25. Make it your life mission to get RT'd.
26. Install Twitter app on your phone.
27. No longer ashamed to say "I've gotta Twitter that."
28. Attend events with the sole intention of "Tweeting" them.
29. Pray to get RT'd.
30. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.
31. Close computer.
32. Open computer. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.
33. Think in 140 character sentences.
34. Compulsively check phone all day every day.
35. Tweet that you compulsively check phone all day every day.
36. Alienate actual people in your life in an attempt to impress ones you don't know.
37. Lose weight because you forget to eat.
38. Place phone by bed so you can check first thing in the morning.
39. Defend Twitter to the death from detractors.
40. Hear self, and vaguely recognize that you have become "That Guy."
41. Feel like, and start to behave like River Tam.
42. Vow to quit Twitter to preserve sanity.
43. Read this and change mind.
44. Think to self, "I should twitter that."
45. Recognize irony.
46. Twitter it.

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Fall Wish List ...

Because it's never too early to compose a Birthday list. Do I have any fellow Scorpio's out there?

Loeffler Randall Boots:

Milly Ruffled Darling Coat:

Chanel Grand Shopper in Beige:

Wishful Thinking :)

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Wedding Photos ...

Where to start? We were fortunate enough to have a fabulous wedding photography team over at Allison Rogers Photography. All of the pictures were absolutely beautiful and stunning. I am a little overwhelmed with picking out which ones I want to hang in our home.

For those of you who have done a "wedding collage" on the walls in your home- Where do you start? I feel like there are SO many ones that I want, but I can't hang 600 pictures on my wall! haha ... I guess the first step would be to order the prints that I want and then to purchase the frames, correct?

I love the look of a wedding section on a wall like these:

We are getting our "coffee table" book eventually, which will compile several of our wedding photos, but I really want to get many prints to hang.

Those of you who have done this before, where did you start with picking out pictures to hang?

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A Little Eye Candy ...

Just ordered these two items yesterday which I describe as, "The Perfect Fall Outfit".

I have been OBSESSED with this Tory Burch Gracia dress ever since it's debut a couple of months ago. I decided to purchase it via saks.com yesterday because I just couldn't stop looking at it! I just love the print and colors and this it will be perfect paired with black tights and ...

These lovely Tory Burch Sophie wedges, which were also purchased by moi:

I love me some Tory Burch! Rob likes to poke fun of me and joke that one day I am going to get the TB Emblem tattooed on my arm.

I know the reva flats are super-popular right now, but I still adore them and wear them ALL the time. For me, they are the perfect shoe to pair with a dress or ankle pants for a chic look that never fails.

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Thankful Thursday

Since I am oh-so-thankful for my fabulous readers, I am going to have a Thankful Thursday where you can take advantage of some good deals on my favorite products!

A while back I wrote about my study abroad friend in California that started her own stationary brand, Walnut Paperie.

Kimberly has been so generous to extend a 10% promotional code to all of my readers on anything on her website by using the code "PIPM".

Check out her stuff on her website.

I know you all remember me raving about my galvanic device and how amazing the results are with fine lines and wrinkles.

Here are some recent pictures taken after people have received the galvanic treatment on only one half of their face:

NuSkin and I are pleased to announce a special deal: When you buy the Galvanic System you will get a free LINE CORRECTOR TREATMENT GEL worth over 60 dollars!

The Galvanic system is truly amazing and I am definitely hooked. I use mine twice a week in conjunction with my skin care system and it makes my face so soft and I am really starting to notice a difference.

Please EMAIL ME at PIPMblog@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing a Galvanic Device.

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Hair Tips

Several of my readers want to know how I fix my hair and what products I use- no time like the present to explain my step by step process.

First, starting with the shower, I use Bumble & Bumble Gentle Shampoo and Bumble and Bumble Super Rich Conditioner.

Next, I towel dry and spray in Bumble and Bumble Tonic from my roots down.

Next, I mix Bumble & Bumble Leave-In Conditioner with Bumble & Bumble DeFrizz in the palm of my hand and distribute evenly over my hair.

The most important part of my whole hair routine is my Olivia Garden Ceramic round brush. I let my hair dry a little bit with the hairdryer and then pull half up and round brush the bottom first, making my way up to the top of my scalp. The key to having a good blowout is having your hair pretty dry before you start with the round brush- this way you are not killing your arm to dry your hair with the brush.

