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Wearing: Banana Republic dress and J.Crew Scarf

I've hated my hair lately.  I have been contemplating cutting it, but today I decided to actually dedicate time to fixing it with a curling wand and I must say that I like the result.  If it didn't so long to curl it, I'd probably do this every day.  

I would love to get my hair cut and colored like this: 

The only thing stopping me is that hair that blonde requires such upkeep.  When I was that blonde a few years ago, I was in the salon every 5 weeks getting my base broken.  Not sure if I have the time and patience for that many hair appointments, not to mention the cost.  

I really love this Joie sweater.  I want it.  

Speaking of Instagram, are you following me on there?  I post way more on there than I do blog posts.  My name is PIPMEGAN.  

I've been seeing a lot of MSGM over the past year- I love their stuff.  How cute is this tweed assortment? 

I also love this geometric print dress by MSGM:


Regarding Rehse said...

They had me at tweed! And I love your hair now, but it is so long! I'm growing mine out and I am panicking as it gets longer because I've never had it longer than barely grazing my shoulders before! Any tips?

Lissy said...

Your hair looks great styled this way. The blonder 'do would look fab on you but I agree about the upkeep. I'm in the salon every 5 weeks like clockwork.

Erin Wiggle said...

Your hair looks ah-mazing! I've always been jealous of how long and thick it is. :)

RWH said...

Your hair looks fantastic! Blonde suits you!

Minh Nguyen said...

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work ♡

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Ashley Turner said...

I just cut my hair a little shorter than that photo and went a lot lighter about 2 weeks ago. If you have them put multiple colors in your hair, you can still go lighter without needing that much maintenance. Like an ash blonde, a more golden blonde and even an ashy brown lowlight will make you blonder, but you can probably get away with 8 weeks between appointments! x


Red Lipstick said...

I've been Joie clothing at TJ Maxx lately ;)

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