PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: January 2013

A Perfect Murder: Wardrobe Report

Tonight I caught one of my all time favorite movies on TV, A Perfect Murder.  I always loved Gwyneth's wardrobe in this movie as she played wealthy Emily Taylor who is caught up in a love affair with someone her husband hires to kill her.

The funny thing is that every time I mention watching this movie (which is multiple times per year), someone always says that they loved her wardrobe in the film.

I thought it'd be fun to replicate some of "Emily Taylor's" timeless looks from the film.

Do you all love this movie as much as I do? 

Thursday Randoms

Have you all seen this new Bon Qui Qui spoof with Alexander Wang? I was dying laughing when I watched this.  The original is my favorite, but this one is pretty funny. 

And just in case you haven't seen the original, here it is: 

How amazing does Jessica Chastain look here?  I love her hair and her pale skin. 

And with a total 180, we have LiLo who obviously forgot to get a spray tan on her legs to match her arms and face.  This girl is just such a mess.  

I've wanted an Hermes belt for a while now.  Seeing lemon lady Yolanda Foster parade around on RHOBH with her 15 different Hermes belt straps is only feeding my obsession with the Hermes constance belt.  

I think they are so versatile and you can wear them on your waist or your hips.  Ahh here's LiLo as a blonde in one (we've come full circle). 

I'll take a Constance bag while we're at it too.  Thanks.  

Is anyone else obsessed with Vanderpump Rules?  I initially thought it was so dumb and laughed it off as a stupid spin off of RHOBH, but I am totally into it now!  It is like a real life modern version of The Hills.  I can't get enough of the drama! 

Here is the giveaway winner for the SPCA Dallas event!  Please email me at PIPMblog@gmail.com to claim your tickets! 

Clothing Conundrum

This weekend I went out to eat with a friend and wore an H&M dress, Theory jacket, Hermes scarf, and Report booties.  I actually hated this outfit and attempted to change about 5 times before leaving.  

Herein lies the problem- I hate all of my clothes.  I know, that's so stupid for someone to say, especially someone that loves clothes.  But I really hate all of my clothes right now.  Do you all go through phases like this?

I feel like I have tons of fluff clothes.  I have an insane amount of dresses.  I have hardly any blouses and basic sweaters.  Somedays I just want to throw on some jeggings and an oversized sweater but the only ones I have are long enough to be dresses, so it looks weird.  It's almost February, so is it too late to buy a bunch of basic sweaters now?  Probably so.

In my outfit rage the other night I went digging for a basic sweater to wear with some leather leggings and couldn't find anything without a cat or hen on it.  At that moment I thought, "WHY DID YOU BUY A SWEATER WITH A HEN ON IT?!?!"

I remember being at Nordstrom Rack last year and seeing a bunch of T by Alexander Wang oversized t-shirts and sweaters and wanting to buy them, but for some reason I talked myself out of them because they were "too plain" to be that expensive.  I now wish I would have just bought them all to have some basic stuff to wear.
Top: 1, 2, 3, 4
Bottom: 1, 2, 3, 4

So I guess there was really no point to this rant except to say that I wish I had more basic items in my wardrobe and less animal sweaters and silk dressy dresses.

Do you all ever feel like this?

Transition Boot

I am loving this boot by Acne called the pistol boot.  I think it would be the perfect transition from winter to spring.  


Here are a couple of outfits from this week.  I've been super-busy this week and my anxiety has been on overload, so it hasn't been the best week for me.  I feel like people are being more crazy than usual as well.  Perhaps there is a full moon? 
 I recently got this Hermes shawl and I am so obsessed with it.  It's so soft and drapes perfectly.  Now I know why people start to become addicted to Hermes scarves and shawls.  They go with everything! I wore it with an Old Navy sweater dress and Chloe boots.  
I also wore this old Alice Temperley sweater dress with OTK Loeffler Randall boots.  I love the print on this dress and it's also very cozy and warm. 

I included a couple of self-absorbed face shots (I hate selfies) to show you all how wonderful the new Bobbi Brown foundation is!  If you haven't watched my vlog you can see it here.  I am very pleased with this foundation and I am loving the pale skin.  

Giveaway For Dallas Area People!

