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From beach to boardroom: Summer Trends for the Office

As the sun starts to shine and the temperature rises, we want to show off our summer fashions 24-hours a day. Unfortunately, the big bosses probably aren’t so keen on you sporting a crop top to the board meeting and understandably so. But, if you want to add a dose of style to your working day without shocking your employees, check out these great summer trends.

This may come to your relief but you absolutely can add your passion for fashion to your office attire. You just need to establish what’s appropriate and what crosses the line. With this guide to what’s hot this summer, you’ll be able to finish the daily 9-5 and head straight to your garden party in the very same outfit.

Printed dresses

Do you wear anything other than a variety of shades of black, grey and beige to work? Well, it’s summer for goodness sake! Don’t be afraid of adding some colour or pattern to your office wardrobe, just keep it smart. Printed dresses are great fun and can be balanced with the right cut. Throw a black blazer over the top if your employers are particularly conservative or you want to add an edge of class.


Do you wear a suit three days out of five? Little do you know, ladies suits can be much more fun! Go for a modern suit, perhaps cropped trousers or a tight fitting blazer, but instead of the usual blouse and heels, pair it with a graphic tee and pumps. This city chic look is perfect for a relaxed day at the office before the weekend.

Shorts (eek!)

It may come as a surprise, but it is possible to show off those perfect pins at work, although there are some rules to follow. Don’t get too carried away. You’re lucky to be wearing shorts at all, so don’t push it by wearing casual denims or anything too short. Try high-waisted cotton or silk shorts that are an acceptable length or classic Bermudas that boast a more conservative yet chic style.

Bold hues

What a difference a pop of colour can make! Even if you stick to your usual work attire, you can brighten it up by adding some bold colours. Pair that boring office suit with bright accessories and shoes, or go for a punchy pink blouse. Yellows, pinks, oranges and blues are set to be hot this summer.

When deciding on your summer wardrobe for work, start out small so you can judge the reaction from your colleagues and most importantly, your boss. If everyone else turns up in a summer dress and gladiator sandals, don’t hesitate to rock the very same look.

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