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Hello, lover!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Hello lover, can we be friends in 2010?

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2010 is upon us!

Personally, I thought 2009 was a fantastic year! We moved into our new house, I witnessed my best friends getting married, I got married myself, I landed my first "real" job, and I have made several new friendships that will last a lifetime! Several blessings took place and I am kind of sad to see 2009 come and go so fast, but I guess "such is life"!

In 2010 I want to grow my blog even more so than I have in the last year. I have an exciting new business venture that will hopefully take-off sooner than later. I want to be more spontaneous and take more trips. I want to try to be a healthier person and make healthier habits happen.

I feel like this past year more than anything, I have made several friendships with other bloggers that have meant the world to me! I hope to continue to meet other bloggers in 2010. Just last night some blogger girls in my city met up for Mexican and we had a fabulous time! We didn't get any pictures since we were too busy chit chating, but I did get a pic of my outfit before I left (duh!):

{Sunner "weekend tunic" via shopbop.com, jeggings, boots, jcrew belt}

Do you have your Black Eyed Pea dish ready for Friday? Black Eyed Peas have long been consumed in the South on New Year's day for good luck. Throw in some collard greens and you have prosperity for the New Year. It's also good luck to throw in a penny (wash it first!) to whatever concoction you are making New Year's Day.

I will be making a simple Black Eyed Pea recipe that can be found HERE. I am also making collard greens.

What are some of your highlights of 2009 and goals for 2010?

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My New Year's Eve ...

Last year for NYE I sat on my behind and watched old episodes of CSI. Lame, I know. I have done the whole "going out" thing for NYE and to me, it is just a hassle. There are too many people out and everything is overpriced. R and I have decided that we are going to go to a nice dinner followed by relaxing at home with some friends.

This will be my NYE outfit:

{Black Turtleneck, Milly tweed mini-skirt, tights & Jimmy Choo glitter flats}

What will you all be wearing on NYE?

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Dressing Up and Down ...

Last week I talked about "How to Wear Plaid without Looking Grunge" ... Now, let's talk about how to dress up/dress down the plaid trend. Here is a fun outfit board I put together on my idea of dressing plaid up and down.

{From L to R: Vince Plaid Shirt, Belt, Leggings, Frye Boots, Prada Handbag/ Sunner Dress, Tights, TB Revas, Chanel flap bag}

I am really starting to get into the whole over sized shirt trend. I ordered several over sized tops this past weekend online.

Here is an example of taking the same shirt, but dressing and accessorizing different ways to give the look a different feel each time.

{From L-R: Vince Plaid top, patent bow belt, Leggings, Louboutin heels, patent YSL muse/ Vince top, buckle belt, legging jeans, Loeffler Randall boots, Givenchy Nightingale bag}

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Psychic Sisters!

Ever since I've been reading Shasta's blog over at My Blonde Reality, I have felt like she is the older sister that I never had. We have the same style, same shoes, same purses ... we are just similar!

Well, something funny happened yesterday on Christmas morning and neither of us knew what handbag we were getting for Christmas, and what did we both end up with? It's almost like my parents and her husband were psychic!!!!



How ironic is that? We were cracking up about it all day.

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Wishing you and yours ...

A very Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a great Christmas today.

I am so excited because I finally got the handbag I have been lusting over for YEARS! What exciting gifts did you all receive or give?

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'Twas the Night Before Christmas ...

And the weather report for Memphis was brutal ... I hope it snows tonight!

All of my photo cards are displayed on my fridge ...

And others on the stand ...

Totally unrelated, I cannot wrap ... I don't believe in boxes ... just give me the item and I will wrap around it!

From my home to yours, Have a safe and happy Christmas Eve!

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How to Wear flannel/plaid w.o. looking GRUNGE!

I wanted to do a video about this current trend, but the hubs is banning me from doing anymore videos with the iPhone because he says the quality is awful.

When trends first emerge I have a lot of resistance to them- for example, the flannel/plaid/lumberjack looking trend of this year. When this trend first came to surface late this summer, I was absolutely stunned. I thought to myself, "really, who in their right mind would want to wear FLANNEL besides a rugged mountain man?!?!" ... and then, it happened ... it always happens this way- I see a semi-cute girl/celebrity (a la mary kate below) in a magazine wearing said trend and I think to myself, "gee, it actually looks kind of cute on them- time to RECREATE on moi!!!!". And that's that- now you know the mental discussions that go on between me and my voice of reason.

Sometimes I think it's better to embrace trends rather than to resist them, especially the popular ones because they are NOT going away anytime soon. Summer 2010 fashion lines are FULL of plaid shirts (see below) paired with shorts and gladiator sandals (yeah, that trend never went away either).

Vince Roll Sleeve Cowl Neck via shopbop

With that being said, this flannel/plaid trend is easy to embrace as long as you keep it simple (see examples below of simple vs. grunge). I think incorporating just ONE item resembling a lumberjack is key ... just keep it simple and don't overdo it.

