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New Living Room

I will be the first to admit that I hate interior decorating.  I can put together an outfit, but putting together a room really stresses me out.  When we moved into our house 5 years ago I just mirrored what some of the homes we had viewed looked like- dark walls, dark furniture, antique looking rug, everything from Pottery Barn.  I have come to realize that none of this is my style at all and now I am stuck 5 years later with all of this dark stuff that I don't care for.  The first step is to get all of the walls painted white.  I am going to get rid of the dark wall colors throughout our whole house and opt for a fresh white color.  I am going to attempt to use a lot of what I have already since I don't want to go spending a ton of money on new stuff.  

Here is what I am envisioning for my redone living room: 

And this is what it currently looks like: 

I am going to try to keep our dark brown couch, but get a new rug, new coffee table, new love seat (preferably velvet) and new end tables.  I also must have furry pillows or some sort of fur in the living room.  We do not currently have any window treatments in our living room because we have plantation shutters, but I think drapes add a lot to a room, so I may add some of those too.  I am also going to try to add some other colors to the current painting that we already have in our living room.  I would LOVE to have an animal rug, but with dogs I just don't think it would stay clean.  

Here are some inspiration pictures that I love: 

I would describe my home decorating style as boho chic- I don't like anything too formal.  I love gold mirrors, chandeliers, fur, and abstract paintings.  

Hopefully I can get the living room done within the next 6 months.  First step is getting these walls painted! 


Regarding Rehse said...

I think home decorating might be one of the hardest things to do. John and I moved around a lot while he was still in the Marines and it took me a year of living in each home to really get it decorated they way I liked best. The look you're going for is gorgeous! Airy, but still full of rich colors!

thepetitepelican said...

Paint can change your rooms, your house and your life! (ok, maybe not you're life..) It's truly amazing the difference a new paint color can make!

Kristen said...

You should check out AB Chao's work: abchao.com. Sounds to me like you might find something inspirational on her site! She's very fond of white bases, accent colors, animal rugs, and personalizing!

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Painting the walls will make such a big difference. We just repainted ours and it really brighten the room up!

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