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Manic Monday

I really love Hillary Duff- she seems to be down to earth and nice.  I also love that she always wears the latest and greatest shoes and bags.  

I really love her haircolor here.  

Speaking of celebs that I love- how awesome does Sienna Miller look in these pictures?  I need that blue/green fur stole stat.  She just exudes effortless style to me.  

I know a lot of people don't care for Kate Moss, but she's another one that is so effortlessly chic to me.  I love to look at pictures and see the outfits that she pulls together.  

I also love her hair length and color.  

Enough about celebs.  Here are a couple of things I wore this week that you need to know about.  

First of all, this awesome Banana Republic sweater that would be worn so many ways.  

I wore it with a black skirt and leopard loafers, but the possibilities are endless.  

I also love this Gap dress that I got in both olive green and hot pink.  It's long sleeved so it will be great for fall, but I am also wearing it today with bare legs, boots, and a scarf.  It comes in a variety of colors! 

My braided hair = I hate my hair mornings.  

I almost cut my own hair this weekend.  It's such a rat's nest.  I really love this haircut, color, and style, but of course I doubt mine would look like this.  I am sure a million people have taken this picture to their hairstylist as it's all over Pinterest.  

The reality is that my hair is super-straight and would only look like this with heavy styling, which, let's be honest, I am lazy and probably would rather sleep in than wake up early and style my hair.  

In other news, I want these boots for fall.  I actually bought them about 3 years ago and returned them because I felt bad about the price.  Of course the price has only gone up, but I still love them.  

That's all I've got for today- have a great Monday! 


DanielleWoods91711 said...

HD seems very down to earth! I like her a lot! :)

Jennifer said...

I really like Hillary Duff's style too! I love that she has the Goyard SL in every color and uses them as diaper bags - so chic for a mom!

Meghan said...

I love that simple hair style.. i feel like you could pull it off, for sure :)

willieandbo said...

I have the Chanel boots in black. Probably one of the best purchases I've ever made. Yes, major sticker shock but so worth it!

Heather C. Watson said...

I love Kate Moss, too. So gorgeous! I almost bought that sweater at Banana Republic today. Now I'm thinking I need to go back for it...

phiphis blog said...

have a great day! that carpe diem sweater looks super cute!

Petunia said...

Love Kate Moss. Also love those Chanel boots--yum.

Petunia said...

Love Kate Moss. Also love those Chanel boots--yum.

Kathleen said...

Those boots are insanely amazing. I was a huge fan of your red hair and need some info...did yours fade out easily? I feel like I have roughly the same natural hair color as you and want to go red, but have issues with fading...thoughts??? tips???

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