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Mid-Week Randoms

So I got some sombre (subtle ombre) hair last night.  I took these pictures of Kate Bosworth (who I am obsessed with, but wish she would ditch that creepy husband): 

And this is what I got! 

I love it and per usual April at Pageboy Salon did a great job.  I'll probably go more blonde with it in the spring, but it's perfect for fall and winter.  

Does anyone have these Lauren Conrad booties?  I've seen her wear them a couple of times and I love the way they look.  For only $59.99 I am thinking about pulling the trigger on the black and the brown.  

I saw this outfit in In Style when I was at the salon last night and I am now inspired to recreate it- isn't it cute?

Jacket: Theory, Skirt: ALC, Booties: Cole Haan 

I got this product after seeing Jessica Alba instagram about it a few weeks ago: 

I just love Jessica Alba and I think she has awesome skin.  I also follow her make-up artist friend, Lauren Anderson, who also has great skin.  They both use this retinol cream called Resurface made by their esthetician, Shani Darden.  
I ordered it on a whim and I am pleasantly surprised with how well it works.  I use it every other night before moisturizer and it gives a really good low grade peel the next day.  I can then use a Clarisonic or rough washcloth to get the peel off and I am left with smoother skin.  It cleared up some annoying small bumps on my forehead in about 2 days.  I really love the Resurface and wish she'd make other skincare products as well.  Currently, this is the only one she makes.  

I really enjoy seeing pictures of Hilary Duff on my most favorite website, Daily Mail- I think she's so cute and has a really good eye for fashion.  

Plus she seems to be a fellow bootie lover, so of course I love her! 

Hope you've enjoyed your weekly dose of randoms.  Happy Wednesday!


Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

You have the best hair ever!! I am kind of a stalker when it comes to Jessica Alba so I may have to order that cream. The LC booties look really cute you should try them out!

xx BHB said...

I saw those Cole Haan booties (from the magazine photo) in person in SF and they are absolutely STUNNING. Not to enable, but you should get them. The heel is super high (most booties I've seen you wearing in pics don't seem huge) but they are seriously gorgeous.

Also, yes - Kate Bosworth's husband is a freakshow.

Delta Daisies said...

Love your hair!

Ann said...

Your hair looks awesome, though I'd love to see the highlights/ombre a little more noticeable....I love me a chunky highlight.

Okay, thank you for saying her hubs creeps you out, bc ME TOO. Thought it was just me.

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