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New Items on my Yard Sale :)

{Paris Hilton's massive closet ....}

It's closet cleaning time and you know what that means ... I have posted several new items on my online Yard Sale blog ... click HERE to view the items, or you can always click the link in my header under "yard sale".

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Women, Wine, & Shoes! Oh my!

Last night I attended "Women, Wine, & Shoes" charity event, which was put on my Le Bonheur Children's hospital. I went with Anna of Southern Champagne Wishes, and boy, did we have a good time!

To see more about my outfit, head on over to the Closet Confidential outfit blog.

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Best Combo for Breakouts ...

With the help of my cosmetics girl at Joseph , I have discovered the best combination for solving a breakout situation on your skin.

I have been using this combination for a couple of months now when I have a flare up or breakout and it works wonders!

The combination is Sisley Paris Creme Gommante exfoliating mask followed by the Sisley Paris Tropical Resin mask. I use the combo about once or twice a week at night, followed by my normal skin care routine. The combination of exfoliation followed by the tropical resins seem to really work at clearing up any impurities on the surface of the skin.

The two are rather pricey, so see if your local cosmetic counter friend can give you some free samples before actually buying both products.

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Flippity Flop

One of my favorite things about warmer weather is the ability to just throw on flip flops at the drop of a hat and roll out!

Here are some flip-flops that have caught my eye:

{The ultimate "throw on" shoe- the Tory Burch Thora Flip Flop}

{I can just picture these Gucci flip flops with a pair of white shorts and a tunic top}

{Do you all not die for these Valentino bow flip flops? So freakin' cute!}

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To Jump or Not to Jump ...

That is the question! ha!

Honestly, how do you all feel about jumpsuits? There is one that I kind of like ... I tried it on this past weekend and kind of felt like a tool, but then it started to look better and better as I wore it around the store. I still can't decide.

Here are some more "normal" looking jumpsuits:

The top two are Fighting Eel, the bottom is Vince.

How do you all feel about them?

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Head on Over ...

To the Weddings Unveiled blog today to see a wedding that some of you might recognize ;)

Weddings Unveiled is a lovely magazine dedicated to weddings in the South- I definitely drew much inspiration from the swanky pictures that were featured in this magazine.

Click HERE to visit and be sure to leave a comment :)

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Bold Statement Necklaces

I don't normally wear necklaces. Most of the time I feel like adding a necklace is just too much for the outfit that I'm wearing. I do, however, like necklaces in the summer with sleeveless dresses.

How pretty would these necklaces be with a black strapless maxi dress?

All necklaces can be found on the Saks Fifth Avenue website under statement necklaces.

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Jumping On the Bandwagon ...

After seeing the amazing work that Ashley Brooke Designs has done for Blue Eyed Bride, Make Mine a Mojito, and According to Nina, I just had to have my own design. I chose to do my design on stationery, notepad, & a coffee mug. I loved the design of my dogs so much that Ashley is going to do a painting of my dogs for me! She is seriously so talented!

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Trying Something New ...

I have decided to start an informal outfit blog ... I won't post on it every day, but occasionally when I get dressed up for something I will post about how I selected my outfit and what I'm wearing. Unfortunately, the above closet is not mine. I think it is Mariah Carey's if I'm not mistaken.

You can see my first post HERE.

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Shampowder Review

View the powder HERE.

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A Reader Style Question ...

I recently got this question from a reader:

"Hello! I have been reading your blog for quite some time and really adore your fashion sense. I am great with buying clothes but not so good when I need to find that perfect outfit. I would LOVE your help in finding the perfect dress for my sister's wedding rehearsal dinner (as well as my friends, I can wear it both times. Both will be in April in sunny FL. The rehearsal dinner will not be formal, but still a cute cocktailey dress would be perfect. My dream was to find the Lilly Pulitzer Elias dress, but it is nowhere to be found anymore."
A perfect wedding rehearsal dress needs to be fashionable, classy, and somewhat subtle. I say "somewhat subtle" because you don't want to steal the show from the bride. Here are three options that I've come up with for the perfect rehearsal dinner dress for a Florida wedding:

{From L-R: Milly dress, Lilly Pulitzer dress, Milly dress}

I think as long as you did a pretty & classy dress with simple accessories, you would be absolutely fine. I love all three of these dresses and have been eyeing them myself for spring/summer events. You can't go wrong with these dresses or any that are similar to them.

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A Sad Realization ...

{Victoria Beckham, the queen of sky high heels}

This weekend, I had a sad realization while lusting over a pair of mile high platform Louboutin espadrilles. I just can't wear high shoes anymore. It's sad. It breaks my heart, but I just can't buy any more high heeled shoes and let them sit in my closet.

The espadrilles in question were on hold for me at a local store. I tried them on, put them on hold, thought about them, tried them on again and then realized that I just can't walk in them. I am a slave to fashion, but I just can't wear high heels anymore. They kill my feet. Even these espadrilles were outrageously high (at least 5 inches). I tumbled around like a loon as I tried to prance around the store like a pro. Megan 0 Espadrilles 1.