Happy Styling!

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Happy First Day of Fall!

Today is the first official day of fall and in true PIPM style I celebrated by wearing my "pumpkin" J.Crew ruffle cardigan and also by starting out my morning with a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Had my hair appt. early this morning:
Asked for this:

Came out with this:

Freakin' love it ...

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Monday Funday

After careful consideration of all of your all's fabulous skin care advice, I have decided to take the advice of a professional- My White Coat Hides My Outfit. She has an adorable blog and is having a great giveaway now, so check it out. She is also a Physician's Assistant at a Dermatology Center, so I figured what she uses must be GOOD!

She suggests using NeoStrata Smoothing AHA Lotion in the morning, followed by La Roche Posay 60 SPF Sunscreen melt and a Retanoid Creme at night. I have heard great things about retinoid cremes and have always wanted to try one. I called my derm last week and got a prescription for Retin-A 10%. I have been using it for three nights now and I am still waiting for my face to sloth off like a bad sunburn (that's what they say retin-A does to your skin at first- almost like a mild chemical peel). Retin-A makes your skin super-sensative to the sun, so you can guarantee I'll be covered in sunscreen- I am most of the time anyways and I HATE laying out, so this is the perfect solution for me!

Thank you all for your kind advice though, I really appreciate it.

On to more interesting topics, MY HAIR! My hair appointment is tomorrow and if you all know me, I'm itching for something new. I can't decide if I want:
1)Same Length with bangs

2)Shorter Length with bangs

3)Shorter Length sans bags


Of course, I found www.hairstlyer.com that allowed me to upload my picture and test out different hairstyles.

Just in case you were curious, here is what I would look like with a spiked mullet (more like party in the front AND back!):

And for pure fun, I give you, THE KATE GOSSELIN (business in the front, party in the back):

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J.Crew For Fall ...

On Thursday, I stopped in my favorite J.Crew store in Memphis for a little fall shopping spree. I love J.crew because their prices are reasonable and I can always find good basics for every season.

This trip included purchasing several fall basics that I will be able to pair with different items for classic looks.

Let's inspect:
1) Dream Lycee Dress with Pockets: Truly a "go-to" dress for fall- I had this similar J.Crew dress in gray last year and wore it ALL the time.

2) Ruffle Cardigan with Deco shirred skirt: I actually got this cardigan in "pumpkin" color and will wear it open with a white tank along with the deco skirt, which I just LOVE:

3) Ruffle Jacket with Stretch Twill Minnie Pants: LOVE these pants, they are the only ones at Jcrew that will fit me. I love that they are an ankle pant and I can wear them with my Tory Burch Reva flats:

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Excited for "The Office" ...

The Office has always been one of my favorite shows. I just love the show's sense of humor and it is totally my kind of humor. I love all of the characters and how the show so accurately depicts a true office environment. Will anyone else be tuning in tonight? I have something for work, but I am definitely DVRing :)

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Milly Milly Milly!

As you all know, Milly is my absolute favorite designer :) Milly debuted their spring 2010 line at New York's Mercedes Benz fashion week. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the show, the second white and orange chevron-esque print is my absolute favorite:

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In a face care rut ...

I don't know if you all remember, but a while back I blogged about Obagi and how it was my new "flavor of the month" with face care. Well friends, Obagi was not cheap and during my recent travels the serum decided to leak in my make-up travel bag and I lost the whole container of it! All of it spilled to the bottom of my make-up bag. The set is pretty ineffective without the serum, so I have just stopped using it.

I will admit it, I am a face-care junkie. I want to try anything and everything that's new and hot. I still use my galvanic- but it is used in conjunction with a daily face care routine. I liked La Mer, but I really want to try something new. I want something that is going to blow me away.

Here are some things that I'm considering:
- Cle De Peau La Creme
- La Prairie- Cellular Radiance Concentrate
- Chanel Precision
- Olay Regenerist

Let me know if you have used any of these and if you liked them.

Neiman Marcus is having a beauty event right now, so I want to buy something within the next week so I can get the free beauty gift.

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A little blog botox ...

