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How To: Basic Cat Eye

I have been LOVING a good cat eye lately.  I think if you go simple with the eye shadow and just do a cat eye, your make-up will look fabulous and the cat eye really makes your eyes pop.  

1.  Start with a bare eye and apply your concealer and foundation
2. Apply a pale shade of eye shadow - I am using this one by Chanel 
3. Swipe over entire eyelid
4. Get a good sharpie type eyeliner.  I love this one by Estee Lauder
5.  Make sure the tip is sturdy and like a sharpie tip- this makes drawing the cat eye so easy
6. Start at the corner of your eyelid and draw a line that is at an angle coming out from your edge
7. Continue the line over across your eyelid- I like to go over it again and make my line even thicker and I even thicken up the cat eye angle as well  
8. Apply your favorite mascara for dramatic lashes
9. Finished product! 

Do you all love a good cat eye as well? 


Rhonda said...

I do a slight cat eye every day. Unfortunately, the angle on the right side is always perfect, but I can't get the left side right! ha.

Georgina Castellucci said...

Gorgeous! Great tutorial :)

Andee Layne said...

girl you know i love a good cat eye! Sometimes i get a little carried away with it for daytime and start looking more like amy winehouse lol

blondieesquire said...

I'm completely cat eye obsessed right meow too!

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