PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Casual Sequins

Casual Sequins

Chambray button-up: Gap, Skirt: Old J.Crew, Sunglasses: Linda Farrow (another eBay score), Bag: LV Speedy Empreinte, Shoes: Chanel Ballet Flats, Earrings: F21, Bracelets: DY

I was inspired to wear my old sequin skirt casually to work today after seeing Kathleen of CBL rock a similar look on her instagram.  I am obsessed with skirts lately and need to add more to my wardrobe.  I really don't have that many skirts in my closet.  This particular sequin one from J.Crew is almost 4 years old.  I feel like more and more lately I am buying purses or shoes and not clothes.  I can't wait for fall because I have a lot of plain sweater dresses and oversized sweaters that I can rotate.  It's so hard in this transitional period to figure out what to wear! 


Lili said...

totally love this look!

The Fashionable ESQ said...

I love this look, I think it's adorable and chic and you look great in it :)

The Fashionable ESQ (Esquire)

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