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Beauty Review: Abeeco Bee Venom Mask

So I've had this mask to review for a few weeks now and it took me this long to actually try it.  I admit, I was terrified.  However, it is so not the harsh mask that I was expecting and I am pleasantly surprised with how much that I liked the mask.  

BeeVenom is the new "cool" thing for facials and face care products.  The science is that the bee venom will naturally puff up the skin a little bit as if you've been stung by a bee.  

Here's proof it didn't do anything crazy.  And yes, I got it all over my hoodie.  I am so messy.  

I was expecting to look very puffy and red faced after using this mask, but it was the total opposite.  The mask had a calming effect and was very pleasant to put on my face.  It smelled great and immediately made my skin very soft and supple.  

Overall, this mask was great and not as scary as I was anticipating.  If you are looking for a calming mask that will help with fine lines, I think this one is a great one for you! 

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xx BHB said...

I too hear such great things about bee venom, bee pollen, etc.... but I'm allergic to bees so I'm totally freaked. I know it's all been processed to some degree but I just can't take the plunge yet..

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