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Happy Friday

I'm off to Tampa for a girl's weekend and a work conference for the next week. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Spray Tans- Give me two of dems ...

So I might possibly be abusing my "unlimited" spray tan package at a local tanning salon. I got one yesterday (level 3 dark bronze, of course) and thought, "what the hell, I'm getting another one today" ... I went again today, and I still feel like I could use one more! I don't think the unlimited spray tan package allows you to get more than one in a day, but I swear I would go back this afternoon if they would let me.

I get the "dark bronze" with the Versa Spa spray tan system and it's awesome. I love how it has more of a red and brown base versus the orange base that mystic tan uses.

This spray tan rap is awesome ... "bringin' level 3" bahhahaha ....

I loves me some spray tans ... what about you all?

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Bethenny's Earrings

I was on a HUNT for Bethenny's turquoise earrings and thanks to a fellow twitter friend, they have been found!
The earrings are by Jennifer Miller and are very affordable at only 85 dollars!

They only have 5 in stock and I purchased one, so that leaves 4 available in the US! Call or order now if you want a pair!

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Mascara Reviews

Today I am going to review Maybelline's new mascara, "Falsies", and the Sephora Pho "Lash Stretcher".

Here are my eyes before, no mascara, no make-up:

Now for the reviews:

Maybelline Falsies was a pretty good mascara. I would consider it a good buy since it's only 6 dollars. It was one of the better mascaras that I've tried recently, but it definitely wasn't amazing and definitely did not give the appearance of false eyelashes. I noticed that it does tend to clump your lashes together, so you have to go over it a couple of times with the brush to get them separated.

Here are my lashes with Maybelline's Falsie Mascara on my top lashes:

Pho Lash Stretcher was a total bust. I didn't think this product did anything except clump. Definitely pass on this one, it really didn't work. Actually, the more I look at this picture, the more I realize this looks like a big pile of crap.

Here are my lashes with Pho's Lash Stretcher on my top lashes:

I think YSL Singulier is still my favorite mascara. It is by far the best at separating and lengthening. Any new mascaras that you all have tried?

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Outfit Help

One of my friends recently asked me to help her pick out shoes and accessories to match a Theory dress that she had already purchased. I was happy to help and had a lot of fun helping her pick out some things.

Here are two options I put together for her to give the dress a more dressy vibe and a more casual feel. She is going to a class reunion and didn't want to seem too dressy or like she was trying too hard, so I told her wedges were probably the best bet to give it a summer casual look without being too dressy.

The Dressy Look:

The More Casual Look:

Did anyone watch Watch What Happens Live last night after RHONJ? How much did you LOVE Bethenny Frankel's outfit on WWHL? For those of you who missed it, she wore a hot pink Kara Janx ruffle one-shoulder dress with huge turquoise chandelier earrings.

I have always loved the hot pink/turquoise combination. Cameron Diaz wore it well a few years ago, and ever since people have been combining the two popular colors.

I was able to find similar items to what Bethenny wore last night with a quick internet search.

{Dress by ASOS found here}

{Earrings by an unknown designer. Found via google image search}

You all should try the hot pink/turquoise combo sometime- it's one of my favorites!

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False Eyelash HOW-TO Vlog

This is the picture I tweeted this past weekend that prompted this VLOG:
{Yes, Latisse works, but not THIS well, it's falsie time}

You all know my obsession with eyelashes and mascara. I've always had long ones, but I am obsessed with making them longer. I've used Latisse for over a year now, but sometimes you really want the added dramatic look for a night on the town or a big event. Falsies are the way to go!

I tried false eyelashes for the first time this past week and I'm now obsessed. I decided to do a vlog to explain and answer some of your all's questions. Please excuse the general jankness of this vlog- I am getting a cold and have no make-up on, but I really wanted to give you all something to compare the false eyelashes to, hence leaving one eye with nothing on.

Megan on Fake Eyelashes from Megan on Vimeo.

Have you all tried them?

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Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend I traveled to Kentucky to see my parents and visit with my friends that still live in Lexington and Louisville. We tried to rally and relive our college days. I was cracking up because all night we were telling people that we felt "so old" and that things were "so different than when we were in college", which is comical considering we're only 25 years old.

Here are some pics from Friday night:

On the way back to Memphis I had the pleasure of stopping at this lovely gas station outside of Nashville:
When I was inside, Rob was in charge of taking the dogs out to use the bathroom (one of the joys of traveling with 3 dogs). I walked back to the car only to see Rob looking very distraught and bothered. I started to panic because I thought maybe one of my children (the dogs) got away. Rob had left the keys in the ignition while he was walking each dog, one by one, to the grassy knoll by the parking lot. He proceeded to tell me that while he was taking Apple to use the restroom, Miss P stepped on the door lock button and locked him out. I was so mad and started to freak out saying, "What on Earth are we going to do now?" ... all the while, Miss P was sitting in the driver seat just chillin' starring at us. Finally, we figured out that if we ran back and forth from one side of the car to the other, she would walk back and forth from window to window to see us and maybe step on the door lock button again to unlock the doors. After doing this for a good 5 minutes and looking like total freaks at the gas station, she FINALLY stepped back on the button and unlocked the doors.
Here is a little picture I snapped while we were locked out of her just starring at us, probably thinking, "Joke's on you guys".

Here's the culprit:

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Happy Friday

TGIF ...

{Brian Atwood Cheetah booties}

{Louboutin Suede Booties}

Love & Light ;)

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Someone Stop Me

I have a problem. Yes, it's that obvious- A shopping problem (duh). I am so desperate for fall weather and clothes that I have gone on a fall clothes rampage- blowin' it out left and right.

I just couldn't resist the Nordstrom Anniversary sale ... I got a pair of ponte knit leggings for sixteen dollars (16 dollars, people!) and a cashmere sweater for just 56 dollars!

I have ordered sweaters, capes, ruanas, leggings, boots, and more recently, this whole outfit right down to the black lace-up booties:

I am officially crazy because it doesn't get cold here until mid-late October. But in the fashion world, you snooze, you lose ... wait 'til August or September and your shoe size is gone in boots, sweaters, and the like.

Saying that I am well-stocked for fall would be an understatement.


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I Miss College

As I'm approaching my 26th Birthday this November, I find it so hard to believe that I've been out of college for 3 years. I don't think I'm the only one who longs for the carefree days of college when there wasn't a care in the world.

The biggest problems were-

what dress to wear for a night out on the town:

Or to plan a color coordination night where everyone wears the same color scheme:

to find someone to wear ridiculous clip-in hair extensions with you:

Or what to wear to Keeneland:

whether or not to run for student government (this is me and Dave and Brit):

Or what song to karaoke at Austin City Saloon:

What to wear to that football game that was going to be rained out or snowed out:

How to get the creeper to stop following us from Cheapside Bar and Grill:

what you'll say when you meet Ashley Judd:

or what to wear to people's 21st Birthday celebrations:

If you'll trip when you turn the tassel in front of the whole graduating class:

Long story, short- I miss college. I miss the fun. I miss my friends. I miss being involved.

When college ends people move, people get married, people get jobs. The easy life stops and we are bound to the "real life" where it's harder to get together, harder to pick up the phone and call, harder to get away from our jobs or families, harder to get involved in causes.

Do you all miss college? I wish I could have stayed a lot longer than 4 years! Some of the best memories ever come from my college years!

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