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Lately I feel like I am needing glasses more and more.  I've gone many years without using any eyeglasses, but the strain of staring at a computer all day is certainly taking a taking a toll on my vision.  I remember back when I went to the eye doctor a few years ago I begged for "readers" because I thought wearing glasses were so cool looking.  I still have moments where I wish I needed glasses, and quite honestly, I think that time may be coming.  

The neat thing about the internet is having the availability of getting eyeglasses online rather than having to go to a store.  And with GlassesUSA.com you can even use their virtual mirror below to try on glasses and see what they would look like on you! It can't be any easier than that! Plus with all of the active promo codes and quick shipping, they will be at your doorstep in no time! 

These are one of my favorite pair of glasses on the website: 

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I think that glasses frames are becoming more and more fashionable and people don't necessarily feel like they have to wear contacts instead of eyeglasses.  

Here is the virtual mirror that you can try on glasses to see what they look like on you! 

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