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Can't Get Enough Floral ...

Celebrity Stalking

Celebrities are so fascinating to me.  I am not one to freak out and start screaming around them, however, I enjoy watching them and observing how they behave in public.  

When I was in Los Angeles a few years ago, I saw Nicky, Paris, and Kathy Hilton and I could just tell that they were used to, and loved the spotlight.  Kathy was super talkative and I felt really comfortable asking to get a picture with her. 
When we were in Nashville this past weekend, we were standing in line at the famous Pancake Pantry.  There was a long line of about 10-15 people and we were towards the front.  All of the sudden, someone in our group said, "Wow, that looks like that girl from Gossip Girl ..."
We all turned around and noticed that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were about 3 people behind us in line. 
First observation: Blake has really long legs.  It was fairly cold and she was wearing shorts with bare legs and booties.  She was also wearing a bucket hat pulled down so far over her face and very unkempt, but pretty hair.  She had a lot of eye make-up on for it being morning time, but you could still tell she was really pretty.
Second Observation: Blake and Ryan were huddled together and turned towards each other the entire time they were in line.  When the line would move forward, she would keep her back turned towards him and walk backwards.  It was super bizarre and if anything, it drew even more attention to them.  

It didn't take long for the local Vanderbilt sorority tweens to recognize them and before we knew it, there was a herd of girls there waiting to get in to catch a glimpse.  

Ryan and Blake first sat down in the open seating, but soon requested a booth by the window to get more privacy.  

She ordered an omlette and toast with water and ate it all.  

While I had fun observing them, I definitely felt awful for them as a lot of the girls were going up to their table and trying to talk to them.  It was really awkward because you could tell they just wanted to be left alone.  

We did snap a secret pic of them while they were in line, but we did not take any pictures inside as we felt it was a little intrusive and you could definitely tell they just wanted to be left alone.  

It must be so hard being a celebrity.  Everywhere you go people recognize you and notice your every move.  It would get even more annoying having people constantly asking for your picture, but I guess that's what you sign up for, huh? 

Have any of you all ever seen any celebrities in person? Any fun stories?

Nashville Recap

I spent this past weekend in Nashville for our bi-annual girls meetup! We had a lot of fun shopping, eating, and having celebrity sightings! 

Here are some outfit photos from the trip: 

Outfit 2: Current/Elliott Snake Jeans, Chanel Flats
Outfit 3: Everly Dress, Frye Boots
Outfit 4: Boutique Dress, f21 scarf, fur, Candela Booties

And here are some other fun photos from the trip:

We also met According to Nina and Blue Eyed Bride for dinner and they were so fun! 

Gold Chains

Dress: DvF, Chains: Brave Designs, Shoes: Christian Louboutin Decolletes

Navy & Pink

Blouse: Jason Wu for Target, Pants: F21, Shoes: J.Crew Valentina Heels, Bag: Goyard St. Louis PM

Q&A Monday!

1.   What is the best advice you've ever given and received?
2.   Type of music you like most?
3.   Shoe size?
4.   Who sent the last text message you received?
5.   If you could meet any one person (from history or currently alive), who would it be?
6.   Have you ever been fired or “let go”?
7.   What's under your bed?
8.   Do you believe in love at first sight?
9.   What is your middle name?
10.   Do you think that you are a good singer?

Happy Friday!

 A lovely latte from Otherland's Coffee in Memphis
 A Pinterest suggestion- using a cake platter for perfume storage. 
New Kate Spade earrings purchased with a gift card

Thursday Randoms

Last night I wore a high pony ... rocking it like Kim Richards did on RHOBH.  LOL.
I got my nails done with "Go Overboard", a new Essie color for spring.  This picture doesn't do it justice at all.  It's a very vibrant color in person.  
I ordered GlamGlow with a Neiman Marcus giftcard.  I saw that this mask was voted "best mask" in the NM Beauty Awards.  I did a little online research before purchasing and saw that it had great reviews. 
It did make my face soft and feeling fresh, but it certainly didn't "tingle" like the name promises.  Anyone out there tried it? What did you think?

Fun Pants

Today I wore these fun harem-esque pants from Forever 21.  I always say if you're going to partake in a trendy item like these, it's best to keep it cheap.  I wore them with a plain white cotton tee and a Gap Blazer.  I also wore nude patent Christian Louboutin Decollete heels. 

Be Mine

 Today I wore the J.Crew Teddy Dress with a hot pink scarf and tibi booties.  I threw on a Betsey Johnson leopard coat (random TJ find) since it's chilly outside! 

Someone left a comment last week saying that I need to STOP photo-shopping my pictures because I looked ridiculous.  While I don't have photoshop (I wish I did), I do use Picnik (it's free now until April) and love the eye bright feature as well as the "airbrush" feature (I think it helps with shine from the flash).  I appreciate your feedback and didn't use any features in today's photos, although I did find your "you look like a toddler's and tiaras contestant" line pretty funny.  This one's for you, kid!

Happy Love Day!

Perhaps my favorite thing about Valentine's Day is that the colors are pink and red!

To celebrate today, here are some of my favorite pink and red eye candy photos. 

{All Images via Pinterest}
Happy Love Day to You!

Monday Randoms + Q&A

 This weekend we decided to go out to eat for an early Valentine's Day dinner.  It's always nice to beat the fixed-price menus.  I finally busted out my snake print jeans and wore my new shoes which were a Valentine present!
I don't know why I waited so long to buy a Diptyque candle.  I have been burning this one all week. 

Here are this week's Q&A Monday Questions for the link up with me and Shasta!

1.      What was the best day of your life?

2.      What was the worst day of your life?

3.      Do you know how to swim?

4.      Cup ½ empty or ½ full?

5.      Where were you born?

6.      Are you a morning person?

7.      Are you a spontaneous person?

8.      How many tattoos do you have?

9.      Have you ever milked a cow?

           10.   What was the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

My video is quick and to the point this week! No make-up either.  Woof.

Pops of Blue

I was eager to try a "reverse mullet skirt" aka, business in the back, party in the front.  I actually really like the skirt! I was hesitant to wear white silk in the winter, but I saw it on a blog recently paired with black and it actually looked really cute.  I paired it with a simple Splendid turtleneck, a blue knit infinity scarf, and blue Christian Louboutin Rolando pumps. 
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