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Things I'm Loving

I've been meaning to post this for a while but just haven't had time.  I'm in Kentucky this weekend for my 10 year HS reunion (pump the breaks, time).  Without further adieu, here are some things that I am loving lately.  

1. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream- so last weekend I went and got all of the September issues of the major magazines.  In one of the magazines was a sample of Olay Regenerist Mico-Sculpting cream.  I had always heard that Olay products used a lot of the same ingredients of the more expensive creams, but admittedly I scoffed at the thought of using Olay face products.  I tried the sample and this cream is awesome! My skin is so smooth and the overall appearance was amazing just one day after using it.  I promptly drove to Walgreen's and got the face cream that I tried with a 3 dollar off coupon.  

2. Real Raw Beauty Oil- I've posted about this for a while, but I am convinced that this stuff is making my eyelashes grow like crazy.  It's all I used to take off my eye-makeup and I haven't used any eyelash serums or enhancers in months, but yet my eyelashes are really long right now and this is all that I can attribute to that.  

3. Paleo Love Co Brownies- my sister-in-law (another one besides the one with the raw food business) started making Paleo brownies and they are delicious and also gluten free! I am not on the Paleo diet- I just love the brownies!  She delivers anywhere in the US.  

4. Wet Brush- I've posted about this before too, but this little brush is a lifesaver.  I haven't combed out my hair after a shower in months.  I just use this brush and my nasty rat's nest is detangled in a couple of minutes.  

5. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation- Another item that I've posted about before ... the best foundation ever!  It goes on so light and smooth.  I will definitely be repurchasing this over and over again.  

6. Wella Brilliance Shampoo & Conditioner- I got a sample of this from my hair salon and really love it.  It smells amazing and makes my hair really soft and manageable.  

7. Keratin Dry Shampoo- another item that I got from the hair salon ... from the makers of the Keratin shampoo.  This is a great dry shampoo and it has the added benefit of a Keratin Complex. 

8. OPI Russian Navy Shellac- I was tired of summer colors at the nail salon, so this past week I went dark with Russian Navy.  It's such a good dark color without being black.  

9. Bond Westside Perfume- I actually ordered another Bond perfume and got the Westside bon bon as a sample.  I ended up loving the Westside scent even more than the one that I ordered. 

10. Safe & Sound Song- I know this song is played out, but I just love it and think it's such a jolly song.  


Katie said...

That Russian Navy is so dark... it seems nearly purple! Such a pretty color for fall.

Becky Morgan said...

Which one of the radiant beauty oils do you use on your eyelashes?

Pretty in Pink said...

@becky i just use the regular one to take off my makeup.

Ann said...

Which beauty oil is "the regular one"...there are like 5 or 6 on the site and none of them are listed a 'regular oil'. Confused. Would love to buy it, but have no clue which one you're using.

Pretty in Pink said...

@ann - i use the radiant skin face wash, but it's basically just an oil wash

thepetitepelican said...

Russian Navy is a great color...I especially love OPI's Road House Blues for another great navy color!

shauna wise said...

I love paeleo recipes too! Even though I'm not on the diet, their recipes tend to be low carb & healthy :)

xoxo Shauna

Miss Lindsay said...

I'm going to try that foundation... I'm using Chanel long wear and don't love it.
Westside is one of my favorites! I wish it was in a prettier bottle...

Red Lipstick said...

I'm excited to try the Real Raw Beauty. Your eyelashes are proof it works enough for me ;)

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