PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: December 2012

Cat Lady

Sweater: Forever 21, Jacket: Vintage find (only $19.99) from Antique Store, Pants: Hue Leggings, Boots: Isabel Marant, Bag: LV Totally GM

Yes, friends.  I finally got a CAT SWEATER! I love how basic this one is.  I can't believe my Mom found it at Forever 21, of all places.

It also comes in pink.  I need this one too.

And they also have this sweatshirt version

And to top off this cat post, I will leave you all with this:

Happy weekend!

Skin Care Routine

I posted yesterday saying my hair has been a mess lately, but one thing that hasn't been a mess is my skin.  I am having a good "skin moment" right now, so I thought I'd share what is working for me.  Here is my current routine: 

1.  La Mer Gel Cream- the key to La Mer is getting the gel cream.  It's much more manageable than the cream version and it goes on so smooth.  I think I've had the same tub for 2 years or more.  It lasts forever and I always seem to go back to it.  I use this as a moisturizer after washing my face and/or using a mask.  

2. Real Raw Beauty Wash-  I use this oil blend for washing my face.  Sometimes I use it for a moisturizer as well if I am not feeling the La Mer.  I put this on right over makeup and use a hot wash cloth to wipe my face clean.  I love that it's all natural and contains no chemicals.  

3. Kate Somerville Micro Glycolic Polisher-  this polisher was recommended by a sales associate at Sephora.  I initially scoffed at her when she said it was so powerful that it made her face sting.  I now use this stuff every other day for a nice glycolic peel!

4. Aztec Secret Clay Mask-  I know I've mentioned this mask before, but it's awesome.  I use it once a week mixed with water for an intense facial.  Be prepared to scrub this stuff off- it's hard to budge!

5.  Retin-A Micro-  Retin-A Micro is RX only, but it is great to use twice a week to peel off dead and dull skin.  Retin-A is also the only topical cream recommended by the FDA for wrinkles and fine lines.  I usually use this once a week.  

Have you all tried any of these items on your skin?

Merry Merry

Well, we all survived the holidays! I hope you all had a great Christmas.  I decided to try the widely popular "sock bun" on Christmas Eve and holy moly- I think I have too much hair to do this.  At one point it looked like a small platter dish was floating on top of my head.  It made for good conversation, though.  Someone would compliment my hair and of course, being my awkward self, I had to be like, "OMG LOOK THERE'S A SOCK IN THERE, JUST LOOK FOR IT, DO YOU SEE IT?".  
Vest: Vintage from Sugar Plum Consignments, Dress: J.Crew (old), Boots: Madewell (on sale), Bag: Phillip Lim, Earrings: Kate Spade 

A lot of you have asked about this pink lip color that I wear, and it's Estee Lauder Pure Color lipgloss in Fuchsia Vibes. I couldn't recommend this gloss more- it's awesome.  The color comes out like a lipstick and it stays on great.  
Friends, I am having a time with my hair lately.  The ends are so ratty and the top is so weighed down.  I am in dire need of a new shampoo and conditioner.  What do you all love?  I have A LOT of hair, but it's not really thick and course, it's more fine.  

This is how I feel every time I have to comb out my hair from the shower.

Have you all heard of LRX&CO?  It's like a flash sale for authentic vintage designer items.  I am lusting over all of the Chanel earrings on there right now.  You can sign up here.

I want it all.  Let me know if you buy anything, so I can be jealous.  


According to the Mayan scholars, the Mayan calendar ended this morning at the winter solstice and/or sunrise, so I guess it's safe to say we made it to the new era ... and I didn't even have to bust out my tinfoil hat and disaster backpack! Wooohoo! (You all know I get into this kind of stuff, even though ultimately science and logic win).

I have been super sick this week with a nasty cold, so I have looked like a hot mess most days.  I tried to take an outfit picture yesterday and I will certainly spare you all the gross-ness that the picture entailed.  Instead, here's an outfit that I wish I were wearing. 

Was anyone sucked into Real Housewives of Miami this season?  I watched the first season as well and these ladies are my favorite ... and I have no idea why.  It seems the consensus on the first season was that Miami was a bust, but I was one of the only people that loved it.  Maybe it's Mama Elsa, who knows, but I just can't get enough of RHOM.  I am sad the season ended.  I loved Lea Black and all of her HUGE jewelry.  Seriously, that woman has quite the collection!

