PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: February 2011

Favorite Oscar Gowns

Halle Berry in Marchesa- I just looooove the details on this gown. I also love the color-nude blush tones were a big hit this year!

I really loved the simplicity of Michelle Williams' Chanel gown. So pretty and delicate.

Many Moore's Monique Lhuillier was perfection!

Mila Kunis' Elie Saab might be my favorite of the night. Stunning! I loved the lace detail!

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Hair Inspiration

I go back and forth about wanting bangs with my ombre hair. Rachel Bilson recently got them and I think it looks really good!

Another bang with ombre look that serves as inspiration.

I love Elle's glasses in this photo, as well as her hair-

I am really into middle parts now with loose waves-

Sarah Jessica started it all with this hair style that still serves as inspiration-

And who wouldn't want Olivia's hair?

But just for fun, let's try on some celebrity hairstyles!

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My Skin Care Routine

This is what happens when you are stuck at home on a Friday night and your hubs is working late. I am totally roughing it in these videos in trug gear and no make-up, but I really don't care. No shame!

Nightly Routine from megan pink on Vimeo.

Products of the Month from megan pink on Vimeo.

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Friday Shoe P*rn

{Miu Miu}

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I am obsessed with this Tibi trench coat.

Do I need a trench coat? No. Would I get a lot of use out of a trench coat? Probably not. Would I look really cute wearing this trench coat? YES.

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Can I be BOHO?!

So lately the whole "bohemian" trend has really taken over. From bell-bottoms to free flowing florals, you see the bohemian influence everywhere for spring.

I have really tried to embrace the boho trend recently. From parting my hair in the middle to wearing beaded bracelets stacked with mah Yurman, I am really trying to embrace my inner hippie!

Last night I tried the boho look by wearing a FRINGED poncho from H&M (that the lovely blog reader Jordana so kindly sent to me). I guess if I were a true boho, I probably wouldn't have worn it with Louboutins, but it was a start.

I apologize for the crappy pics as my OOTD photographer (aka husband) was not home.

Here are some of my favorite boho pieces for spring:
{Rebecca Taylor}

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Here We Go Again

Yet another Real Housewives installment starts tonight- Bravo will debut the Real Housewives of Miami tonight at 10/9c. To say I'm excited would be an understatement!

I have loved every Real Housewives city with the exception of the RH of D.C.; I watched two episodes and just couldn't stand to watch anymore because of how boring they were.

This season of RHOM stars a couple of NBA wives, a high-profile defense attorney's wife, a PR executive, a magazine editor, and a Brazilian chick (I forgot what she does).

Did anyone watch the Amanda Knox movie last night on lifetime?! I was driving back from a work event and missed it, so I am hoping to DVR it tonight since it is being replayed.

Also, I missed The Bachelor- do not fear, it was DVRed. I love the hometown dates because you really get to see and observe what the girl's lives are really like.

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Not My Normal Shoe Purchase ...

This weekend I decided that it's finally time I bought some new tennis shoes. The last time I bought a pair of tennis shoes was probably my sophomore or junior year in college.

Back then, you know everyone wore New Balances, so of course, I had about 4 pairs of the same New Balance shoes, just in different colors. I would work out and walk in them, but that was about it. I was never a tennis shoe girl. Even in High School people would joke with me that they never once saw me wear tennis shoes.

{My old trusty New Balances that I will probably never throw away!}

Actually, I was only able to find ONE photo of me even wearing tennis shoes! Back in 2007 at UK's first Dance Marathon. I bought these sweet Puma's just for the event and pretty sure I never wore them again:

So, here I am years later since buying my last pair of tennis shoes. I decided that I wanted something a little more practical than the standard New Balance shoe. I asked for opinions of those silly shape-up shoes and clearly they do not work because everyone said NO! Now let's be clear, I wasn't talking about the Sketchers ones, because y'all know I wouldn't be caught dead in those! I do, however, think the reebok easy tones are cute! I was quickly talked out of any sort of toning or shaping shoe because apparently they are all a sham.
{No, No, Just NO}

I decided on the Nike Free Runner because 1) they are cute 2) they are pink 3) they are lightweight 4) it feels like you have no shoe on.

So there ya go. If you are in the market for a new tennis shoe, I highly recommend the Nike Free Runner. Clearly I am not trying to kid anyone into thinking I run, because, we all know I can't even run down my street without getting winded and having a side cramp. I am really not fond of physical activity at all, but I DO walk my dogs every day when it's nice outside!

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I took the Ombre Hair Plunge!

Thanks to my great stylist, April, at Pageboy Salon and Spa, I decided to take the Ombre plunge! We've been talking about it for almost a year now, and I knew I wanted to try it back when all of the celebs started wearing this style about a year ago.

April is very skilled with color and I knew she wanted to try it as well. I was somewhat of a guinea pig for her, but it turned out great!

Just as an aside, my hair was partially highlighted about 9 weeks ago before I went in this time.

This was before I went in to the salon and right before we started:

First, she applied a darker base color to take away my highlights. She applied this, followed by a little bit lighter of a base color all the way down my hair shaft leaving only the ends exposed with no color:
I wanted the base to be as close as my natural hair color as we could get. We definitely achieved this as it was spot on. We rinsed the base color out and I was shampooed. I dried my hair and this is what we were left with:
The ends weren't as light as we wanted, so she mixed a lighter color and applied it using a baliage technique where you take the color on a brush and paint it on instead of using high lighting foils. She painted most of the bottom with the lighter color and went up a little higher on some pieces to make the look more sporadic and random instead of uniform:
I was shampooed a final time and it was perfect! I now have ombre hair! Note: I am not trying to be a model in the following picture, rather, I am hiding the dye stain on the side of my face from dye falling during my coloring!

I realize that the ombre look is not for everyone. I think if you're looking for something that is easy to maintain and natural, this could be a good look for you since you don't ever have to worry about having roots! haha! You have to be willing to wear your hair a little messy to make this look work.

I think ombre hair is spot on with the Boho trend that we are seeing everywhere for spring.

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