PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: October 2011

Style Crush: Kate Moss

I know that Kate Moss can seem to be a hot mess at times, but I think she always manages to look effortlessly stylish like she just threw some things on that worked. It seems that she loves her blazers, skinny jeans, tees, and scarves. I wish I had her pencil legs. I know some people love muscular legs, but I will always love the look of model pencil legs!


I wore my H&M poncho from last year with black leggings, Loeffler Randall boots and a J.Crew scarf.


Yesterday I wore a DvF dress, faux fur vest, tights, and Old Navy boots, live Bearded Dragon as an accessory.

It's been a looooong week. TGIF.

Full Moon?

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you come in contact with so many crazy people that you think that there must be a full moon out? Well this week is the "full moon" crazy week for me. It turns out that there isn't a full moon, but a new moon instead. I am starting to think that the new moon can also bring out the lunatics.
I am also having a week where I feel like an old crusty turd. I can't take credit for that lovely term; my friend Shasta says that all the time. What is it about some weeks that just make you feel old and ugly? I am noticing fine lines and wrinkles. My hair is a hot mess and will no do anything. I hate growing out my bangs. I feel like my skin is so dull. Wah wah wahhh.
Hank from South Park ....
Old crusty turd wearing a new Brave Designs necklace.

I did, however, receive my white iPhone 4S in the mail yesterday. I haven't activated it yet, but look forward to doing that later tonight.

Here are a few outfits from this week.

Leona dress, Autumn Cashmere vest, tights, TJ Maxx booties
Free People gray tee, scarf, j.brand jeggings

Just Some Things ...

- Last week I wore what I like to call a "throw it all together" look. Basically, this just consists of items of clothing that are clean and readily accessible.
- I do, however, love these Tibi Platform booties with the bow adornment. They are surprisingly very comfortable.
- Have you all smelled Diane von Furstenberg's new fragrance "Diane" yet? I got a free sample last week at Nordstrom and it smells so good!

- When I was in St. Louis I purchased this Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant at the recommendation of the sales associate. She said it's the best deodorant she's ever used and it lasts for a long time. I must say, I love this deodorant! Not only does it smell better than others, it really does last a long time!

Have you all tried either of these items?


It's finally Friday! This has been a long week for me. I have been traveling a lot for work, which is all fun and games until this happens to your iPhone:
There is one particular area of Tennessee (cough, Northwestern Tennessee, Cough) that really jacks with my iPhone GPS. I will just be trotting along and boom, the GPS just poops out. Thank goodness I have a pretty good sense of direction, because most times I can navigate myself to where I need to go. I should probably invest in a GPS thing for my rental cars, but I really don't want to.

Yesterday I wore a Rebecca Taylor Leopard coat that I have been wanting for years! I finally found one this year and I was delighted to snatch it up!
Please don't mind my seksy car photo.
I am also carrying my early (like a month early) Birthday present from my parentals. I decided to go with a Goyard St. Louis tote, only because I've been wanting one for a goooooood 4 years or so. If you've been following my blog since the beginning, I wrote a post in 2008 about wanting a Goyard tote!

I love it! It's so lightweight and comes with this neat little wallet on a string. Doesn't get much better than that!
Have a great weekend!

Mixed Bag

- So after the post yesterday, a lot of you asked how I would wear the Old Navy booties. Well, I wore them today!

Don't get too jealous of these awesome photography skillz. I spent hours Photoshopping them. NOT!

- Miss P wanted you to know that she likes to lay on my cheetah jacket.
- I have become anxiety cat today. I started getting paranoid about carbon monoxide poisoning. Really? Where did this paranoia come from? I have no idea. I just turned on the heat for the first time, so that's probably where it came from. I promptly went to Target and got one of these puppies. What is wrong with me??!?!?
Someone on twitter made me laugh about this though by saying the following: "Good thing it's "EZ" view. #anxietycathazcataracts".

I made this meme in my honor:
- Did you all watch Revenge last night? YOU KNOW I DID! I seriously have never been this obsessed with a show. What do you all think will happen next? I am dying to know if Emily and Jack get together. Per usual, I found the song at the end thanks to the ABC website. It is Twice, by Little Dragon. You can listen here.

Signing off.

xoxo- Anxiety Cat

Hump Day Updates

I am on a huge "bootie" kick lately. I recently discovered through my friend Emily that these Old Navy Isabel Marant look-alikes were on sale for 13 dollars. I have the tan pair, so I decided to purchase the gray pair as well. Really, for 13 dollars it can't hurt to have two pairs!
Remember this H&M poncho last year that sold out and people subsequently gauged them on eBay? I wore it this week as a dress. Ooops.
I feel the need to introduce you all to "anxiety cat". I started laughing hysterically when my husband showed me this series of cat "memes" entitled, "anxiety cat". The sayings couldn't be more like me. Let's look at a few:

sooooo ...

Hello From St. Louis

Greetings from St. Louis. I am out-of-town for work and have been having a great time here in St. Louis

I was on a mission to find the Steve Madden Pembrook that I blogged about last week. I found the shoe, but OMG my foot wouldn't even fit in the opening. I tried and tried, but it would not fit at all.

My great little shoe salesman brought me this alternate, the Sam Edelman Louie and I fell in love! The fringe! I am so excited to wear these. I like them even better than the Pembrook.

Here are some outfits from this weekend:
{Blazer: H&M, Dress: Old Navy, Flats: Chanel}

{Sweater: Vince, Pants: J.Brand, Shoes: Tory Burch}
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