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Mid-Week Randoms

I am really loving tartan this season.  I first saw these Stella McCartney items that really made me love the print: 

And then there's the Celine tartan ... I love it all. 

However, I can't look at this print without thinking about the cheap bags that we got in Paris to tote around all of our shopping hauls when I studied abroad: 

What do you all think about the tartan craze?

While we're on the topic of fashion, I just CANNOT get into this "wear your jacket draped over your shoulders" trend going on right now.  It started last year and I remember thinking, "what on Earth is going on ..."  I hoped it would pass, but it's back this year bigger than ever.  It seems like every time I get on Instagram someone is wearing their jacket without their arms in the holes.  I'm not hating by any means because you all know I am down with fashion, but I am just not feelin' this one.  

Jackets have arm holes for a reason! I can't help but think that these jackets are on the verge of falling off without those arms in the holes.  Normally I can be okay with trendy stuff, but no can do on this one, sorry.  However, if this is your thing then go ahead and do what you feel! Am I the only one who feels this way? 

I saw these boots on someone's Instagram the other day and I absolutely love them and want them! I had never heard of the brand before- Alli Marie.  It looks like this is a fairly young brand, but I love all of the shoes.  How cute would these be with tights? 

I wear a 6.5 if anyone wants to buy them for me.  

Another pair of boots that I've been lusting over are these Tabitha Simmons buckle boots:

Love or hate? 

And then, lastly, since we're still talking about boots- I still love these Givenchy shark boots.  I wish they weren't so expensive.  

They even made them in an eel bootie version this year: 

Thanks for tuning in for my random thoughts today! 


maryjanecarney said...

Yes I'm obsessed with tartan too. Specifically, this skirt: http://m.shopbop.com/sculpted-flare-skirt-31-phillip/vp/v=1/1591584900.htm?folderID=2534374302181020&fm=other-shopbysize&colorId=16731

I love your reaction to the jackets over the shoulders! haha Although I do love wearing mine that way--it started last year after I saw Bag Snob doing it and then every guy I know accused me of wearing my coats like capes.

Meghan said...

I want those Givenchy shark boots so bad!!

I wear a size 7 if anyone wants to buy those for me :) :) :)

xx BHB said...

The only reason you should be wearing a coat without arms in the sleeves is if your arm is in a sling or otherwise unable to actually enter the sleeve. It just looks so weird! It's not a cape!

Andee Layne said...

ugh me too! Been eyeing those Givenchy boots since last year! So darn pricey! :(

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