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I hate Post Titles

This past weekend I wore this Gap dress that I ended up finding at the outlet store.  Isn't it cute?  I was really surprised to find such a cute dress there.

Last week I had the pleasure of stopping in Sugar Plum Consignments.  I like to take some of my clothes to this consignment store about twice a month.  I was stopping in to pick up a check and took some pictures for you all of some of their inventory.

The Chanel PST is priced at $1200.00.  The snakeskin shoes are Brian Atwood.  You can always call if you have any questions or would like to purchase anything.  


Continuing with the "maxi skirt as a dress" theme, I wore this J.Crew skirt (last seen here) as a dress last night and paired it with an H&M blazer and yet another FB jewelry auction necklace.  The purse is vintage Chanel and boots are Isabel Marant.  This outfit is a little whacko, but it worked for the moment!

Last night I finally tried the new Bosica product, the Bright White Mask! It is the same consistency of the ever-popular "black mask", but is supposed to brighten and even out skin tone. It works in the same way in that it peels off after drying, but I found this one to be more difficult to peel of than the black one.  Overall, I liked this mask.  It didn't floor me or anything, but it was a nice mask and left my skin feeling soft.  I really enjoyed the smell of it for some reason. 
I also got this LaVanila Deodorant and let me tell you, it smells amazing!  I was hooked on my Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant for the longest time, but I wanted to try something natural.  This seriously smells amazing and has a cooling sensation when you put it on.  I highly recommend.  

Have a great weekend everyone!

Casual + Deal Hunting

{Scarf: J.Crew, Top: Old Navy, Jeans: J Brand, Shoes: Chanel}

The above photos are what I like to call my "casual wear".  I throw on some colored jeans (these are lilac, but you can't quite tell from the pictures) and a white tee of some sort.  I always love the look of scarves, even in the summer.  I wore some little Chanel loafers and threw my hair up in a messy side pony tail.  The sunglasses are a black pair of Celine Audrey's that a friend in Seattle tracked down for me.  The earrings are Clash Boutique via FB (tell them PIPM sent you).

I really hate to toot my own horn (toot toot), but I have excellent bargain hunting skills.  I was stalking some sale items at a local store here and was able to wait until Last Call sale.  I found J.Brands for $39.99 (practically unheard of) and I got DvF, Derek Lam, and Phillip Lim dresses for $49.99 each.  These were all current season pieces.  

Okay, so what if the DvF dress is totally not my size, I plan on getting it altered to fit.  For $49.99, why not?

The Derek Lam dress is more for fall, but I plan on wearing it with black tights and boots.  

I was like a kid on Christmas morning with this sale at Joseph.  I was frantically texting my friend here and trying to put stuff on hold for her.  

Maybe my true calling is to be a personal bargain shopper?  I just absolutely love the hunt and thrill of finding the sales! 

David's Bridal Wedding

Do you ever wish you could change your wedding dress from your wedding?  While I loved my Monique Lhullier dress, I often wish I would have gone with a 3/4 lace sleeve overlay like the dress above.  

There are some great wedding dresses at David's Bridal right now for awesome prices. 

Fall 2012 Trends

I found this image from Elle Magazine highlighting their top trends for fall.  I do love all of these trends and I think this fall promises to be great for fashion. 
Image Via 

I did a little research and some of my favorite trends for Fall 2012 are as follows:

1. Burgundy 

2. Metallics 

3. Velvet  

4. Funny Knits 

5. Oversized 
Which is your favorite trend for fall 2012?

Good Morning

I won't go on and on about The Bachelorette, but I will say that I am so excited that Jef and Emily are together!  I have liked him from the beginning because he's a little dreamy hipster that skateboards and wears skinny jeans.  He reminds me SO much of Brandon Walsh from 90210 with the coiffed hair.  

Emily's final rose ceremony dress wasn't my favorite, but I really like her so I'll let it slide.  I have high hopes for them, so I am expecting kids, marriage, house ... the whole kit and caboodle.  

I guess it's about that time where everyone starts complaining about how hot it is and how they wish it were fall.  I still don't want to accept the fact that we barely even get a fall here and it's mostly sweltering hot until at least November.  

