PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: October 2009

Beautiful Portraits by Allison Rodgers Photography

It's no secret that we are obsessed with our wedding photos. I knew when I stumbled upon Allison's website last year that there were absolutely no questions that I wanted her and her team to photograph my wedding.

I am so excited to have a family photographer now. We decided to get some pictures taken for our Christmas card this year and called ARP studio to have a small session with our dogs. I also knew I wanted to get a couple of shots for the blog and "about me" section.

ARP is located right outside of Memphis in Olive Branch, Mississippi. She does a FANTASTIC job and could not come more highly recommended.

Here are some shots from our photo shoot:

All images are copyright and courtesy of Allison Rodgers Photography

For the photo shoot I wore the Kate Spade Tie-blouse, J Brand Love Story Jeans in Ink, and my Manolo Mary Janes.

See Allison Rodger's Photography website HERE and their blog HERE.

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Halloween and A discount code for YOU :)

Who else is getting really excited for Halloween? I can remember obsessing over the movie "Hocus Pocus" in my younger days and watching it up until Halloween to get myself in the spirit! PS- Can we talk about how that is Carrie Bradshaw herself ... even back in the day she was my favorite character in the movie- I knew she was destined for stardom ;)

We are attending a Halloween party this year, but we are having trouble completing our costume. We want to go as "balloon boy", so pieces are still in the works. I am hoping it all works out!

I've been busy making Halloween cookies ...

And hitting up Target for candy which I am eating now as I type this post ... hmmmm ... probably not the best idea to be eating mini M&M's at 10pm- whoops!

We live in a pretty kid-friendly neighborhood, so I can only imagine the amount of kids we will have this year.

As I posted yesterday, Jessica at The Front Porch Studio did a fabulous job on all of my new stationary. If you are interested in getting custom stationary made, she is extending an offer just for my readers- 15% off any custom stationary! Just email her at studio@thelovelist.net to get started :)

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Lovely Stationary from FPS

Jessica over at The Love List and I have been working together forever on my blog, stationary, labels, etc. She is fantastic and we have grown to be very good friends :) I recently had her to some stationary for me and I am thrilled to finally be able to use my new note cards.

I had her do two designs- the first using my signature blog "milly-esque" print, complete with my initials on the bottom (they were blurred for the blog):

Second, I had her create a more informal fun coral print for everyday use:

Lastly, I had her design custom "calling cards" to give out in gifts, mail, etc.:

I just love the way everything turned out! It's so fun and exciting to get new stationary made.

Check out the new Front Porch Studio HERE.

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Milly Candles

As you all know, Milly is my favorite clothing line. Anything Milly makes, I want. Shesh, Michelle Smith could probably design a pair of underwear and I would be the first in line. Imagine my excitement when I learned that Milly is now making CANDLES! Two of my favorite things in one- candles and Milly!

Jane over at Clover posted about them on facebook and I immediately ordered several from her because I love candles and feel like you can never have too many to give as little gifts or to use for your own house.

Just because I love you all, I am having a MILLY CANDLE GIVEAWAY- you choose whether you want toscana, jasmine, or pink.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post- no strings attached :) Comments will close Sunday night at midnight central time.

Happy Tuesday :)

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Yes, you heard me right- we met on the Internet.

This weekend some bloggers all met-up in Atlanta for a little weekend getaway! It was super fun and was filled with some truly hilarious moments. I think the best part of the whole weekend is that people kept asking us, "Wow! What a big group of girls- are you all at a class reunion or something?" ... our answer, "No, we met on the Internet ..." Almost everyone that we told did not believe us and started laughing after we said that we all met "online".

Everyone is as cute and sweet in person as they are on their blogs. I just love meeting up with fellow bloggers! If I ever talk about being in a city where any of you all are located, please tell me!

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Mascara Wars

I have recently discovered two amazing mascaras and we all know how much I love me some eyelashes. I am ALWAYS on the hunt for a new mascara and could spend hours trying on mascara at Sephora. I think I may have finally found the mothership of mascaras.

Imju Fiberwig
First, while I was in St. Louis I purchased "Fiberwig" which is all the rage in Japan. It is made with small fibers that attach to your lashes to give you a "painted on false lashes" look. I was amazed at the result, but it didn't really add much volume to my lashes. I think this mascara is better to apply over top of ANOTHER kind of mascara- kind of if you are looking for the wow factor. I do like it, just not by itself.

YSL "Singulier"

Second, my favorite local Memphis store, "Joseph", always has great cosmetics. While chatting it up with the cosmetic girl at a recent hair appointment, she talked me into purchasing and trying YSL's new mascara called "Singulier". It is ABSOLUTELY amazing. By far the BEST mascara I have ever tried. I am totally hooked and will never go back to diorshow iconic ever again. The YSL does EVERYTHING you want a mascara to do and more. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is obsessed with mascara like moi :)

I hope you all had a great weekend and have an even happier Monday :)

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Venti latte kind of day ...

It has definitely been a venti latte kind of week! This is my last busy travel week with work, hence why I am posting today from my iPhone. I promise the blog will be back in full force starting next week. Does anyone else feel like no matter how early you go to bed, waking up earl never gets easier? That's definitely how I've felt this week as I have been leaving the house around 5 am for work. I hope you all are having a great week!

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Boots are made for walkin' ...

Several of you wanted to know more information on my boots! I am here to please, so please allow me to tell you ALL about them. Ha!

The boots are the "Loeffler Randall" Olivia boot in "Bone". They are simply amazing. I have worn them EVERY single day that I've been in St. Louis and have received countless amounts of compliments on them. They are super comfy and look great with anything. I love wearing them over my black Vince riding pants. I also love wearing them with thick black tights and a dress. Here are some different ways that I have worn them this week:

Check out all the boots Loeffler Randall has to offer at their WEBSITE.