As you all know, I am a huge animal lover.  I love my four pups like they are children and we actually used to be a foster home for the National Brussels Griffon Rescue Association (where 2 of our dogs are from).  I was so excited to be asked to host this giveaway for SPCA of Texas.  
Paws Cause 2013: Paws Cause Goes Hollywoof

Event to be Held Sunday, March 3 at Sambuca in Uptown Dallas to Benefit the SPCA of Texas’ Village Fair Spay/Neuter & Wellness Clinic

Beautiful 2013 Paws Cause Calendars Now Available for Purchase Online

WHAT: Join us at Paws Cause 2013, Paws Cause “Goes Hollywoof,” where glamour, glitz and star power rules! And it is all to help Dallas become a more compassionate community, where every adoptable animal has a loving home. This star-studded, fun-filled event—to be held Sunday, March 3 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Sambuca in Uptown Dallas—will feature delicious food, famous cocktails, fantastic entertainment and an irresistible silent auction. Purchase tickets today atwww.spca.org/pawscause.

Ticket prices are $150 for an individual, $200 for a couple, $200 for a patron-level individual and $400 for a patron-level couple. All money raised through Paws Cause 2013 will go directly to the SPCA of Texas Clinic at Village Fair to help provide more than 12,000 free and low cost surgeries and 15,000 health and wellness treatments in 2013.

The annual event will feature a silent auction, raffle, Bone Appetit restaurant raffle and a cork pull. Raffle tickets are available for $25 each or five for $100 by contacting Paws Cause at pawscause2012@gmail.com. The cork pull will be $25 per pull the night of the event. Attire is casual, and valet parking will be available.

Paws Cause is also famous for its stunning desk calendars, now on sale at www.spca.org/pawscause. This year’s must-have edition is a beautiful Green with Envy Green, and its pages feature Dallas’ who’s who and their beloved pets.

Paws Cause 2013 is shaping up to be most successful event so far, thanks to Honorary Chairs, Stacey and Don Kivowitz, and Co-Chairs, Jane Arrington, Andie Comini and Cassie Evans. The compassionate, mission-minded volunteers of Paws Cause have been assisting the SPCA of Texas for a total of more than 25 years, and their work has saved thousands of lives.

Join us on the red carpet as we celebrate and give thanks to all our like-minded, compassionate animal lovers in the Metroplex.

So what's the giveaway you might ask?  TWO TICKETS to one of you all to attend Paws Cause 2013!!!! 

You can view their FB page at this link. 

Trust me, if I lived near Dallas I'd totally be at this event in a heartbeat! 

All you have to do is tell me about your pets (or why you love animals) in the comments section for this post and I will pick a winner at random on February 1st, 2013.  

Best of luck to you all! - Megan, Georgina, Miss P, Apple, & Max

Beauty Reviews: Make-up, RapidLash, & Misikko

Products in Video: 

RapidLash (on sale) 

I was asked to review this curling iron from Misikko and I was pleased with my Valentine's Day package.  Their packages always include these funny monkeys that my dogs LOVE playing with, so thank you for that.  

Note: I received this product for free in exchange for a review. 

I hope you all enjoyed the reviews and vlog!

Simple Casual

Image via 

Ever since seing the above picture on Refinery 29, I have been obsessed with finding a snood to wear with sweaters or a sweatshirt and skinny jeans.  I think this outfit is effortless and looks so cute.  

Blue Jeans

Jacket: By Malene Birger, Fur Stole: H&M, Jeans: JBrand, Shoes & Bag: Chanel GST and Chanel Ballet Flats

Can you all believe I am wearing jeans in a post?  I will be the first to admit that I HATE jeans.  I think they are so uncomfortable and I feel like a stuffed sausage in them.  I found these J.Brand ones on sale for 50% off at Joseph and decided to give them a try.  I like the length and wash, and hopefully they will stretch out a bit and get more comfortable.  

Shades of Purple

Dress: DvF, Vest: Yves Salomon (via UAL in Nashville), Shoes: Louboutin Miss Fred Booties (old) Purse: Chanel Jumbo Flap

Is this fur obnoxious? Yes.  It was too fabulous to pass up.  I feel like a purple monster when wearing it.  

Have a great weekend!

PS -- check out new items added to the blog sale here.  

Combat Dry Winter Skin

This week my skin has been considerably more dry and crusty than usual.  The temps have been in the 20's and 30's and it's been windy.  This type of weather can really wreck your skin in these cold winter months.  

Here are some items I like to use to combat winter skin: 

1) Embryolisse- I ordered this stuff nearly two years ago and it's been sitting in a drawer ever since.  I forgot what a gem this stuff is for moisturizing.  It's a cult favorite by many make-up artists because of how smooth it makes skin.  Embryolisse is great for a dry face.

2) Rosebud Salve- I think I've talked about this before, but it's seriously my favorite.  I have one of these on hand at all times.  My lips have been so chapped lately and this multi-purpose product works great.  
3) It's a 10 - my hair has been dry as well and I've been spritzing this leave-in treatment on my ends after combing from the shower.  It's really made a difference in my brittle hair.  