I prefer flats these days. I literally wear them every single day. It all started with this little pair of lovely flats a few years ago:

Here are some flat sandals I'm really diggin' for spring:

{Giuseppe Zanotti}

{See by Chloe}



How do you all feel about high shoes? I just can't do it anymore! I give in!

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Valentines That Give to Haiti

Ashley Brooke of ABDesigns is doing a fabulous offer for a set of 10 Valentine's- she will donate the 25 dollars to disaster relief in Haiti. Ashley is so talented and is doing a design for me that I will unveil very soon :)

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Meet Kenia Venegas

It's so easy to get caught up in our normal and blessed lives that we live every day. A post yesterday by my friend Caroline found HERE really caught my attention.

I have wanted to volunteer or donate to a charity lately, but I was having trouble figuring out what I wanted to do. Caroline told me about the Compassion Child Sponsorship program and I felt like it was the perfect solution. You pay 38 dollars a month to sponsor a child's education, healthcare, and opportunities to grow in faith. If you think about it, you spend 38 dollars on dinner alone. You spend 38 dollars on gas. Why not spend 38 dollars and change a childs life?

If this is something you might be interested in, please go HERE to view the children available for sponsorship.

I am excited to get letters and pictures from Kenia Venegas , my sponsored child in El Salvador. I am also excited to send her little presents in the mail! Isn't she just precious?

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Since I can't stop thinking about it ...

It seems like every time this year I get really depressed about the weather and yearn for a vacay!

As you all know, our one year anniversary is quickly approaching in early May! I can't believe it's almost been a year since we had our wonderful wedding!

{Image courtesy of Allison Rodgers Photography}

We really want to celebrate by going on a 1 year anniversary vacation. We've gone back and forth between several options.

First it was Europe. We've both been to Europe, but not together. It sounded great in thought, but once we started putting numbers on everything we decided it was going to be too expensive to go to every city we would want to visit. But, it would be amazing and memorable to go together.

{Yes, that's me circa 2005 in front of the Eiffel Tower}

Next we immediately thought of the Caribbean. We've both been to several islands in the Caribbean and wanted somewhere we had never been before. First we came up with Aruba. Then we changed our minds. Also thought about Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic, Nevis, St. Barths, etc. Next, we thought of Montego Bay, Jamaica- this struck me because there is a simple non-stop flight from Memphis to Montego Bay. Also, there's a lovely Ritz Carlton in Montego Bay and I am all about being pampered on trips!

{Ritz Carlton Montego Bay, Jamaica}

We have several skymiles and points, so we'd be able to fly for free and we'd still have enough points left over to take a good chunk off of the room cost.

Then there's the option of not going anywhere and saving the money, but where's the fun in that?

So, what are your thoughts? Europe? Montego Bay? No where?

Are there any places in the Caribbean that you just LOVED and would recommend?

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Head on over ...

To my friend from college, Britney's blog to see my guest post today on New Mommy Fashion. I am no new Mommy, but I can help people dress themselves :)

Finding What Works: New Mommy Fashion Help

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Still Dreaming ...

Of warmer weather.

{Rory Beca Monte Carlo Wrap dress via shopbop.com, Christian Louboutin sandals, Chanel shopper in beige, gold earrings, Nars lipgloss}

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Domestic Diva!

One of my New Year's resolutions was to try to cook more meals myself. I have never been one who loves to cook, but I am really trying to cook more so that I can get better! I have always had the mentality of taking the easiest route possible when it comes to cooking, but recently I've really been diggin' homemade cooking! Shocking!

In the spirit of Mardi Gras season kicking off, I decided to cook a Shrimp Gumbo Casserole that Kelly's Corner had blogged about before. I think it's a Paula Deen original recipe. It was SO GOOD and VERY easy. I am talkin' easy peazy! You can find the recipe HERE.

I have also been craving a Mardi Gras King Cake the past couple of days, and just as I was ready to order one online from Randazzo's, Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Epigrams told me about the Southern Living homemade recipe she had made before. Now, I am down with cooking meals myself, but baked goods? No ma'am. I just don't get down with that. But, with a New Year comes a new me, so I thought, "what the heck".

{Don't you just love my bangs clip? ha!}

I will admit, it was VERY DIFFICULT to make the King Cake. It took me a total of THREE hours and was very tedious. You have to let the dough rise two times and there are several steps to the whole recipe, but by the time it was done the end product is SO worth the work!

The grocery store did not have purple sprinkles, therefore I only got to use yellow and green. I hereby named the cake the "Jamaican Pride" King Cake because of the colors! ha!

{My King Cake- I think I was supposed to make it round, but whatev!}

{An offical King Cake- the pros don't play!}

The cake tastes AMAZING and Rob even said it's the best thing that I've ever made. If you're up for the challenge, HERE is the recipe for the King Cake.

The finished meal was spectacular and hit the spot for the beginning of Mardi Gras!

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