I need a new scent.  What are you all loving right now?  

TGIF, friends!

Style Spotting: Miroslava Duma

I'd like to introduce Miroslava Duma to you all as one of my style crushes!  Miroslava is a former editor of Russian Bazaar and currently blogs at Buro 24/7.  I also follow her on instagram @miraduma.  I see pictures of her everywhere as she is very high fashion and is always spotted in street style blogs.  She had a baby in 2010 and I believe she's around my age or younger.  Way to make me feel like a loooosah!

I just think she's adorable and I would love to cut my hair like hers closer to summer time.  I love this picture of her hair: 

Have you all heard of Miroslava?  Do you like her style?  

Randoms + Giveaway Winner

I was excited to find this cute little sweater at H&M this weekend.  It is festive and looks like a Christmas sweater minus the sequined Santa and reindeer.  

Sweater: H&M, Skirt: J.Crew, Boots: Isabel Marant

The giveaway winner for the Aquiesse candle is SEW G! 

Please email me at PIPMblog@gmail.com with your address! 

We're down to the final stretch for Christmas gifts!  How many of you all wait until the last minute to shop like me?  I get a sick thrill out of waiting until the last possible minute and then selecting overnight shipping like an idiot.  

I used to love Kate Bosworth, but lately she is really looking rough.  Her creepy fiance seriously weirds me out with his slicked over hair and skinny frame.  I think they are in a contest to see who can be skinnier.  Is it just me or is she looking really bad lately?  

It's like they just hang off of each other constantly.  Not a fan of this couple at all.  They do not look healthy. 

Okay, that's all I've got for today.  Catch you all later!


In case you had any doubt that the f21 scarf is indeed my favorite scarf, here is further proof.  I think I've seriously worn it every day this week.  

The pants on the left are the Hue Corduroy legging pants ($17.99 via TJ Maxx) that look like pants with pockets.  They might as well be pajama jeans for how comfy they are.  

Shoesies, shoesies ... let's talk about Shoes!  The ones on the left are the little Kate Spade Pilgrim shoes that I got at the JLM discount event at Kate Spade.  The ones on the right are the sweet Isabel Marant Berry Boots -- pretty fierce and sold out everywhere.  I stalked these on eBay until I found a reputable seller with my size (and cheaper price).  I love the cone heel because it's much more comfortable than their Blackson boot version.  

I am now on a shoe ban.  I need to simma down na'.

One of the biggest tips I can give you about getting things for less on eBay that has helped me tremendously is this -- message the seller and negotiate a lower price.  I always offer a lower amount and if their item doesn't sell, they will sell it to me for said price.  Now that I think of it, it's been a while since I actually paid what the eBay listing price was.  I mostly end up negotiating a lower price via eBay message.  

Maybe one day next week I will do a post with all of my eBay tips and tricks.  I have been selling and buying on there since 2001! Isn't that crazy?  I was a little wheeler and dealer in high school on the ole dial up internet.  

Until next time ... 

Dear Santa

1. N'espresso Machine- my in-laws have one of these and it's amazing.  It makes a single or double shot of espresso and steams the milk on the side to make a perfect latte.  

2. Chemical Peel- this one speaks for itself!  I am in serious need of some sort of peel for my skin.  

3. Markus Lupfer Sweater- I am not picky-- I will take the lips, cat, car ... whatever graphic print sweater that anyone wants to get me.  

4. Kate Spade Earrings- I am finding that most of my earrings are large earrings that dangle and hang.  This presents a problem when you are wearing them with big turtlenecks.  Does anyone else have this problem?  They constantly hit your turtleneck which makes me not want to wear earrings at all.  I love these Kate Spade ones because they would stay in place!

5. Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel- I have wanted this bag for ... oh, at least a year?  I even got it back in the summer and sent it back.  Yes, I want it again.  Yes, I am crazy. 

6. Short Ugg Boots- I am a long time fan of Uggs.  No, I don't wear them with outfits, but I do wear them around the house and running small errands.  I love the short ones because they aren't too crazy.  

What's on your Christmas list?

Randoms + Christmas Giveaway

Haven't been in a blogging mood lately.  So sorry, so moody.  Here is an outfit that I wore this weekend.  This is my most favorite scarf ever and it's from Forever 21, of all places!  It is seriously the softest, warmest scarf for winter and it was nine dollars.  I wish I would have bought one in every color.  

