Here are a few pictures from this week.

 Has anyone tried these Mama Chia drinks?  They are so tasty and are packed full of chia seeds.

Have I ever shared with you all my disdain for feet?  I can't stand feet- I think they're ugly and very unusual.  However, I got my first "toenail painting" the other day and thought I'd share.  I haven't had a pedicure since toemageddon last year (which coincidentally happened a year ago today).  I just paint them myself or get them painted at the salon now. 

Comfy Casual

Yesterday I wore this H&M Striped cotton dress that I scored for only $12.95.  I had hoped that it would fit a little more loose, but to my surprise it was more like a body-con dress.  I wore it with a J.Crew scarf and Chanel flats.  Sunglasses are Tom Ford and bag is Prada. 


How awesome did J-LO look in this lime green Michael Kors dress with hot pink pumps?

Her dress was a little pricey, so here are some other options to get the same look:
1. Alice + Olivia Dress, Jimmy Choo Abel Pumps
2. Antonio Marras Dress, Brian Atwood Maniac Pumps
3. Miss Selfridges Dress, Charles by Charles David Pumps

New Favorites

1. Terax Crema Conditioner- I have been experiencing a lot of tangles and dry ends lately with my hair.  I asked for recommendations for a conditioner that detangled, but also left your hair feeling light and not weighed down.  I was told by a couple of people to try the Terax Crema and I absolutely love it!
2. Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream- I saw this first in a Daily Mail article about Jennifer Aniston's skin care routine.  This is an all-natural skin care line that is sold at Whole Foods.  I was excited to try this particular moisturizer and it did not disappoint.  It smells so great and makes my skin feel really soft.
3. MAC Creme D'Nude- I was hesitant to try such a nude color with my already pale skin, but this color surprisingly looks really good!
4. Chantecaille Petales- I was talking with one of the fragrance sales associates in Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago and she recommended this fragrance for me.  It couldn't be more perfect for spring.

Downward Spiral

I have a tendency to become obsessed with things and it quickly becomes a downward spiral.  Recently, this obsession has turned to Lululemon workout gear.  Now, I do not work out.  I don't run.  I don't go to yoga, even though I need to go back (anyone remember when I did yoga teacher training?!?!?!?!).  I don't do much, BUT when I am out truggin' around, it's nice to look like I've been working out. 
{Oh yes, those are thumb holes.  Not sure what they are for, but they look intense.  Stalker in the backgroud}
Rob's sister owns a yoga studio here in town and I used to get Lulu stuff all of the time on the cheap, but I kind of fell off the bandwagon.  It wasn't until recently that I got back on and now I want ALL OF THE 80 DOLLAR YOGA PANTS! 
{Just doing some evening stretching in the front yard}
Now, I am normally one who is a huge proponent of spending money only on purses, shoes, and nice clothes.  This is why I have t-shirts and soffe cheerleading shorts/sports bras from middle school (no joke) that I wear while walking my dog.  But these pants ... y'all- THEY DO SOMETHING TO YOUR BUTT! It's like they suck it all in and pop it all up.  
 {Jacket- bonus for UK colors}

So here I am.  A hoodie, running top, and two pants later.  And I am scouring the internet to find colors that are sold out online and in stores.  Who am I?

Can't Get Enough Floral ...

Last night I wore the H&M floral top that is the same pattern as these pants I wore last week.  I wore the top with Rag & Bone jeans and blue patent Louboutin Rolando shoes and HRH necklace.

Sugar Plum Consignment Store

Memphis girls! I wanted to do a post on one of my favorite places in Memphis, Sugar Plum Consignments.  I have been taking my stuff here ever since it was recommended by a friend a few months ago. 

They always get in the best stuff including vintage Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Couture clothing items, and other name brand labels.  

I like to take my stuff here as well as check out their designer purses that they get in. 

We decided to do a little photo shoot to showcase a few things that Sugar Plum has in store right now. 
 {White Valentino Blouse, Marc Jacobs Collection Alligator Clutch, Louboutins}
 {How awesome is this MJ Collection clutch}
{Sadly these Loubs already sold, or else they'd be mine.  The new owner kindly let me try them on.  Stacey, you have my number if you want to sell them to me!}
Even if you're out-of-town you can check out items on their Facebook Page and get them shipped.  

