PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Gearing Up for Pre-Fall

Gearing Up for Pre-Fall

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Ladies, as much as you don't want to hear it, it's almost time for pre-fall and transitional clothes.  I used to be annoyed every time stores sent out fall stuff in July, but I've learned that if you don't get it now, it won't be available in your size when the cool temps actually come around! 

I got the fall J.Crew catalog this past week and love the styling for once!  

I really want the skirt above to wear with jean jackets in August and September.  

As soon as I saw the fall floral skirt, I knew I had to have it.  I love the brocade floral pattern and think it would be so cute worn with many different things.  I actually love it styled with this striped shirt and utility jacket.  I have to get a good utility jacket like this for fall this year.  

I love these heels because they have an ankle strap.  I've found that heels are much easier to wear when there is an ankle strap.  

I definitely need these navy jeweled earrings that were featured on the cover of the fall J.Crew catalog.  Imagine the possibilities!

Moving away from J.Crew, I anticipate that navy and olive green will be big this fall.  I love this LV BB Alma in Olive Green.  

Here are tons of booties that I love for fall- once again, booties will be huge which is fine with me since I live in them year round.  These are all way pricey, but they're fun to look at. 

Are you all buying anything for fall yet? 


Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

I loved the Jcrew styling too. Fall is my favorite season I get so excited about Fall Clothes and you know booties are my favorite!!

Lissy said...

Yet again, we are on the same page. I'm buying those Miu Miu booties but in black patent. I'm waiting a couple of weeks when Massachusetts has its annual tax free weekend.

Preppy Southern Belle said...

Agreed about the Jcrew styling; really on point this season. Dogeared a number of pages in the look book. I can not embrace booties though! I have tried and after every picture you post looking great in them, I run to Neiman's or somewhere an try on 10 pairs and don't find any I think I would wear more than once or twice. Maybe I will give these options a try; those Saint Laurent ones are so gorgeous!

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