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Yesterday will hereby be known as the day that I thought my toe was going to fall off. Monday night, I got my standard pedicure at my salon I've been going to for nearly 2 years. My salon is super-clean and they always use freshly sterilized tools from plastic wrap. My girl tugged at a cuticle on my big toe, but it didn't bleed, it just kind of hurt. I went about my business.

Tuesday morning I woke up and noticed my big toe was a little sore. Not phased, I went on to my work event and walked around in closed toed heels. Big mistake.

I got home Tuesday night pretty late and had some stuff to do, so I didn't get settled down until around 11pm. I noticed my toe was kind of throbbing, so I decided to google "toe throbbing after pedicure". It all went downhill from there. I went on a 3 hour googling spree of everything from "losing toe from pedicure" to "MRSA from pedicure" "how do I know if I have staph on my toe" ...

If you know me, you know I deal with anxiety in all forms and fashions. If I am flying, the plane is going to crash. If I am going to the top of a skyscraper, a terrorist is going to blow it up. If I have a headache I will convince myself that something else is wrong with me. I am somewhat of a doom and gloom thinker.

Well, the first article I pull up talks about someone getting MRSA from a pedicure and dying. The second one talks about someone getting a staph infection and losing a toe or limb.

Before I know it, it's 3 AM and I am still up convincing myself that I have an infected toe and that I will probably lose my toe. I start thinking about how I will ever wear shoes again. I truly lost it and went into a full on panic rage about this inflamed cuticle.

I got 2.5 hours of sleep Tuesday night. I had a work event on Wednesday morning, so I got up, promptly drove myself to Walgreen's and got antibiotic bandaids, epsom salt, antiseptic spray, and special bandages.

I texted every friend I have that is either a nurse, medical student, or Doctor and sent them pictures of my toe. Most said that it didn't look too bad, but to watch it to get more red or bigger.

This is what putting together an outfit on 2.5 hours of sleep looks like. Those leopard flats are cute, but under them my toe is wrapped up in an antibiotic band-aid.

Today I woke up and the toe seems to be less red. I guess I don't need to go get antibiotics for my toe.

I might be a little crazy, but there's nothing wrong with being too paranoid, right? *insert sarcasm*

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Tibi Magic + My Lipgloss be Poppin'

I forgot to tell you all about a new lip gloss I am hoarding lately. It is the Chanel Rouge Extrait de gloss. I love this gloss because it's thick and the color is true color and not clear like the one that was in my product review vlog.
I am currently using two colors with very similar names. Insouciance (left) and Insolence (right).

{Insouciance, Insolence}

{Insolence pictured above}

{Insouciance pictured above}

The dress that caused all the drama last week finally arrived and it is perfection! Tibi is truly my favorite designer out there. The patterns are just amazing and I love everything about wearing a tibi print!

{I wore it with leggings and flats. I paired it with the Tibi Ruffle Trench}

My one beef with this dress is that it wrinkled every time I sat down. Bummer.

This particular print matched my new nail color perfectly. Kind of obsessed.

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A Quick OOTD

Yesterday I wore a new Forever 21 scarf that I forgot to mention in my haul video. It was really cheap, check it out here.

My earrings were Kenneth Jay Lane.

I wore my SFAM "bell-bottoms" with Christian Louboutin wedges from last year. Bell-bottoms are hard to walk in! I am so used to skinny jeans.

I also got re-shellac'ed with a festive sparkle color.

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Massive F21

I have been visiting my parents this weekend in Kentucky. I wanted to check out the new 2 story Forever 21 that recently opened in an old Dillard's in Louisville, KY.

I totally wore the wrong kind of outfit/shoes/etc. for stressful F21 shopping. OOTD included a J. Crew Tunic dress, leggings, Hunter Wellies and a hijacked purse from Mom.

This is what I should have worn: fanny pack, tennis shoes, sweat suit:

I also decided to try coral lips and I love.

It was seriously one of the largest Forever 21's that I've ever been in -- and I've been in many!

I was seriously overwhelmed with all of the stuff in there. First of all, a shopping bag just ain't gonna cut it- they need legit carts. I was so worn out carrying all that crap around the massive store.

They even had a kids section!

I am really into Forever 21 lately. Like many other bloggers, I love to mix high and low pieces and you really can't beat Forever 21's prices. I especially love Forever 21 for trendy items that you know probably won't be in style next year; how can you go wrong when a dress is only 20 dollars?!

I tried on several shoes, but I have such trouble with Forever 21's sizing because they do not do half sizes. I need a 6.5 , not a 6, not a 7. The 7's are typically too big and the 6's are too small. Therefore, I only came out with one pair of shoes when I really wanted 5 pair.

I tried on this lovely little floral blouse. It was really cute on.

I got a lot of cute pieces and I am going to do a Forever 21 haul vlog tomorrow night, so stay tuned!

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Quick Blog Sale

Brought to you by Mama PIPM: email PIPMblog@gmail.com to purchase. Paypal only.

1) SOLD Tory Burch Eddies Size 8 Worn 3-5 times Bronze color. (retailed 150) $80.00

2) SOLD Lilly Pulitzer Flat Sandals- white patent leather. Size 7.5 worn once. (retailed 158) $80.00

3) Eyelet Dress Size L - $25.00

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ShopBop Gift Card Winner!

Using Random.Org, I selected the above winner for my ShopBop giveaway- The PhD Wears Prada (please email me at PIPMblog@gmail.com). Thanks to everyone for entering. It was so fun to read all of your ideas for what you would use the gift card towards.

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Lace it Up

I am having a huge lace-up moment. I am currently obsessing over several different pairs of lace-up kicks.


{Christian Louboutin}
{Loeffler Randall}
{See by Chloe}

Love it? Hate it?

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Happy 3rd Birthday ...

To my little precious fur baby, Miss P!

Miss P was born on March 23rd, 2008 in Bebe, Arkansas. We got her when she was 4 weeks old and she has been my little baby ever since!

I am "that" crazy dog lady-- I honestly don't know how I will ever have a human baby because I always think, "oh no, Miss P would be so sad!"

We celebrated with doggy ice-cream and cookies.

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