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I tried a new curling method yesterday on my hair that involved wrapping sections around a regular curling iron without the clamp.  I then removed the iron but kept the curls in tact in my hand for a few seconds and then pinned them up with bobby pins for about an hour.  I wanted to create more loose waves and not so much defined curls.  
Overall, the result was okay, but I cannot keep my hair curled for the life of me.  I think my hair is just so straight and cannot hold a curl.  Any products that you all love?

I have been wearing the heck out of this Marc by Marc sweater that I got on sale.  I love how easy it is to throw on with anything.  

I finally got around to putting up our tree this week.  I still love these little mini fur coat tree ornaments that According to Nina sent me a couple of years ago.  

Please ignore the lighting issues with the tree.  I think some of my lights aren't working and going to Target to get some lights is on my weekend to-do list!

Did you all watch Liz & Dick this past weekend?  I could only stand about 40 minutes of it- I had to switch to Homeland anyways.  I do, however, love Li Lo, but boy is she a mess lately.  

I am really digging her new red locks and I'm embarrassed to say that I love this coat she is wearing when she got arrested a couple of nights ago.  

I wish she'd get her life together already!

In other celeb news, I am really digging Kate's new fringe layered bangs.  I think some people don't like them, but I am a big fan! It's just bangs- they will grow out!

It reminds me of the time everyone freaked out when Jennifer Aniston got side bangs.  

Have a great weekend everyone!


Left: Cape- Kate Spade, Purse- Celine, Shoes- Tory Burch Sophie
Right: Dress- Theory, Vest- Adrienne Landau, Booties- Loeffler Randall

I just love this Kate Spade cape that I got from TJ Maxx in St. Louis.  I remember wanting it when it first came out, but couldn't justify the price.  I was lucky to see it a year later in a TJ Maxx for much less!

Did anyone get anything good during all of the Cyber Monday sales?  I am happy to report that I ignored almost every email that came to my inbox and didn't buy a thing!  

Recent Beauty Buys

1) Hairtrition Deep Moisturizing Hair Mask - this just flat out sucked.  I didn't find that it did any kind of deep conditioning at all and actually left my hair feeling super tangly.  I'm glad that I just got a sample packet.  

2) Loreal BB Cream in Fair-  I actually really like this stuff for a light coverage.  It comes out white and somehow turns into a skin color when it is applied to your face.

I am wearing no makeup on the left, and the BB cream on the right.  Please ignore my teenage breakout.  

3) Maybelline Illegal Lengths Mascara - this stuff works for length, but NOT for volume.  It left my lashes looking long, but puny.  It would probably work best applied as a second layer of mascara over a volumizing one.  
4) Riveting Reds Shampoo and Conditioner - I asked the lady at Sally's Beauty Supply for a good color depositing shampoo and conditioner and this is what she recommended.  I actually really liked both of the items.  It doesn't work as a great conditioner, but I think it definitely deposits red just like my more pricy Aveda conditioner.  

5) Umberto Beverly Hills Deep Mask - this mask was just okay.  It was definitely nothing special and didn't really detangle at all like the box said that it would.  Overall it was a waste of 10 dollars.

6) It's a 10 Miracle Leave in Treatment- I really like this stuff.  It does what it says it will do.  However, it does kind of weigh my hair down, but besides that I really like it.

So, as you can see my recent buys have been kind of a bust lately.  What are you loving in the beauty product world?  I need some new recommendations!

PS- check out the blog sale items that I added yesterday!

Hair Growth Part II

So I am constantly getting questions regarding hair growth.  I've done several posts on hair growth including this one and this one.  My MIL Jan is a holistic expert and has recently told me about something else that she takes for hair growth.  The below is a guest post by her: 

My newest find for hair growth is Diatomaceous Earth. 

Diameaceous Earth is very popular overseas and is used extensively as a health and beauty product for hair, skin, and nails.  DE is made up of 89% Silica.  There is no other vitamin on the market with that much silica content.  DE is made up of tiny fossilized water plant from the oceans that are ground into fine white powder.  These microscopic particles move through your system attaching themselves to bacteria, fungi, viruses, pesticides, drug residues, E-Coli and heavy metal and remove them from your body.  When you are detoxifying your body the results are better looking hair and skin.  

Since DE is 89% Silica there is no wonder that it is a proven factor in hair growth.  Our hair is made up of 90% silica, so it would make sense that your hair would soak it up and desire DE.  Taking just 1 Tablespoon a day gives you enough silica to support healthy strong hair growth.  

DE is also fabulous for your skin.  Collagen, which is so important for healthy skin, is mostly made up of silica.  When we are deficient in silica the collagen breaks down more quickly, which makes the skin age and look dull.  Taking DE can restore and repair collagen in our skin.  DE also helps with eczema, rashes, and acne.  Taking DE will not only help with hair growth but it will also help to give you more beautiful skin.  

