PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: May 2011

Mellow Yellow

I like to wear my hair in a loose side bun in the summer when it's hot outside. I wore a yellow Loeffler Randall blouse that I've had forever. It always makes me happy to wear this blouse! I also wore my Seven For All Mankind Dojo's and Brian Atwood Maniacs. The necklace is my favorite turquoise necklace by Nest!

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Shoes for Sale + Giveaway Winner

Shoes galore on the yard sale blog. Check it out HERE.

Also, the giveaway winner for the Over The Moon coasters is:

Please email me at PIPMblog@gmail.com with your address and letter of choice!

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What A Weekend!

It was so hot this weekend in Memphis. It was impossible to dress cute or have cute hair because of the humidity. Welcome to the South!

We went to Rob's sister's house last night for a Memorial Day cookout. Rob's sister owns a yoga studio here in town and has recently purchased a snake after a trip to Africa with Rob's dad!

I have never been one to be fearful of any animals, so I held the snake for a while. It was pretty crazy how it would wrap itself around your wrist like a bracelet!

We were all laughing because we said that I should blog about the snake being a new accessory- wear it like a bracelet! LOL.

Also, this weekend I found a pair of shoes that have been MIA for a month. I tend to throw stuff in a trash bag and throw the bag in the attic when a season is over. These particular Elizabeth & James clogs have been MIA and I finally found them this past weekend in a bag with other shoes that I completely forgot I had.

Look for a blog sale later today! Gotta get rid of these shoes that I've been hoarding!

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Color Me Happy!

I absolutely luuuuurve colored denim! I think it's such a fun deviation from the traditional denim we are used to seeing.

I just purchased a pair of pink J.Brands this morning. With a name like this, how could I resist?

I think this is a great trend for summer as it can be worn with flat sandals and a flowy loose top with big jewelry for an easy simple look.

I am a huge fan of J.Brand Jeans and these Ankle Skinnies are so fun and come in so many neat colors:

Here is how I would wear the look:

What do you think of colored denim?

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Top It Off

Stop the presses! Top handle bags are everywhere. You really can't hide from this trend. I really enjoy top handle bags, but only if they have a shoulder strap. I've had my fair share of top handle bags in the past (e.g. Speedy) and hated them because I need something I can throw over my shoulder.

There is a new trend that has emerged of top handle bags with shoulder straps, and I am hooked! Most of them resemble a satchel and some are even rugged.

Loving every.single.one of these!

{Mulberry Alexa Oversized}

{Fendi Peek-A-Boo}

{Yves Saint Laurent Muse Two}

{Be & D Rowan Satchel}

{Chloe Marcie Satchel}

And if you're in the market for a cheaper version, this one popped up on my f21 new arrivals page and it is very similar to the Mulberry Alexa.

{F21 Pebbled Leatherette Bag}

Do you all like this new handbag trend?

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It's Hard Out Here for an OOTD

ZOMG! You all will get a laugh out of this post (hopefully). Normally, my OOTD photographer is my husband if I can catch him in a spare moment. Well, tonight I wanted an outfit picture, but Rob was at work. I thought it would probably be genius to sit the camera on the back of the couch and set the self-timer. WRONG. I CANNOT work our fancy camera AT ALL! Rob is the photography expert and knows all of the settings. Pretty much all I know how to do is turn the camera on and off.

What a sight it was to see myself trying to set this camera up on the back of the couch, run over to the corner and pose, only to find the camera was on some weird setting and kept making the photo blurry.

Finally I got so frustrated that I got in duck and cover.

And then I just started having fun making fun of myself and my stupidity.

And, FINALLY! We have the only 3 that I could figure out how to set it to be CLEAR PHOTOS!

In case you're still reading and interested in my outfit, the dress was a steal from H&M and my shoes are old Cynthia Vincent Gladiator flats. My hippie bracelets consist of evil eye bracelets, Buddha jade, and tiger's eye. This girl is on her way to amazon.com to order a tripod and remote control.

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