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How many of you all watched the Royal Wedding this morning? I really didn't think I'd wake up for it, but my dogs woke me up at 3:30 am, so I figured I might as well join in the festivities!

First of all, how obsessed are we all with Kate? I literally want to skin her and wear her around like a fur coat. I want her skin, hair, all of the above please.

I didn't think I'd really get into the Royal Wedding, but it really was fun to watch and I truly felt like I was there ... that is until my dogs started snorting and I realized I was wearing a college t-shirt with my hair in a scrunchie and I was quickly reminded that indeed, I was not invited!

The dress- obsessed. Sarah Burton for McQueen outdid herself with this stunning dress. I had lace too, Kate! Although I probably would have been thrown out for my scandalous dress! haha!

Pippa- too cute. I love that name. It just sounds so fun! PIPPA PIPPA!

Did you all watch? What did you think?

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Random Thursday

First of all, I hope that all of my friends and followers in the South are okay after the awful storms that pummeled our area over the past three days. The destruction is just awful and I almost started crying when seeing pictures of the devastation from Alabama, one of my favorite places! You all are in my thoughts and prayers! Think about donating here, I am sure they could use our help and it's the least we can do!

Does anyone watch Extreme Couponing? I am absolutely amazed and intrigued with these people who are able to get 600 dollars worth of groceries for 5 dollars. Absolutely amazed. Clipping coupons has never crossed my mind. I used to throw those inserts away every week. Recently, I've become fascinated with seeing how much I can save at the grocery store. See, I am a very, very plain eater. I could literally never grocery shop and live off of cereal or ramen noodles. However, I am married to someone who wants food, and wants options, and wants 16 bottles of Ketchup in our fridge. This inevitably leads to a high grocery bill every single week. I always get so mad seeing the total and I often think to myself, "there goes another pair of shoes". Yes, I'd rather have shoes than eat. Anyways, it's my new mission. Check it.

{Yes, I am still using stationery from when I was wedding planning}

Since my recent influx in cosmetics, I really had to figure out a system to organize my stuff. I used to just stuff everything in a cosmetic bag and I would spend unnecessary time digging through the bag looking for something that was on the bottom of the pile. I cleaned out an old jewelry case that was in the attic that held treasures such as lovely neon necklaces from freshman year of college. Why do I still have this stuff? I am somewhat of a hoarder who can't let go, I admit it.

The organizer looks awful on my dresser and I definitely need a bigger one, but it will do for the time being.

I took your all's advice and got the platform Miu Miu shoes. They are pretty cute in person, I must admit. Check out my toe, it's pretty bitchin' considering toemageddon last month!

Talk about a random post!

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Great Lengths

A huge trend falling under the Boho look has been the trend of long skirts making a comeback. Per usual, at first glance I hated this look, but the more and more I saw people putting it together with platform shoes and feminine blouses, the more I began to love it!

I purchased my first long boho maxi skirt this week and will definitely post an outfit of the day when it arrives. I got mine at H&M and decided to start out with a plain black one to test the trend. If I like it, I will branch out to printed maxi skirts.

Also, to go with this look, I am getting *hold your breath* A FEATHER HAIR EXTENSION! These have also been big lately and I am just getting one or two, so don't freak out Mom (I can just hear her now, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOUR HAIR!"). All I need now is a tambourine and some hippie crystals and I will be set!

Here are some of my favorite boho long maxi skirts:

{James Perse Maxi Skirt}

{Tibi Constellation Skirt}

{Tibi Pleated Skirt}

{Forever 21 Maxi Skirt}

And what's even better are the ones that are convertible, meaning the can be a dress OR A SKIRT! TWO-IN-ONE!

And here is how I would wear the look:

Do you like them or not?

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If you know me IRL or follow me on twitter, you know my affinity for Lifetime Movies. I just realized last night that I don't think I've ever shared this love on my blog!

I have watched Lifetime movies for as long as I can remember! My parents had Dish Network at their house, so I got Lifetime Movie Network from a young age!

I can literally watch Lifetime movies back-to-back-to-back all day if they are having a marathon. I love Pick-a-Flick Fridays, Twisted Tuesdays, Affairs of The Heart and any other marathons they have.

Chances are if you come over, my TV will always be on LMN.

I truly think I am getting close to having seen every movie on Lifetime Movie Network. My favorites are always the ones that involve cheating and scandal, but I can definitely still get into the ones about eating disorders and not fitting in as a teenager.

Here is just a BRIEF list of some of my all-time favorites:

- Mother May I Sleep With Danger

"Based on the book by Claire R. Jacobs. A naive college student (Tori Spelling) falls in love with a charming pathological liar, credit card scammer and murderer (Ivan Sergei). When her mother (Lisa Banes) attempts to break off the relationship, the crazed boyfriend abducts her daughter and hides her in his cabin in the woods."

