PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: November 2011

1000th Post

Wow! I was getting ready to write a "this and that" post when I noticed that this is my 1000th post! That is a lot of PIPM! Thanks for sticking around with me! I truly appreciate each and every one of you!

Moving on to more important matters. I have loved this Stella McCartney chain bag for a long time now, but I just can't get down with the price. I love that she's all about using eco-friendly products and not using leather, but that much for "coated cotton" just seems stupid. I still love the bag though.
Some sweet friends got me a generous ShopBop gift card for my Birthday a couple of weeks ago. I went back and forth on what I wanted to use the gift card for. At first I wanted a DvF dress. Then I wanted some boots. Well, I finally decided on a pair of WGACA Vintage Chanel earrings and I looooove them! I also used the ShopBop promotion they were having last week and I got a total of 300 dollars off of the price! I ended up having to pay a small amount for these classic earrings.
I added a bag and some boots on the blog sale if you're interested. Don't forget you can always make me an offer!
That's all I've got today!

Eye of the Beholder

I think the phrase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is so true. There are times when I will think someone is so pretty and a friend will not. In that same vein, I will think someone is just "meh" that other people rave about. I thought it would be interesting to see who you all think is beautiful in your eyes.

I think Miranda Kerr is so pretty. I love it when brunettes have lighter eyes and I think her smile is amazing. Plus her dimples!

I have always thought that Sienna Miller has such a pretty face and beautiful hair!

January Jones is absolutely stunning in my opinion.

I've always had Jessica Simpson up there in my "most beautiful people" rankings. I think she so beautiful.

So there are my "pretties" ... who do you all think are beautiful people in Hollywood?

Beauty Favs [Old and New]

I think it's time for a good old fashioned beauty products post!

I am going to talk about some old and new favorites, so if you've already heard me talk about some of these I'm sorry!

I have been experiencing a break out for about 4 weeks now. I thought it might have been one of the products that I was using, so I abruptly stopped using products all together per the advice of Shasta. However, I am someone who needs to have at least some moisturizer on my face to feel normal, so I dug up this Oilatum Natural Face Repair that I ordered back in the spring and never really used. Wow, I really don't know why I never used this stuff because it's amazing! In just 4 short days with using the Oilatum, my break out is completely gone and my skin feels amazing. Did I mention it's only about 10 dollars as well? The bad thing is that you can only get it in the United Kingdom, but there are a couple of websites that ship to the US.
I was at TJ Maxx this past weekend and found this conditioner on the super-clearance rack for 8 dollars. I didn't have high expectations, but I bought it anyways since it was on sale. I am actually pleasantly surprised with it because it was able to detangle my rat's nest in the shower. It also didn't weigh my hair down like some deep conditioners do. Overall it was a great find!

Did you know that Target's carry Boots products? I had no clue until I was chatting with some people on twitter about Boots (a UK brand). Last night at Target I purchased their clay mask and really liked it! It goes on pretty thick and dries quickly. My face feel like a million bucks this morning.

Any new products you're loving? Have any of you all tried the products above?

Outfit + Black Friday Deals

This was my Thanksgiving OOTD. The sweater dress is from H&M and the boots are DvF.

Did you all score any Black Friday deals? I got a Dirt Devil vacuum at Target for 9 dollars. I also found an 800 dollar Theory leather jacket at TJ Maxx for $240.00. I was so excited about this deal! I have been looking for the perfect black leather jacket for a long time.
Note: this is the original tag, NOT what I paid for the jacket! Our TJ Maxx's never have Theory so I am thinking that someone must have returned this jacket from another TJ Maxx.

