Fringe/Tassel for Spring 2015

I know fringe had its brief moment over the last couple of years - remember when I got the fringe booties 3 years ago and then the ones last year? 

Let's take a moment of silence for the fringe booties that I've plowed through over the years:

To be completely honest, I thought fringe was kind of on the way out, but Lord have mercy it's back this spring in a big way! 

I've even talked myself into needing a FRINGE JACKET! 

Aren't they so fun? And I want to be able to do this: 

Image via Style Scented


And just when I thought Kendra Scott tassel necklaces were a thing of the past, fringe jewelry is literally EVERYWHERE.  I have been wanting to buy anything with tassels lately.  Tassel earrings, tassel necklaces, tassel bracelets ... just no boob tassels please.  

This weekend alone I bought several tassel necklaces, because you know, I just had to have them at that exact moment. 

I got the one below at a local store here called Spruce.  

These are the other ones that I got via a GMA promo that made them 29 dollars a piece.  Unfortunately that promo has ended and they are back to regular price: 

I love tassel necklaces but tend to like tassel earrings only if they are shorter because I hate when earrings hit scarves or jackets.  

These from J.Crew are amazing and are 25% off today!

And have you all heard of Mignonne Gavigan scarf necklaces?  My friend Lauren introduced me to them a couple of years ago and I've always wanted one.  They are like scarf necklaces with intricate beading and some have adornments while others are simple.  I love these: 

They are so cute with a simple t-shirt and leather jacket: 

So spill, do you all love fringe and tassel right now or do you feel like they've jumped the shark?


Julie said...

Oh you made me the post on tassels!

Melissa W. said...

I jumped on the Frye bandwagon two years ago and I am hooked for life! Frye has the BEST boots on the planet. I ordered ankle ones in Nov and have worn the poo out of them! So comfy!

Emily Amy said...

Glad to see you are back to blogging more often, yay! I love your TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime recs. I find we have similar tastes. Tassels are still in - in my opinion, I hope so because I just got a bunch of hippie, stone, tassel necklaces in the last several months ;).

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