Lactic Acid Peel How To: Chemical Peel, Lashes, & Glowing Skin

Products Used: 
Neu Lash Lash Enhancing Serum (on sale right now due to price match)

At least every other Sunday I like to do a beauty night where I do a hair mask, face mask, or chemical peel to get ready for the next week and to keep my skin in check.  

I rotate between a couple of peels that I get from Amazon- I'm sure you've seen them posted before in past posts.  As I explain in the video, the 50% Lactic Acid Peel by Perfect Image is actually the lighter of the two peels and the 15% TCA Peel by Skin Obsession is the big daddy peel that will sting, hurt, and leave your face peeling for a good 3 days after using it.  Hope you all enjoy the video and let me know if you have any questions! 

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Jennifer Brown said...

I was in search of a new facial cleanser when you talked about Tula before and have jumped on the Tula wagon. Ha! I have not tried the illuminating serum yet, but use just about everything else. I will have to try it. This week I started the overnight skin rescue and I love it!

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