If you haven't noticed already, the PIPM blog got a little face lift over the weekend. I hope you all like it. I just wanted things to be a little more organized and really wanted to pump it up a little bit. Thanks to the talented and lovely Jessica over at The Love List for the blog botox. Her design company, Front Porch Studio, will be up and running in no time! But until then, if you would like any design services, take advantage of this coupon:

This week will be another hellaciously busy one with work. I will be staying in a hotel for three nights this week. Don't forget to follow my twitter for daily updates, daily outfit pics, and much more!

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And the winner is ...


Please email me with your address and I will get your package in the mail :)

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Pardon the absence ...

As I will be super-busy with work this week.

I feel like this crazy stressed cat with how much stuff I have going on! Junior League projects, work projects, traveling for work, scheduling things for work, etc. etc.

I firmly believe in the saying, "When it rains, it pours ..." I had a full-blown breakdown in traffic today when people were deciding to go 10 miles under the speed limit in both lanes of a very busy road here in Memphis. I just laid on the horn and started flaring my hands and yelling obscenities. Let me just say that I'm not the most patient person in the world, but this was just ridiculous. Do you ever feel like passing people in the median or chucking bottles at cars, because I have this urge several times a day.

Not to mention I had to wait FORTY FIVE minutes in line at the post office because there was ONE employee working. What is it with post office's these days? Their customer service is beyond lacking and there's always a line out the door.

On a happier note, I got a b12 shot today and feel tons better.

Until next time ...

- The Crazy Stressed Feline

Hello Lover ...

This phrase is what Carrie Bradshaw always said when encountering a new pair of Manolos. Well, I feel the same way about getting a new dress!

Dresses are my weakness. I love pretty dresses and can find any excuse to wear them!

Some of my recent finds have been good deals (lots o' sales going on right now)!

Let's inspect:
1) Milly Boucle Dress- got this little puppy for more than half off after saks decided to put it on sale. It's fall '09, so I am guessing it just wasn't selling. I, for one, love the color and can't wait to wear it:

2) Kate Spade Embellished Gail Dress- I will be sporting this at the opening weekend of Keeneland. LOVE IT. Love Kate Spade's clothing line.

3) From L to R: Mara Hoffman Strapless Dress & Lilly Pulitzer Peacock Keating Dress: Love both of these and got both for great deals:

Let's just say my UPS/Fed-Ex men know me by name ;)

A small thank you to all of my readers ...

WOOT WOOT! I woke up this morning to a little surprise- I have 500 followers! Wow- thank you so much!

In celebration of this, I am going to do a FANTASTIC giveaway!

You will receive a little bundle of my favorite things including:

1) Aveda Blue Oil Roll-on oil concentrate

2) Kai Roll-on fragrance

3) Seda France Japanese Quince Travel Candle

4) Starbucks giftcard!

To enter you must be a follower.

All you have to do is comment by Friday, September 11th at 11:59pm and tell me why you like reading my blog! That's it!

Winner will be chosen at random.

Allow me to introduce ...

My lovely and talented sister-in-law! I was fortunate enough to marry someone with THREE older sisters (four if you count his step-sister). Growing up as an only-child, I always wanted an older sister, and now I can have an endless supply thanks to Rob!

His sister Amy is a creative genius! She is a former English teacher who had a baby and decided to be a stay-at-home-mom/professional blogger!

Her blog is super cute, so be sure to check it out at:


Feeling Adventurous ...

While browsing the fall Lilly Pulitzer catalog, I couldn't help but fall in love with the model's haircut. I really think I could pull it off. Maybe not so much bang ... very Suri Cruise-esque, no? How funny would I sound requesting the haircut of a toddler!

What do you all think? Take the plunge? Why not ... my hair grows so fast anyways!


New Trend on the Horizon ...

My fashion radar has picked up a new and exciting trend on the horizon- ponte legging pants! This is truly a pant and not a thin legging material, but it is made to fit very tight and skinny. I have seen several of these styles ranging from designers such as Vince, Theory, ADAM, etc.

Yesterday, I tried on and purchased a pair of Vince ones for myself! They will be perfect with boots over them in the fall.

Don't be scared of the legging pant- i know it's not for everyone, but they really are a cute fall item if paired with the right chunky sweater!

You can view and purchase my Vince pants HERE

"Office" Tour

Thought I would share my progress with the home office in form of video!

Author's Note: No, that is not a REAL Rembrandt-it's an original etching by an artist.

I am still debating between these two chairs as my office chair:
1) Bamboo Chippendale Chair

2) Louis XIV Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck
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