Keepin' it simple with Miley & Taylor Swift (via teenvougue.com)

A little bit too much goin' on ... don't get too grunge!

For example, here I am wearing a plaid tunic, black leggings, and tory burch flats ... I am just wearing ONE plaid item with simple counterparts. No crazy buckle jacket or cargo pants, just simple pairings work best.

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Christmas Parties Everywhere!

This past weekend we had a couple of Christmas parties, which means festive attire. Christmas parties, no matter where, give you the excuse to wear a sparkly top or snazzy outfit!
Here was my outfit for a party this past weekend:

Milly Jeweled Tunic top & Susanna Monaco Leggings

I have another Christmas party tonight ... they just don't end! Cheers!

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J Brand "Jegging"

For those of us that LOVE skinny jeans, our world just got a little better with the making of the "jegging" or "jean legging". I cannot even express how wonderful the jegging is. The particular kind that I like is the J Brand Legging Jean 901 style. It provides the comfort of a legging with the look of denim. The jegging is made of a cotton, polyester, and lycra mix to provide maximum comfort. I am hooked and I promise that you all will love them once you try them!

Here I am wearing my J Brand 901 "jeggings" in the Sable wash.

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Guest Post: Vogue On the Range on Surviving the Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Wardrobe Essentials

They say it's the most wonderful time of the year, but when the snow is bum-deep and the Iditarod could take place down your street, what's a girl to do about braving the elements with grace? It's enough to turn this Virginia-born gal into an indoor cat, but thanks to years of blustery blizzards and below zero temps, I have learned to "cowgirl up" and endure the Wyoming winters...even in a little bit of style.

My name is Lacey Roosevelt-Witowski, and I am the author of Vogue On the Range , my blog and creative outlet while at home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The lovely Jess Graves, of Monday's guest post, is also the designer of my blog, and it is via Jess that I have had the pleasure of getting to know Megan. I have found a kindred spirit in Megan as we are both "onlys" (children, that is) and share a fondness for fashion. I am flattered to be a guest blogger for PIPM, and hope that I can help you darling readers survive the winter wonderland without having to look like Nanook of the North.

The Sweater/Dress+Leggings+Boots

While I would infinitely prefer to be living in Southern climes, one of the best parts about winter is that getting dressed is so easy. My go-to outfit is composed of an oversized sweater or dress, black leggings, and riding boots (or flats, if it thaws out a little). Throw on one of these beauties, and voila, darling, you almost have yourself an outfit. I couldn't resist throwing in a couple of favorites here. I am obsessed with By Malene Birger (see the middle sweater) and Megan's Loeffler Randall boots are on the far right.

Here are a few other winter wardrobe essentials:

The Down Layer

The warmest outerwear option is the down jacket. Patagonia makes affordable, functional, and stylish options. One pitfall to avoid in choosing a down jacket is the Glad-Bag look....many of the popular high-gloss finishes on down coats can leave you looking like a post-holiday trash bag!

Black Leggings

My favorite bottoms to wear in the winter months are a pair of cozy black leggings. Before donning a pair, do view Megan's fantastic video, Winter Layering and Leggings 101 for tips on making this style work. When paired with a longer sweater or shorter dress, leggings are incredibly chic, comfortable, and ideal as a baselayer for the impromptu ski run! I prefer my own pair by Marmot, or J.Crew, but SmartWool makes a terrific pair that are 100% Merino wool.

The Undershirt

While perhaps not the most glamorous member of the wardrobe, the undershirt should be kept close to your heart - literally - for maximum warmth. It's for this reason that the fabric next to your skin should be chosen carefully, preferably in silk or a silk/wool/cotton blend. My favorites are from Hanro of Switzerland and are available at both Neiman's and Saks.

The Cashmere Layer

While my guess is that I am preaching to the choir here, a cashmere tee is not only luxurious, but indispensible to a layering repertoire. True confessions from the Range: as I write this I am wearing my favorite J.Crew cashmere zip hoody and there are holes (big, drafty holes!) worn through the elbows...oh Santa, Baby?

Hats, Scarfs, Mitties

Mittens: Kate Spade; Hats: Gorsuch; Scarves: Virginia Johnson, J.Crew

Last, but not least, I can never go out the door without this trio. It's also a great way to add a pop of color to a drab winter day!

Many thanks to Megan and all of her readers for allowing me to guest blog at PIPM today. I hope to get to know you and invite you all to stop by the Range to put a little glam in your giddyap!

Ask Megan!

I get a lot of styling emails and I thought it would be fun to feature one today because some of you might be having similar styling issues.

Hello -

I am a loyal reader of your blog. Just read the latest entry re: New Year's Eve & need some fashion advice. Already purchased this Rebecca Taylor strapless metallic dress for New Year's Eve, now in search of the perfect shoe....

I am looking for a fun, feminine pump/heel and do not want to pay $$$ for CLs or Jimmy Choo. Cannot find anything that works for less than $300. I even looked @ Polyvore styles but just cannot justify the cost for a pair of heels that I will most likely wear once !

Any suggestions from one fashionista to another ?

