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Praise the Lord that it's finally Friday.

Not a lot to say today, except for some OOTD's from this past week:

{Tibi Sweater Coat, Elizabeth and James 'Bardot' legging pants}

{Theory dress, Rebecca Taylor fur vest}

{H&M Sweater Tunic, Leather Leggings, TB Leopard Revas}

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Wardrobe Help

SOS! I got an email from a reader asking for wardrobe advice. I am cracking up at how detailed it is, but I am happy to help!

Hi there!
I just love your blog, it's one of my all time favorites. I love it when you did a fashion Q&A post sometime ago. Maybe you could do it again with a seasonal focus on fall/winter???
I'm a Miami girl so I know nothing about dressing for the cold.
Here are my questions:
1) I have a black tie wedding to go to in NYC in December. What on earth do I wear?
  • Should I wear something long or something short with more coverage on top (i.e. maybe something with sleeves)
  • If I wear a short dress, can I wear black tights with my black patent pumps (they are Louboutin Simple 100s)
  • How opaque/sheer should the tights be?
  • What type of coat do I wear over the dress?
2) I'm going to meet my boyfriends family for the first time this Thanksgiving. His family is very traditonal/conservative and they live in Palm Beach and have Thanksgiving dinner at the country club? The attire is "holiday dressy". What do I wear?
3) What are the rules with patent leather shoes?
  • I'm a lawyer and wear them to client meetings some days or to court. Is this okay?
  • Can I wear them with cocktail dresses?
  • Can I wear them with tights?
I frequently use renttherunway.com for special occasion dresses so if you could suggest outfits from there that would be awesome. But feel free to suggest other things not on there as well.
Thanks so much!!
Okay, as for question number one, this is an outfit I would recommend for a December wedding in NYC:

As for a Thanksgiving outfit for a conservative family, this is perfect:

Both of these outfits are using dresses that can be rented via www.renttherunway.com since the reader said that she frequently uses this website.

Patent leather shoes are so versatile! You can literally wear them with anything. I wear mine with tights all the time. I am personally more of a fan of opaque tights, but you can wear sheer or opaque with most outfits.

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Acupuncture Update

So last week I posted about possibly getting acupuncture and asked for your all's opinions.

I had my first acupuncture appointment last week. At first, I was a little confused and nervous. My acupuncturist assessed my needs and concerns and just went for it and started poking me with the needles. They really don't hurt at all. Some of the more sensitive pressure points, such as some spots in your feet and hands feel a little weird, but it definitely doesn't hurt.

After my first session I was a little skeptical. I really didn't notice any change after the first session. It wasn't until the days following that first session that I could really notice some changes. First of all, my upper back and neck pain was not bothering me nearly as much as it used to. Also, I was generally in a better mood.

I had my second session yesterday and I asked for some help with energy and feeling fatigued. I got some extra needles. My first session I had about 10 needles total in my body. My second session I had about double that amount.

I really have felt an increase in energy and productivity since my session yesterday. I am starting to become a believer of acupuncture. I love the relaxation aspect of the sessions. I also love that my acupuncturist has varied hours so I can go later in the evening if I need to, or on Saturdays as well.

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Mellow Yellow

I am having a serious yellow moment right now. I want a mustard yellow sweater dress, a yellow coat, yellow poncho ... the list goes on and on! I think yellow is a great color on people with darker hair.

But do you know what's funny? Yellow is hard to find! I have been searching high and low for a yellow sweater or sweater dress of some kind and haven't had much luck! It's always hard to find bright pieces in the fall/winter time since grays and blacks are so popular this time of year.

I am obsessed with this poncho, but it's uhhhhh super expensive.

Someone find me a yellow poncho or sweater, please!

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My Hair Secret

Several of you all have been asking me what I've been doing to my hair lately. Well, the answer is simple- I use hot rollers! I used hot rollers for years when my hair was longer, and it's finally reached a length where I can use the rollers again.

My routine is simple:

I wash my hair at night and let it air dry completely. This is what it looks like when it air dries:

I wake up and brush my hair out and apply dry shampoo on my roots for volume. After brushing through the dry shampoo, I section off my hair starting from the top and put in about 4-5 rollers.

I use these Big Curl rollers:

I go about my normal morning routine and wear the rollers in the car to my destination. I get a lot of strange looks and stares in the Starbucks drive-thru line, but I'll gladly take the glares for good hair.

As soon as I take out the rollers, my hair is normally really poofy for about 30 minutes:

After a while, it tames down and just looks normal:

That's my secret!

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Some OOTDs + STL Loot

Last weekend in St. Louis I hit up the H&M and found some really great deals! Most of these items I got for only $29.95:

- Sweater Tunics

- Sweater Dresses

- Poncho

I also got this adorable Tibi "poodle" sweater coat with the Saks F&F sale:

And here is the H&M dress in an OOTD with my leopard booties:

Also, a Milly polka dot top from the holiday collection:

And breaking out the Old Navy fur for the first time this year:

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Sephora F&F Picks!

Today started Sephora's awesome Friends & Family discount. Just use the code "FF2010" and receive 20% off of your total purchase amount!

Here are my picks-

1) Phytophanere Hair Growth Pills

2) Boscia Black Mask

3) Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask

4) Lancome Definicils Precious Cells Mascara

What did you all get?

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Oh Hai !

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