- Co-ed Call Girl

"Joanna is just another struggling college student who's strapped for cash. But she passes on taking out student loans or working some menial job to earn a buck. Instead, Joanna becomes a high-priced prostitute to pay her tuition bills. But she's in for more of an education than she could ever imagine in this ugly world. Tori Spelling is at her best in this flick — we promise!"

- Seduced and Betrayed

"Victoria Landers seems to be missing one word from her vocab: no. So when her hunky new contractor, a happily married man, shoots down her seductions, this black widow doesn't quit till he eventually gives into the passion. Wait till the guy tries to ditch his new crazy-as-hell mistress. Actually, there's another word Victoria doesn't know the meaning of: rejection! Susan Lucci's over-the-top performance makes her "All My Children" antics look dull in comparison."

- The Babysitter's Seduction

"High school student Michelle adores the kids that she baby-sits for. When this family's mom is mysteriously murdered, the teen really wants to be there for the children and the grieving dad. And he wants her support — but he wants to get her into bed too! Before long, the naive girl is sleeping with this much-older man, and becomes the police's number one suspect in the process. Is she being framed?"

- Lying Eyes

"Amy, a popular high school cheerleader, is caught up in a whirlwind courtship with the much older Derek, complete with expensive dinners, lavish jewelry and beach weekends. But their fairy tale doesn't have a happy ending — not when Amy discovers her sugar daddy is married. Just as she breaks things off with him, someone begins to stalk and terrorize her. Is it her jilting ex or someone else?"

- No One Would Tell

"Based on a true story. Sixteen-year old Stacy is thrilled to be dating Bobby, the star of the school wrestling team. However, Bobby is very controlling and their puppy love soon escalates into horrific violence."

- Dying to Belong

"Hoping to fit in with the cool kids, freshmen Shelby and Lisa decide to pledge a sorority. One night, as they're performing the degrading tasks demanded of them by their fellow "sisters," Shelby falls from the campus clock tower and dies, an apparent suicide. Lisa searches to uncover the truth about her friend's death and the goings-on within her new sinister sisterhood."

- A Face to Die For

"The bad news? Emily has a disfigured face and just got sent to jail for a crime her low-down hubby committed. The good news? Because of a fluke prison incident, she got amazing plastic surgery and is now a stunning beauty. Her ex will never see her coming - boy, is she gonna get even! Based on Marvin Werlin's book, "The Face.""

- A Kiss So Deadly

"A bizarre love triangle develops when a father has a secret fling with his daughter's flirtatious roommate. This sexually deviant dad goes from robbing the cradle to stalking and then turns outright deadly when the affair starts to fizzle. It's fun watching the charming Charles Shaugnessy (from "The Nanny") play such a creepy character."

What are some of your favorites?

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Oh Happy Day!

Today starts Saks Fifth Avenue's Friends and Family discount. You can save 20% on your purchase!
I picked up these Eddie flats in nude leather:

Here are some other suggestions from me:
{DvF dress}
{Splendid Cotton Maxi}
{Tucker Silk Blouse}
Did you all buy anything? If so, please share!

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Monday Funday

Hi, hop on over to the Blog Sale for a few quick items that I listed today.

Also, did you see the Products of the Week Vlog I did this past weekend?

It's raining here today and they say it will be raining for 3 days straight. Oh the joys! Reminds me of around 2 years ago (our official anniversary is May 2nd) where it rained torrential downpours the entire day of my wedding!

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Truly an all f21 outfit! F21 maxi dress and shoes!

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Products of The Week Vlog

Here is a vlog of a lot of products that I have been using and or have ordered lately. I apologize for looking like a hobo in most of my recent vlogs. I promise I wear normal clothes.

Untitled from megan pink on Vimeo.

Products I talked about:

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Happy Friday

I ordered my first pair of TOMS at Nordstrom when I was in STL. They finally arrived yesterday!

Here is how I plan on wearing my TOMS:
I opted for the silver glitter. I ordered another pair of hot pink ones as well in the children's size 6. I hope they fit!

TGIF, right? I hope you all have a splendid Easter weekend.

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Hair Rut

I am in a hair rut. Perhaps it is the fact that my hair resembles a rat's nest most days. Or it might be that I have pretty much given up combing it out after showering because the tangles are so bad.

Calling all fellow tangled hair gals- help a sister out and tell me your miracle product? I feel like I've literally tried everything for detangling/leave-in-conditioning and nothing works.

I probably just need a good 'ole trim to snip the janky ends off. Perhaps even a conditioning treatment?


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So last night I tried to replicate the Mila Kunis makeup video I posted the other day from PixiWoo.
I can't say that I did it perfectly, but I'm getting there! I really need to learn to get more dramatic with the eyes. I will start to smoke out my eyes and think, "oh gosh, this is just too hooker looking" and stop, but really, it's not a lot at all. I am just not used to dramatic eye looks!

Untitled from megan pink on Vimeo.

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Perricone Giveaway Winner!

Please email me at PIPMblog@gmail.com and you will receive instructions on how to claim your prize!

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