I have been taking DE for 6 months and my hair dresser could not believe how much by hair had grown in just one month of taking DE.  

You can buy DE directly from Amazon, but you have to make sure to get Diatamceous Earth Food Grade.  There are other forms out there for other uses and you want to be sure not to get those.  I put a couple of tablespoons of it in my smoothie every day.  If you don't drink smoothies you can just put it in water; it's almost tasteless.  

Give it a try! It's an inexpensive way to speed up hair growth and improve your skin!

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks to each and every one of you all for visiting PIPM!

What To Wear: Thanksgiving Edition

Oh, Thanksgiving.  The Holiday where you want to look cute but you eat so much that you need stretchy pants.  The dilemma continues- what to wear?  

Dressy: A good sweater dress and boots is a great fit when trying to be dressy on Thanksgiving.  The tights give you the stretchy pants appeal and a sweater dress is super-comfortable.  

Trendy: A moto jacket, trendy jeans, and some fierce heels fit the bill when trying to be trendy for Thanksgiving.  This look isn't exactly food baby friendly, but at least you will look cute!

Casual: This just so happens to be exactly what I am wearing for Thanksgiving.  This oversized Otte NY sweater (on sale now) is very comfy and we all know that leggings double as sweatpants.  Paired with a bootie with socks and you are all set! 

Check out Her Kentucky for some other tips on what to wear for Thanksgiving.  

What are you all wearing? 

Weekend Update

Friday night we celebrated my Birthday by going out to eat at a local Italian restaurant.  Hallie from Legally Fab just happened to be passing through Memphis and needed a place to stay that was dog friendly, so our 4 pups happily obliged to play host!  In the above pictures I was photobombed by her massive Great Dane Dirk Nowoofski.  

I wore the old faithful J.Crew black dress, an old Trina Turk Fur Cape, and Dior Suede Platforms scored during the Great Nordstrom Rack Sale of 2012.  

I hope you all had a great weekend! 


I found this red mohair sweater at a vintage store in Columbus, Mississippi called The Attic.  I wore it with leather pants and leopard loafers.  
I got this vest during a Saks flash sale event.  I am subscribed to both Saks and NM mid-day sales, but I never really bother to look at the items.  Last week I opened up the Saks email and to my delight found several items at high discounts!

I'm off to celebrate my 28th Birthday with Starbucks, Lifetime movies, and a nice dinner!

Yes, Please.

Chunky Knits

I love a good chunky knit sweater when it's cold outside.  This week it's been below average temperatures and I can't say that I'm complaining.  

The sweater I am wearing above is Marc by Marc and was recently on sale!

Do you all love chunky knits as much as me?

Report Jude Booties

'Scuze the crazy outfit, but this was just an "errand running" get-up this weekend.  

I've been wanting a "moto boot" lately, but I couldn't decide between a few pairs that I saw online.  

I saw Olivia Palermo in these boots by Report and I was surprised at how affordable they were.   

I decided to order them last week and I am pleasantly surprised! 

The Report Jude Boots are super-comfortable and true to size.  If you are looking for a motorcycle boot that is affordable, give them a try!

Hopefully you all will get to see them with some normal outfits this week!

Furs + Red Hair

Wearing: H&M sweater, 525 Vest, Joie Flats

I swear my hair looks different in every light.  This is a more accurate picture of the color:

It's no secret that I love the look of furs.  For the most part, I wear faux furs simply because I have awful allergies and will sneeze a million times around real furs.  

Top left stole is vintage.  The white one is from 525 America and was a NM Mid-Day Dash score.  

Here are some faux furs that are pretty awesome: 

1. Juicy Couture, 2. DKNY, 3. DKNY, 4. DKNY, 5. BB Dakota, 6. Madame


Do any of you other bloggers ever get into a funk?  I cannot think of anything to blog about lately and every time I open up blogger to start a post, I will immediately close it out.  I feel like I have nothing interesting to talk about.  I will take outfit pictures and then think they suck and won't post them.  I don't know what's up with me lately.  You may have noticed I am not posting as frequently as I used to- now you know why!

So, I ask you -- is there anything you all would like for me to post about?

In other news, I have more red hair.  I went in for a toner and my stylist used Goldwell Elumen which is a deposit only color- no other chemicals.  This particular color is GREAT for shine.  I am loving having red hair.  It's super-fun and YOLO, right?

So I really cannot find anything to ask for my Birthday coming up in a couple of weeks.  I guess that's a sign of getting older or maybe more content/responsible?  I dunno, but I really cannot think of anything to ask for.  Of course, there are some things that I have my eye on, but nothing that screams GIVE ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY!

Here are some things that I have my eye on as of right now:
Bottom Row (L-R): Report Boots, Joseph Quilted Jacket, Celine Nano

Any other November Birthdays out there?  What are you asking for?

Style Envy

Just a little Thursday Style Envy picture round-up to get you through the week! These are pictures that I am loving lately.  
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