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This has been a long week! Thankfully, we all made it to Friday! 

I got these 3.1 Phillip Lim boots that I've been wanting for my Birthday.  They are just as amazing in person as they were in pictures! 

I wore them with the same Joie dress that I wore last week.  

Can we talk about Kim K for a minute?  She has been killing it lately with the fashion and the hair.  Yes, some of her getups are misses (especially when she flaunts her boobs), but lately I have really been loving her style.  I am also obsessed with her ombre hair and want mine to look like that.  

The only thing that bothers me is how she always wears sandals when it's freezing outside.  She always wears them with a huge fur coat.  Do you all think Kayne has a foot fetish or something?  I think they're both pretty disgusting and annoying, but I do love seeing what Kim wears.  

Speaking of a good ombre, this is Rob's cousin Libby.  She has a beauty blog and I've been obsessed with watching all of her hair tutorials lately.  She is super-cute and lives in NYC.  

This is my favorite video by her- I'm on a mission to get these curls and this hair color.  

Is anyone else excited and saving up for all of the sales next week?  I have purposefully been putting stuff in my Saks and NM cart with hopes that it will go on sale next week.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday will definitely be the time to get the fall and winter pieces that you've wanted but didn't want to spend money on.  It never fails that every year pieces that I've wanted get marked down.  

See my "saks bag" there?  I am poised and ready for sales! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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Red Lipstick said...

Libby's instagram is super cute! Thank you for the great recommendation.

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