I was not compensated for this post.  I would genuinely like to share this gem with you!

Sugar Plum Consignments is located on Primacy Parkway behind Happy Mexican.


I recently saw this picture somewhere and had to recreate the outfit.  Aside from the potential mom jeans situation going on, I think this is super-cute for spring!
Jacket: H&M, Jeans: J Brand 811, Scarf: Love Quotes, Bag: Mulberry Alexa

Pop of Yellow

How fun is this yellow necklace from Brave Designs? I wore it with an old striped t-shirt and some green Current/Elliott jeans and Louboutin wedges.  So happy to bust out the sandals! Happy first day of Spring!

Let's Talk About TV

Let's talk about some TV, shall we?  I know I may seem pretty "straight-laced", but I LOVE some crazy and weird television shows. 

First off, I am fully obsessed with The Walking Dead.  The season finale was last night and it did not disappoint.  I am telling you, if you haven't seen this show yet, please start from the beginning.  My only complaint is that it sends my "end of the world anxiety" into full rage.  I can't help but think that I need to stockpile food, ammo, gas, and I definitely need a bunker.  
Second, can we talk about My Strange Addiction on TLC? W.T.F.  I have watched this show since it started, but recently they have really had some whackadoos.  For instance, the guy who is in a relationship with his car?  Or how about the woman who drinks her pee?  Or the woman who drinks nail polish? My psychoanalytical self can't help but watch this show with amazement.  
Do you all have Investigation Discovery?  This station is basically like crack to me as I have always loved true crime stories.  My favorites from this station are "Who the Bleep did I marry", "Stalked", "Sins & Secrets", and "Love Kills".  I could watch this station all day long and totally lose track of time. 
Some of the usuals in my line-up include Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, LMN (my long-time addiction), Revenge, UFO Files, and Ancient Aliens. 

What do you like to watch?

New Items

New Items listed and previous items marked down! View here.

Coral Jeans

I'm sure by now you all have seen the pictures circulating of Duchess Catherine wearing a smokin' pair of coral jeans while practicing with the Olympic Woman's Hockey Team.  

If you're like me, these pictures have you yearning for a pair of coral jeans.  Here are some good options for all price points! 

TGIF (almost)

Yesterday I headed to GAP Kids to check out the DvF xGap Kids line.  I was hoping that I could fit into the larger sizes.  To my surprise, I could fit into the kids XXL (14-16) and I think that many of you all could as well! 

The stuff is so cute and since I don't have a little tot to dress I will just have to settle for wearing the stuff myself.  
While in St. Louis for work, I have been trolling the TJ Maxx's and I found a Celine bag at one of them.  Someone should go get it- great deal! 
Another outfit from this week- A J.Crew Blazer-esque jacket with their bright Dahlia Cafe Capris

TGIF, friends!

Orange is Everywhere


 They say orange is the "it" color of the season! I certainly feel this way while out and about shopping! 
Pic 1: Calvin Klein dress with H&M hat (only 9 dollars), Tom Ford Sunglasses
Pic 2: Some Jimmy Choo shoes at Nordstrom
Pic 3: A Prada tote in Papaya
Pic 4: A Chanel Jumbo in a fun color
Pic 5: Trying on a small Prada saffiano in Papaya

Floral Pants

Today I wore these floral H&M pants that were only 15 dollars! I paired them with an H&M sweater and J.Crew Valentina Heels.  post signature

Spring/Summer Dresses

I ended up purchasing this Tibi Arizona print skirt and tank last night while Neiman Marcus had their double point event.  I have loved the print since a picture of it came out months ago, but I don't like how much hype it's gotten.  Do you ever get like that with a clothing item?  It's like the more times you see it on blogs and see people writing or hear people talking about it, you want it less?  

Anyways, we'll see what it's like in person.  

These are some other spring/summer dresses I am crushing over. 


Outfit 1: Michael Stars Sweater, J.Crew Scarf, Joe's Jeans, Old Navy Booties, Prada Saffiano
Outfit 2: Patterson J. Kincaid Dress, Old Navy Booties, TJ Maxx Scarf, Prada Saffiano

New Items listed on the blog sale!

Comfy Casual

Dress: James Perse, Blazer: H&M, Shoes: J.Crew, Necklaces: HRH Collection, Max & Chloe, Bag: Chanel Camera Case
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