You probably noticed (or didn't) that I am wearing yet another pair of Chloe boots.  I originally had the red ones and I bought them in a *panic, rage, must have* moment when they were on sale, with the caveat being that they were two sizes too big.  I tried and tried to make them work (stuffing the toe, inserts), but they were just too big.  I came to my senses and sold them on eBay and subsequently bought the ones I am wearing in the picture.  Win-win. 

Does anyone else have this mindset?  Ask any of my friends -- I am notorious for having things in sizes that do not fit me at all just because it was on sale or a hot item.  I am nuts.  I once bought a dress on sale in a size 12 and had it altered.  Think outside the box, people! *crazy eyes*

I am just not feelin' this Holiday season.  I can't bring myself to get into the spirit.  I've been seriously down in the dumps lately and I don't know why.  I love fall and typically love the Holidays but this year I just want it to be January already.  

Perhaps I can be in a better Holiday mood by having a CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!!! 

No, this isn't Oprah's Favorite Things, but it's one of my favorite things, this Aquiesse Candle!!!!!

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment!  I will pick a winner next Tuesday.  


I avoided going to a Target in person to see the Neiman Marcus collaboration.  Instead, I ordered from Neiman Marcus online with no issues at all.  I was pleasantly surprised with this Skaist + Taylor faux fur vest.  

Does my hair look any lighter?  I got it done this week and I asked for a lighter red.  I love it.  She added some highlights and I can't wait to be a strawberry blonde color for summer!

I also asked my stylist to thin out my ends per someone's comment on my post last week.  It really helped and I think it will help the curl hold better.  

Last night the Junior League was having a discount event at Kate Spade here in Memphis.  I ended up getting these shoes that I've had my eye on.  When I was there I saw so much cute stuff.  Seriously, they've got some great stuff out right now! 

Have you all seen this hilarious Nickelback parody song about Instagram?  It's so funny and I'm the first to admit I am guilty of a lot of these (awkward selfie anyone?).

Did you all see how perfect Kate looked leaving the hospital?  I'd be rollin' out of there in some leggings and a hat.  It just amazes me to think of how much thought must go into their appearances.  It was probably someone's sole responsibility to run and get them matching outfits to leave the hospital in.  Also, you know someone did her hair.  I love love love Kate, but at times I feel bad for her too.  It must be such a structured and rigid life.  

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Model Behavior

Did anyone watch the VS Fashion show last night?  I always watch the annual show because I have a secret obsession with models.  Oh look, there's me! LOL. 

When I was younger I loved to watch that show on E! (when E! first started in the 90's) that profiled the life of super models.  Does anyone remember this show?  It was on around the same time Wild On E! was on television.  And no it wasn't Scouted, this was an older show that aired sometime between 1998-2000. 

Anywho, ever since watching that show I have been fascinated with models and their lives.  Some of my favorites have always been Carolyn Murphy, Kate Moss, Stephanie Seymour, Karen Mulder, Laetitia Casta and Helena Christensen.

More recently, there is a new crop of supermodels that are super-young and trendy.  I just LOVE Cara Delevigne and Karlie Kloss.  

And of course I will always love Miranda Kerr.  I think she's so cute and always looks so fashionable off the runway! 

Are you all big fans of super models like I am? 

Favorite Things

1. Rosebud Salve- this is my absolute favorite lip balm.  Rosebud Salve actually has several other uses besides aiding in chapped lips.  I also use it on dry cuticles.  

2. Benefit High Beam- I put this on my cheeks, cupids bow, and eyebrow arch for illuminating areas. 

3. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler- this is the best eyelash curler you can buy, hands down.  

4. Kerastase Elixir- I put this in my hair after I've combed it out and it makes my hair so soft and healthy.  

5. IS Clinical Youth Complex- this is what I use for an eye cream; it's the best that I've found.  

6. Voluminous Carbon Black- my current favorite mascara.  

7. YSL Touche Eclat- I use this for a concealer and love it.  

8. Mac Pink Swoon Blush- this is the perfect pink blush.  

9. Chanel Mademoiselle- I am constantly buying perfumes, but I will always love Coco Mademoiselle.  I can pick this out of a crowd!

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