PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Styling Contest with Onlineshoes.com

Styling Contest with Onlineshoes.com

Happy Monday, friends! I was asked to participate in a shoe styling contest from Onlineshoes.com and would love it if you'd take a look and cast your vote if you think I am worthy :) 

For this particular contest I was given these cute women's boots by the Sofft brand.  They were surprisingly really comfortable and easy to wear.  They are the Sofft Noreen if you are interested. 

I would greatly appreciate your vote!

You can vote by clicking HERE and you can only vote once.  Thank you for taking the time to vote for me :) 


Heather C. Watson said...

I voted, of course! Your hair looks amazing. The "new ombré" really works for you!

Shopping Obsession said...

I voted :) Love it how you pair with the pretty J. Crew skirt.

Elizabeth said...

Done. You're in the lead!!! Where did you get that jacket. I have the skirt. Such a cute combination.

Red Lipstick said...

Voted! You are leading at 41% Love Sofft, my aching runner's feet appreciate them! ;)

The Fashionable ESQ said...

You look so cute! The best thing you did was get a great camera girl! I love the pics. Your hair looks awesome. I voted for you - you're winning by a landslide. YAY!!!

PS: I Love this brand of shoe> I bought a pair of their boots last year and found them to be super comfortable.

The Fashionable ESQ

Ayesha said...


Pink Flamingo Style said...

Those booties are amazing...adding those to my Christmas wish list immediately!!!


Delta Daisies said...


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