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Cat Eye 411

I've been working on my cat eye for about a year and I must admit, I've gotten pretty good at it.  There are days when I end up looking like a theatrical character, but for the most part I am down with a good winged liner.  

I saw this on Instagram and laughed so hard- it pretty much sums up my mornings: 

Seriously, it is so hard with winged liner because it is very, very easy to get carried away.  It is also hard to match the two eyes, so sometimes you have to go a little overboard. 

These are my GO-TO daily winged eyeliner favorites: 

The Stila is a bit skinnier than the Eyeko, but I feel like the Stila will stay on longer and won't smudge.  I use them both equally, though.  

One of my favorite cat eye enthusiasts, Alexa Chung, uses the Eyeko and that's what first turned me on to it: 

And here is her video for eyeko (love her but this video is far from a tutorial):

PS- Where can I get that awesome pink sweater? 

There you have it, the two eyeliners I use for my winged look. 

Which eyeliners do you all use for a good cat eye?


Cat said...

haha this is so true! one day i will get it right! x

xx BHB said...

I'm obsessed with that Stila. I saw a tutorial once for cateye liner that involved Scotch tape on your eyelid and it... is weird? but kind of works

Vanessa said...

I used the Eyeko for ages until it dried up and I never got around to getting a new one. For my everyday now, I use Lancome Artliner (LOVE their eye makeup) and a Stila smudge pot with a brush for drama at night. Love the marker style though - SO much easier to handle!

Kristen said...

I've tried both Stila and Eyeko. Stila is amazing, but a bit much for my sensitive eyes. I also have crazy oily eyelids (anyone else?), so that didn't help. I tried Eyeko and LOVE IT. It's what I use daily, now. The price is pretty good, too.

Stacy said...

I use the Marc Jacobs eyeliner. It is pretty good but I think I will try this eyeko. Thanks for this post

Stacy Blaise

Red Lipstick said...

That video gone wrong is the storey of my life, lol! Purchased the Stila, now have to try it, lol. My eyes turn downwards, so I can easily look crazy if I don't get it right... Love Your Cat Eye.

Colleen said...

Try the Eyeko mascara it's awesome! The tube is small and weird looking but it's great.

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