I keep getting emails and seeing store promotions for boots.  I really think this fall is going to be the season for ankle booties.  I know they've been popular in the past, but this year more than ever they are going to be everywhere.  I already have quite the "bootie" collection and feel like I may need an intervention by the time December rolls around.  

I also obviously love the look of ankle boots with bare legs in the summer.  Why not?  If you can't really experience a fall then you might as well make it happen somehow.  

The studded Chloe booties will be mine somehow, mark my words.  

Just a little sampling of what I saw when I went to the Saks website.  Those floral Rag & Bone booties are pretty crazy, but I would wear them.  

Has anyone tried the Boscia White Mask yet?  I really want to try it.  It peel off like the black mask, but it's white.  
Let me know if you've tried it and what you think!

This and That

Oh hello again.  This maxi dress was purchased on a facebook auction page- Clash Boutique (if you like them tell them PIPM sent you!).  I think I need an intervention for the facebook jewelry auctions.  The necklace, however, is from J.Crew.
Last night I met up with some friends for dinner in Birmingham.  We had a great time and enjoyed the Paris Tea at Chez Fon Fon.  I will definitely be hunting this tea down! 


I am loving this bib necklace that I stalked Shop Dandy for ... I have wanted one like this for a while and she just so happened to find one! 

I've been out-of-town this week and have perused the malls quite a bit.  The J.Crew here is having an extra 40% off of sale, so I got a few things here.  The dresses above were pretty cheap and the necklace was on sale as well.  I am kind of bored with J.Crew, but they make great basics, what can I say?

J.Crew's started carrying Caudalie, which is kind of odd, but neat.  I tried this "The Des Vignets" in store and really liked the scent.  It's a little more fallish, but I think it will work well as a new scent.

I was under the impression that Stella & Dot was affordable jewelry.  Well, I went in a little boutique here yesterday and loved a necklace that was Stella & Dot, but was surprised it was $248.00!  I was expecting it to be a little less expensive.  It is a super-cute necklace though.

What's new with you all?  

Hair Growth Tips and Tricks

I've had some requests to do a post on hair growth.  I have done a few in the past, but I figured I would compile all of my hair growth knowledge into one post for people who may have just stumbled upon PIPM.  
{October of 2010, 2011, and now}

Let me state that I am not an expert by any means on hair growth.  These are just some things that have worked for me in the past; that doesn't mean these things will work for you.  Use your best judgment on whether or not you would like to do the following things.  

These pills are a miracle worker if you are trying to grow out your hair.  Some people have told me that you can get the same formula for cheaper in an off brand, but for me these Phytophanere pills have worked well.  

These are drops that you can put in your water.  They are colorless and tasteless, so you really don't even know they are there.  This is a great supplement for bones, joints, hair, nails, and skin.  

These are a given.  You should be taking a multivitamin regardless of whether you are trying to grow your hair out or not.  

This stuff is no joke.  You spray it on your scalp after you've combed out your hair from the shower.  It will stimulate hair growth as well as encourage new growth.  

5) Air-drying/Minimal Heat Styling 

I can't even tell you the last time that I used a hair dryer on my hair.  I think that by not heat styling your hair you are in turn making it more healthy and encouraging growth.  

What about you all? Any hair growth tips that you have? 


I have to admit that my skin is amazing after using the derma roller one time.  The day after I used it my skin was red and a little puffy, almost like a sunburn.  The next day it peeled a little bit and my pores were so small and shrunken.  My skin was glowing and looked amazing.  I think I am going to continue to use it every 3 days or so.  Every time I think of the derma roller I think of rollin': 

I wore the neon pink J.Crew pants this week.  For 23 dollars why say no? This necklace is circa 2007 and even has my old initials on it.  I contemplated throwing it away last year and I'm glad I decided to keep it! 

In addition to my favorite TV shows, I have added Dallas and The Newsroom to my weekly line-up.  The Newsroom is AMAZING.  The dialogue is genius and captivating and the characters are quirky and intelligent.  It's definitely a little wordy and political, but as a former Political Science major, I love it.


I am such a wannabe hipster.  Yesterday I wore a Chambray top, old Target skirt, and Isabel Marant booties.  I also wore the side pony.  Now all I need is a PBR and a pack of American Spirits and I will be all set.  

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