I think a lot of people have similar problems with NYE/Party dresses- what shoe do I wear with this sparkly, sequin, fun party dress!?

Here's my two cents for what it's worth- Get a shoe that you WILL wear again. There is nothing more disappointing than forking out the dough for a pair of "special" shoes and then never wearing them again. Let's take for instance my purchase of these wonderful, magnificent, special, and expensive Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes:

(Image courtesy of Allison Rodgers Photography)

Yes, they were absolutely stunning, but I have NOT worn them since my wedding day. I thought I would wear them again, but I have not. If I could do it all over again, I would have purchased a more versatile, perhaps basic Manolo or Louboutin rather than this crazy one.

Back to the NYE dress question- I think tights are a necessity because, not only is it going to be freezing, but I always feel more secure in tights. I guess it's knowing that someone is not going to see a butt cheek if you bend over the slightest bit. All in all, tights are a great option, and with this dress, I would do black (yes, black! Color matching is so passe!)

Taking all of that advice into consideration, here is my Polyvore I have created for this outfit:

The reader said she wanted an inexpensive, but yet versatile shoe. I chose a gold Dolce Vita pump that I think could be worn again. It's fairly inexpensive and I think it goes great with the gold detailing in the dress. As an added bonus, these shoes are via www.endless.com and you get an extra 25 off of $100.00 or over purchase!

I accessorized with a gold Lauren Merkin clutch, gold chandelier earrings, and a gold cocktail ring.

Remember, if you have a fashion question do not hesitate to email me! I live for this kind of stuff :)

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Guest Post: What are you Doing New Year's Eve?

Ella Fitzgerald crooned that question in 1960, and I couldn't help but wonder what all of you lovelies out in blogland are planning. I'm Jess Graves and I write a blog called The Love List that works in sync with my boutique graphic design company, Front Porch Studio. I got to know Meg when I re-did her blog and we have been buddies ever since. We share an unabashed love for contemporary fashion, relaxing music, a good bottle of bubbly, and whatever new hot beauty product we can get our hands on - we often joke we are brain twins because we always go after the same stuff. In true PIPM fashion, I figured I'd center my guest post around our #1 love (and I'm sure the drug of choice for many of y'all out there) - shopping. And not just any shopping, oh no! But shopping for the mecca of sass, sparkle, and champagne - New Year's Eve. Here are my picks for ringing in the new year with style to spare.

1. An outfit appropriate for the occasion.
My NYE plans this year include a grand dinner and night of cocktails on a rooftop bar and reuniting with old college friends, so my outfit has some sparkle but still keeps warmth in mind. However, if your plans include a more conservative dinner out with family or your beau, bling can still be a conservative thing if brought in with a cardigan or ballet flat.

[L-R: Milly Gemma tunic, 395.00 at Bergdorf Goodman (my exact NYE dress!), Anthropologie Demi-Sec cardigan, 128.00 (great for a nice dinner), Kate Spade Harper flats, 295.00. Tory Burch Lissie satin flats, 350.00 at Shopbop. Christian Louboutin glitter pumps, 595.00 at Bergdorf Goodman.]

2. A libation worth its bubbles.
Of course, we can't forget the champagne! My favorite is Veuve Cliquot Brut yellow label - Mirelle Guiliano is the CEO of the company and I have looked up to her for ages for her taste and business savvy. If you're more of a cocktail kind of girl, I found the best one ever at Péché, a prohibition-style absinthe bar in Austin, TX last month. It's called a French 75 and is made of Gin, champagne, bar syrup and lemon juice - to die for. If you're just hanging out with the girls, try the adorable (and tasty!) Sofia (yep, Coppola) Blanc de Blanc California champagne. Those cute little pink cans and mini bendy straws are perfect paired with red velvet cupcakes for a festive girl's night in.

[L-R: Veuve Cliquot Brut yellow label, 49.99 at most fine liquor stores. Sofia Blanc de Blanc California Champagne, available at specialty grocers. NYE Noisemakers, 3.95 at Plumparty.]

3. All the trimmings to inspire for 2010.
No matter your resolution, these treats ensure you ring in the new year with style and savvy. I love Eric Fischl's depictions of fabulous figures in black dresses and tuxedos sipping champy. Jo Malone body oil makes your skin soft to the touch and soft to the touch, and rosebud salve your lips kissable for when the clock strikes 12. A journal and day planner help you mark and remember important dates, and a scrumptious Tocca candle lit over the wafting sound of Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas album create a lovely mood at home.

[L-R: Eric Fischl 1970-2007, available on Amazon. Jo Malone body oil, 60.00. 2010 Gallery Leather Desk Planner in Orchid, 24.00. One Line a Day Five Year Memory Journal, 11.60 at Amazon. Tocca Candle, 36.00 at Sephora. Smith's Rosebud Salve, 6.50 at Sephora. Ella Fitzgerald's 'A Swinging Christmas', at Amazon.]

No matter what you do, wear, sip on or listen to - I hope each and every one of you has a happy holiday and an even better 2010! Cheers!
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