Weird Day

Yesterday I had some busy work to do, so I headed to my local Starbucks to sit and crank out some work. I had just dropped off the dogs at the groomer and needed to post up somewhere while I waited for them to finish. This particular Starbucks is very busy, so I was lucky to find a little table right in between two other tables. The tables at this Starbucks are a little too close to one another, but you kind of just have to make it work. When I say "kind of close" I really mean they are about 3 inches away from the next little table.
I squeezed my way in to a table between a young couple and 2 older men. I whip out my laptop and get to work and can't help but notice the young couple is literally rubbing on each other and making inappropriate gestures. At one point I had to get up to plug in my laptop charger and I kindly said, "excuse me" and they didn't even notice. So odd. Don't even get me started on strange PDA in public. Next, to my left were the two older men who looked like regulars. They were sitting with newspapers and having what seemed like an educated conversation until a train chugged by right outside the window. It was soon after the train that they got into a heated debate about how fast the train was going and where it was going. Finally, the affectionate couple got up to leave and I thought that I finally might be able to concentrate on my work. Oh no, next up we had your standard run of the mill pyramid scheme meeting. I seem to always end up sitting within an earshot of pyramid scheme meet-ups. Last time it was a popular make-up brand that shall remain nameless. Yesterday it was some juice company. "Oh, you can make thousands in just a couple of weeks ..."

As if the day couldn't get any more odd, I get a call from my groomer that went a little something like this:

"Um, Miss Megan, don't be alarmed, but there's been a fire here in our strip mall and we've evacuated. I got all the dogs out and I'm going to need you to come pick up your dogs and I will have to finish them tomorrow."

Of course, I packed up my stuff like a mad women and screeched out of the Starbucks parking lot going about 50 mph. I got to the street that the Grooming place is located on and the police had it blocked off so that the THREE fire trucks could get to the strip mall. The cop acted all huffy and told me I could NOT go past their barricade. This is when crazy Megan came out. I have a tendency to get a little crazy sometimes and I immediately turned on my Ramona Singer crazy eyes and said, "I HAVE TO PICK MY DOGS UP NOW!". We can leave the story about one time when I actually busted through a security barricade for another day.

They let me pull into a nearby parking lot where I met our hilarious groomer who was all like, "oh girrrrrl you are the only dog parent who has immediately come to pick up their dog!". She took me over to the area where all of the dogs were howling and yelping from little carriers. I was actually very impressed with her ability to get all the dogs out of the facility and into dog carriers. My poor little pups were so traumatized and to make matters worse, they had half haircuts!!!!

So there's my weird day for you all.

Wild Thing + Twihard

I wore a fur vest this weekend along with my j.crew leopard loafers.
How funny is this little Gucci fanny pack? I would seriously wear this! Hands free shopping!
On Friday night my world was forever changed. Two words. Edward Cullen.
Yes, this is my new desktop.
Can you all believe I had NEVER seen a Twilight movie or read a book of the saga? People always told me to read the books and I always put off reading them.

I spent my Friday night watching all three of the previously released Twilight movies. I feel like my life is forever changed by indulging myself in the Twilight world. Obsessed! I am totally Team Edward if you can't tell.

I am now all caught up and ready to watch Breaking Dawn part one!

Having a Twihard marathon makes me want to scrub off the remnants of my spray tan and put on pasty white make-up.

Happy Friday

Oh goodness. Where has the time gone? Can you all believe that Thanksgiving is next week? Yikes! I will be spending this weekend getting our house in order for my parents to get here next week.
I wanted to let you all know that I posted some items in the blog sale. You can view them by clicking here.
I made this quick little Christmas decoration out of a truffle dish and ornaments from the dollar section of Target. I am NOT a crafty person at all, so I was proud of myself!
I also got our dogs all Christmas sweaters from the dollar section of Target. I can get into some trouble in that section!

Fun Day

I had such a great Birthday! Thank you all for the Birthday wishes.

I decided since it was my Birthday that I was going to wear a fur vest (this one is Alice + Olivia). Look! My first tripod picture!

I went to Mollie Fontaine's with some friends for dinner and very interesting people-watching.

I wore a DvF dress and Louboutin booties. I also wore a Rebecca Taylor fur vest since it was chilly! Two furs in one day!

Twenty Seven

Today I turn twenty seven! wah wah wah!
I got a special card from the pups yesterday that was super-sweet and funny.
I also got a cake.
And I got my hair did.
I got a tripod at Target to start taking better pictures!
And my parentals sent some classic old pics from Birthday's in the 80's ...
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