PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: September 2011

Happy Friday

Welp, I'm officially forcing fall fashions. Despite it being 80 degrees today, I wore booties with leggings. A cold front is coming through today and it couldn't be more welcomed ...
I am wearing an Alice and Olivia Oatmeal sweater cardigan with black leggings and a random TJ Maxx find (booties) from this season.

I got the Chanel Fall Eye pot in Illusoire and I love it. I am planning on doing a vlog about it for Monday, so get excited.

Don't worry, I'm still obsessed with Kate Middleton. I stalk the Daily Mail every day for pictures and sightings of the Duchess. I am also obsessed with "What Kate Wore" and their Facebook page which often has up to the moment pictures and commentary on the Duchess.

She looked perfect today at the opening of the cancer ward of the Royal Mardsen. Her blowout is PERFECTION! Gah, I just want to skin her and wear her like a fur coat!
I just know we'd be friends IRL. It is my goal to get to London within the next couple of years so I can go on a Kate stalking trip ;)

New Favorite

Have y'all seen Revenge yet? It is sooooooooo good. It's definitely my new favorite fall show. I honestly haven't seen a show this good in a long time. Well, there was always LOST, but that was different kind of show. Oddly enough, I rarely get into "girly" shows like GG and One Tree Hill and all of that. I am much more the CSI, Law and Order, 48 Hours Mystery type, but this Revenge show has me hooked! It mixes a little bit of mystery and murder with romance. Have you all seen it? If so, what do you think? If not, you can watch all of the episodes on ABC.com.

Handbag Heaven

Boy do I love a new handbag. I am having a hard time deciding on a fall handbag. Everything is so pricey these days! I've pretty much given up on Chanel as their price increases are absolutely insane. I still love LV, but sooooo many people have LV bags and I do like to be different.

Here are some handbags that I am currently loving for fall.

First off, this new YSL bag is so cute! I like that it has top handles, but I do wish that it also had a shoulder strap.

I am having a renewed love for the Marc Jacobs Stam bag lately. I would love one in the camel color.

I also love the Alexander Wang Rocco.

And this Tory Burch ...

What do you all like for fall handbags?

Comfy Please

Last night while watching Rachel Zoe, I realized that I am just like her in that all that I want to wear are leggings and an oversized sweater.

She made me LOL when she said that she was set with her Stella McCartney blanket sweater. I couldn't agree more. Give me some leggings, booties and an oversized sweater and I am set.

- click the above items for details

Casual Chic

Today I was in a hurry leaving the house, but I wanted to show y'all an outfit that I threw together. Once again, it's 54 degrees in the morning and warms up to 80 by the mid-afternoon. I am totally fine with the 54 degrees, but seriously, the 80's "need to gaoh" (as bon qui qui would say).
Yowza- I was in such a hurry that I didn't put on make-up until I was driving in the car. Okay, who am I kidding, I do that almost every day. Anyone else out there put on their make-up in the Starbucks drive-thru? Anyone?
I am wearing a Banana Republic Shirt dress from last year and a Missoni for Target Infinity scarf. I paired it with black leggings and my Old Navy booties (on sale now).

Fall Wish List

Click on each item for details.

Catch Up

I have been out-of-town since last Wednesday for a work conference in New Orleans! I definitely had a blast and I am already missing the big easy. New Orleans is one of my favorite cities and even 4 days there wasn't enough time to do everything that I wanted this trip.

I am such a people watcher by nature. I can sit for hours and just watch people walk by in crowded venues or airports. This conference was right up my alley as there were 4 thousand people there from all over and we all had to wear nametags with our city and state. I was in people watching heaven the entire trip.

Per usual, I had to go to Cafe Du Monde for Beignets and a Cafe Au Lait:
And I had to show my co-workers the St. Charles Street Car ride:
I had my fortune read at Jackson Square. Miss Rose used a combination of Tarot Cards, Palm Readings, and Crystals. It was freaky accurate!
I got some new shoes:
And some new make up at Saks:
While I was at the Chanel counter I asked to sniff the new Chanel Number 19 Poudre fragrance. I am now obsessed and ordered a bottle last night. It is perfect mix of powdery and strong. I have found lately that I can only tolerate powder based perfumes.

The conference social was held at Mardi Gras World, aka where they store all of the mardi gras floats during the year. It was fun to get to see all of the floats and the new floats being built.
I dressed rather boring since it was a conference. It was hot outside, but freezing in the conference meeting rooms.

I wore a new Target for Missoni dress with leggings and painful Chanel ballet flats:
Since flats were not my friend this trip, I often wore my cowboy boots since I could wear them with socks. My feet were killing me the entire trip.
That's all I've got!

Clarisonic Winner

is ....

Christina! Please email me with your address!

Thanks to everyone for commenting and entering :) I hope to have another giveaway next month!


This is such a blah time of the year. There is nothing to wear. I feel pale. I want to wear sweaters, but it's too hot. I hate all of my clothes. wah wah wahhh.

This is something I threw together tonight for dinner. If I had my way, I would live in cotton dresses and moo moos.
I just look sooooooooo happy, don't I?

A Thank You!

So friends, I thought to myself that it has been a while since I did a giveaway on here to thank you all for reading and commenting every day!

So ... here goes!

Enter for a chance to win a Clarisonic Mia! You all know I love this thing! I did a similar giveaway last year, and I am doing another one now!

Now I know you all hate giveaways with a lot of complicated rules, and most of the time I have very simple giveaways, but this one is a little different.

Basically the more things you do, the more chances to win! Do as little, or as much as you would like!

Here is a list of things you can do to enter:
1) Leave a comment
2) Like PIPM on Facebook
3) Follow PIPM on twitter
4) Write a post about the giveaway
5) Follow me on the blog friend connect thingy ...
6) Send me a fur coat ...

So in your comment just tell me which of these things you have done. Simple as that!

A winner will be chosen ONE WEEK from today on Monday, September 26th!

Mixed Bag

Hello Kitties. Speaking of kitties, I am obsessed with this Victoria Beckham cat print dress:
So, I was reading the US Weekly Style edition and I saw these cute shoes from PAYLESS!
I don't think I've been to Payless since I had to get a pair of bridesmaid shoes specified by the bride. I thought Payless was supposed to be cheap? My total with tax was 60 dollars! They look a little cheapo in person, but I think they will be good traipsing shoes for winter.
Y'all, I need to SHUT IT DOWN with going to targets to look for more Missoni stuff. It's like a game for me! Yesterday I found that one of our Targets had restocked some of the home stuff. I got these bins.

And as if I needed another pair of flats:
Can you believe those bug bites? So nasty. Something went to town on my foot!

Neiman Marcus had a beauty event last week. I am SUCH a sucker for any "free gift with purchase" event. And of course, I love the free samples and want to purchase them all.
I got this leopard tote with the free gift as well. Our dogs hate being carried in purses.
I have a problem with buying coats. I bought these two this past week alone. Yes, that's the kids Missoni floral trench. Don't hate.
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