4) Jack Black Hand Cream- I got a free sample of this hand cream in a beauty order and have loved it ever since.  It is awesome and moisturizing, but not leaving your hands too greasy. 

5) Real Raw Face Oil- of course I love and still use this oil, but here recently I've actually been using it on my elbows and arms to combat dry skin.  It's awesome and you can use it on your face or body!
What do you all like to use in the winter for dry skin?

Guest Post: Transitional Pieces for Decorating

Enjoy today's guest post from Betsey & Becca.  Betsey was actually one of my Junior League provisionals two years ago and we have kept in contact since.  

We were so thrilled when Megan from, Pretty In Pink Megan invited us to do a guest post for her! We are daily followers of her fabulous blog! We have been blogging for a few months, but mainly just friends and family knew how to find us.  At Megan's suggestion, we have turned on the ability to have followers and comments and decided to be a little more social! We have backgrounds in Interior Design and Fashion, and have independently worked for and helped multiple friends and clients in the past. This new year will bring in many new interior projects that we could not be more excited about. We are most excited about working together and putting our ideas into people's homes. We have so many exciting new things to share, and hope you will visit our blog for updates!

Today we will be sharing a few of our favorite "transitional pieces" for people just starting out trying to furnish and decorate a home.  The largest mistake we see our younger clients making is buying filler--decor purchased solely to fill up space.  Our best advice is to buy slowly and only buy what you love.....and what can be repurposed down the road.  NEVER buy something just to give an empty space company.  Many of the following suggestions are purchases that can be made very budget consciously, but they all have multiple functionality to make sure they get lots of love!

1.  A great big mirror can make a small room seem much bigger, and it is a chic way to dress up any space.  Here are a few of our favorite options, but we also love unique finds from yard sales, estate sales and antique shops.  Another trick is to find a cool, old mirror and replace your standard bath mirrors (or, hang it in the middle of a large regulation bathroom piece) for an unexpected pizazz.  (side note:  we love mirrored furniture as well, and it too serves to make a space look larger than it really is!  try a mirrored chest in a bedroom as a "tv stand" or mirrored bedside tables.)

And some of our favorite sources for mirrors can be found here, here and here.

2.  Bar carts are a great way to have a fully functional little mini bar in your home--and they make a great design statement, too!!  They can stand alone, or be used behind a couch or settee or even as a side table, later!  We also think they look super cute in a dressy office for extra storage or as a perfume and jewelry table in a closet or bathroom.  Think of them as side tables with style!  (if you are lucky enough to have a pool or cool outdoor area, don't forget them there, either!) Alot of them out there are pricey but don't let that scare you, reasonable ones do exist and don't forget an old refurbished one that can be "fixed"-up sometimes turn out the best.

Get your own here, here or here!!

3.  Ottomans are one of the most functional pieces in a home, as they can clearly be paired with a cool chair for their implied use:), but they also make great coffee tables.  We love them in bedrooms, for seating at the end of a bed, and they can also be a great choice for a pop of color in an entry way or parlor.  We aren't picky when it comes to their size or shape--we love big, square ottomans just as much as X-benches and poofs.  (and extra points if they open for storage!)

Our favorite customizable ottomans come from Anna at My Chic Nest (we can't wait to meet you in a few weeks, Anna) but if you're feeling really crafty, try this idea for a cool look.

4.  Great artwork that you love is an obvious choice for a piece that can be purchased now and loved for years.  I have a pair of vintage birds that I had framed over my bed in my first house, in my bathroom now, and am planning on using in the dining room in our new house.  Etsy is a GREAT source for cool artwork.  Also, if you are feeling crafty, search for artwork that is simple but makes a statement and try to recreate it. Most artwork is expensive so this is an easy way to save some money. I have found that a lot of the detail in art is the way it is framed!

5.  A great desk or secretary is always a smart purchase, bc though it's obvious location is a home office, we love them just as much in dens, dining rooms and bedrooms. There are endless options for placement of a cool secretary, and we have even seen them repurposed into mini bars or china cabinets.

6. A cool chandelier or light fixture can make a room, and buying pieces that you love now ensures many years of love.  Chandeliers were typically used in formal living rooms, but now we love them in nurseries, kitchens, bathrooms and closets, too! Take a look at a few of our favorites here, here and here to see how much impact and drama they could add! So go take those old fixtures and ceiling fans down and replace them with a new fixture that will change the entire feel of the room!

So there you have it for our best suggestions on furniture for now AND later!  Please come visit us at our blog, or contact us at betseyandbecca@gmail.com for a copy of our portfolio or references. 

Betsey and Becca

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