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Meeting Bloggers IRL

I was fortunate enough to meet the lovely, "It's Everlasting" here in St. Louis since I've been here for work. We had a fabulous dinner and spent hours chit chatting about various things! She is a complete doll and I can't wait to see her again sometime!

Here is a quick pic the valet driver snapped of us before we left:

PS- I am wearing my stunning Loeffler Randall boots that R got me for my "early" Birthday present! I love them!

I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!

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Keeneland Report

Keeneland opening weekend went great! It was frigid as temperatures were in the low 50's the whole weekend. It was great because I got to bust out the new coat!

One of the most exciting things about the whole weekend was seeing actress Charlize Theron at Keeneland! I have no idea why she was there, but she was out in full force with her boyfriend of many years, Stuart Townsend. She was SO tall and had the longest legs. She was wearing a slinky dress with black bow Louboutin SANDALS in 50 degree weather! She looked freezing the whole time, but she was VERY VERY pretty in person- flawless skin and great hair. Here is a picture of her at Keeneland:

Here are some pics from the weekend-
Taking in the sights:

We love Tory Burch:

My friend and I:

I am out of town all week for work, so please forgive me if the posts are sparing!

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Happy Friday

My Milly ruffle coat was delivered yesterday- it is TDF!

In case you all missed it, yesterday I posted the link to sign up for Rue La La. If you sign up by October 10th, you will get a 10 dollar credit to your account! Woohoo!

Also, I am obsessed with www.gilt.com as well. Each website offers designer items at a discount every day starting at noon. It is first come first serve so you have to get in, pick out what you want, and checkout quick! Don't leave items sitting in your online "cart" because someone can snatch them in a second :)

Here is the link for a RUE LA LA ACCOUNT

Here is the link for a GILT GROUPE ACCOUNT

Remember, these websites are exclusive invitation only websites so you can't just go and sign up on the website.

I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend :) I will be back with plenty of pictures on Sunday or Monday!

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Rue La La

I have recently become addicted to the discount designer websites such as Rue La La & Gilt.com. I purchased some theory items from Rue La La last week :)

Rue La La is an invitation only discount club, and JUST FOR YOU, they are offering every new member who signs up with my name a 10 dollar credit if you sign up BEFORE OCTOBER 10th.

Sign up: HERE

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Choosing a Fall/Winter Coat ...

Choosing a fall/winter coat is kind of like choosing a bathing suit- it's painful and tedious! There are so many choices and different price ranges- where to start?

Every fall I start to scan coats for ones that I like. I like to purchase 3 to 4 coats a year. Let me explain ...

1) You need a GOOD warm coat that is also stylish. This is where the Milly Ruffled Darling coat comes in- it's trendy yet not too trendy and still keeps you warm.

Milly Ruffled Darling Coat $565.00

As Rachel Zoe says, in a parallel universe (aka if you don't want to spend a month's rent on a coat) here is a more affordable option:

J.Crew Wool Ribbon Script Coat $275.00

2) You need a SHORTER coat that you can just throw on with a turtleneck for easy access and easy wearing. This year for me that would be the Bensoni coat I scored on www.gilt.com (see my sidebar for an invite):

Bensoni Bianca Button Jacket $595.00 ($198.00 via gilt.com)

For a more affordable option, try this:

Gap Tweed Military Jacket $98.00

3) You need a straight-up down jacket for days when it's absolutely freezing! This is where my North Face Puffer Ski Jacket comes in:

Northface Down Jacket $199.00

For a more affordable option, try this:

Gap Puffer Jacket $98.00

4) And last but not least, a nonsensical FUN jacket!!!

Juicy Couture Cropped Fur Jacket $398.00

For a more affordable option, try this:

Forever 21 Leopard Jacket $27.00

Happy Shopping!

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Keeneland Outfit

I have really been shopping it up lately (Par for the course) and getting lots of dress options for my Keeneland opening weekend outfit that is coming up this Saturday.

I have three dresses that I've purchased that all provide the perfect crisp fall outfit for Kentucky horse racing.

Of course, I need y'all opinions on which outfit to wear!

Outfit #1) Milly Peacock Dress & YSL Muse Bag:
Untitled by megan8403 featuring MILLY

Outfit #2) Kate Spade Gail Dress, Manolo Mary Janes, and Prada Bag:

Outfit #3) Tory Burch Gracia Dress with Sophie Wedges and YSL Muse:

Suggestions needed :)

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A Walk On The Wild Side

Ever since my early days as a young 7th grader, I've had a fond love for animal prints. I thought I was "so cool" in middle school when I got the Nine West cheetah print purse- funny now thinking back on that!

Animal prints are making a come back this year and they have to be worn the right way to be tasteful. Remember- a little animal print goes a long way to spice up an outfit ... no need to over do it!

Here are some of my favorite animal print pieces of this season:
Milly Faux-Cheetah Swing Coat:

I think this would be simply adorable paired with a black turtleneck, jeans, and black loubs!

Kate Spade Mona Bow Jacket:

This is absolutely stunning. Perfect with black pants and stilettos.

Tory Burch Cheetah Reva Flats:

A must have for any closet! Spices up a basic casual outfit in no time flat (no pun intended)!

J.Crew Tortoise Flats:

Perfect with tights and a dress or with a pair of jeans!

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Fabulous Shoes Friday

Sorry for the minor absence this week. It's been another busy one with work.

I will leave you with these beauts that were delivered yesterday.

The Tory Burch Sophie Wedge is SO comfy! I wore them around all morning during a presentation and meeting and they have not started to hurt yet!

I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend :)

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